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We just unleashed the Panda-Beast on the p2pool network..
In times of pools getting hashrates above of 2gh/s (by a total net hashrate @ 4.2 gh/s) its time to prevent the 51% by using a decentralized way of mining.
In short: "Mining solo in a group" :-) For everyone who never heard about p2ool and for everyone who wanna escape pool operators, ddos attacks and high pool and transaction fees:
read: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/P2Pool
Just point your miners to one of the two nodes by using your ThePandaCoin WalletAddress as your Username
"vertminer --scrypt-vert -Q 0 -o stratum+tcp://.....:9190 -u PayoutAddress -p anything"
http://panda.qemulab.com:9190/ -> stratum+tcp://panda.qemulab.com:9190 http://bk-eu.cloudapp.net:9190 -> stratum+tcp://bk-eu.cloudapp.net:9190 (Northeurope) http://bk-us.cloudapp.net:9190/ -> stratum+tcp://bk-us.cloudapp.net:9190 (US Westcoast) http://bk-asia.cloudapp.net:9190 -> stratum+tcp://bk-asia.cloudapp.net:9190 (Asia)
Or just setup your local node by using this:
CU @ P2POOL :-)
P2POOL Scanner is Online : http://pandascanner.qemulab.com/
Thanks to TheoRettisch! :-)
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