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Calculate txn_id from raw txn_hex

I'm trying to calculate a txn_id from raw txn_hex. The procedure works fine for legacy TXNs but gets non-expected results on Segwit TXNs. I compared this snippet of code to what txn_id was produced by Electrum and the TXN decoder:
  1. Take in TXN in hex
  2. Convert the hex to binarray
  3. Double hash binarray
  4. Reverse the resultant digest because of endianness
  5. Display in hex.
t0 is my legacy testnet TXN and t1 is my segwit testnet TXN.


Found the relevant source in Electrum
Basically you strip the flags and tx_witnesses listed in the wiki spec

!/usbin/env python3

[repo] ... python/


from hashlib import sha256
def txid(tx): bin = bytes.fromhex(tx) txid = sha256(sha256(bin).digest()).digest()[::-1].hex() return txid

Raw Legacy

t0 = ('0200000001cd3b93f5b24ae190ce5141235091cd93fbb2908e24e5b9ff6776ae' 'c11b0e04e5000000006b4830450221009f156db3585c19fe8e294578edbf5b5e' '4159a7afc3a7a00ebaab080dc25ecb9702202581f8ae41d7ade2f06c9bb9869e' '42e9091bafe39290820438b97931dab61e140121030e669acac1f280d1ddf441' 'cd2ba5e97417bf2689e4bbec86df4f831bf9f7ffd0fdffffff010005d9010000' '00001976a91485eb47fe98f349065d6f044e27a4ac541af79ee288ac00000000')

Raw Segwit

t1 = ('0200000000010100ff121dd31ead0f06e3014d9192be8485afd6459e36b09179' 'd8c372c1c494e20000000000fdffffff013ba3bf070000000017a914051877a0' 'cc43165e48975c1e62bdef3b6c942a38870247304402205644234fa352d1ddbe' 'c754c863638d2c26abb9381966358ace8ad7c52dda4250022074d8501460f4e4' 'f5ca9788e60afafa1e1bcbf93e51529defa48317ad83e069dd012103adc58245' 'cf28406af0ef5cc24b8afba7f1be6c72f279b642d85c48798685f86200000000')

UPDATE Raw Segwit with flags and tx_witnesses stripped

t2 = ('02000000' '0100ff121dd31ead0f06e3014d9192be8485afd6459e36b09179' 'd8c372c1c494e20000000000fdffffff013ba3bf070000000017a914051877a0' 'cc43165e48975c1e62bdef3b6c942a3887' '00000000')
print(f"t0: {txid(t0)}\nt1: {txid(t1)}\nt2: {txid(t2)}")

TXN_IDs from the above python

t0: cb33472bcaed59c66fae30d7802b6ea2ca97dc33c6aad76ce2e553b1b4a4e017

t1: b11fdde7e3e635c7f15863a9399cca42d46b5a42d87f4e779dfd4806af2401ce

t2: d360581ee248be29da9636b3d2e9470d8852de1afcf3c3644770c1005d415b30

TXN_IDs from Electrum

t0: cb33472bcaed59c66fae30d7802b6ea2ca97dc33c6aad76ce2e553b1b4a4e017

t1: d360581ee248be29da9636b3d2e9470d8852de1afcf3c3644770c1005d415b30

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Why so much speculation

Short answer
If people are incapable of estimating the correct number logically, the only method to the answer is by genetic algorithm where cloud wisdom hopefuly takes time to solve and volatility is inevitable.
Long answer
Believe it or not, the valuation of a currency-purpose asset is in fact much easier than the valuation of a stock. To be a currency-purpose asset, a somewhat universal valuation opinion must be among the mass. For a stock, on the contrary, one needs to evaluate many factors such as marketing/product/… and people have different opinions about the possible gain of a stock.
Every asset has a production cost, the piece of paper of stock certificate has little production cost. For currency-purpose asset, the production cost is thought to be independent of W-questions such as "who produces this asset", "where is this asset produced", "how many sale a producer has done", …etc. It is this property that the so-called universal opinion is formed. Money is also supposed not to have capital gain like stocks such as "I will have a generous dividend next year", so there is indeed not a "calculate the present value of all future gain by having a stock" but a "global understanding of the cost to fake/rollback/cheat a trust" for currency-purpose asset.
Story 1 Assume all miners calculate the production cost in the coming 8 years and users are not investors. Let's express price in real term so that weird fiat monetary policy has nothing to do with the following argument we shall focus on.
The equation for cost of the production is 0 = KI + sum(KT - ( F+C(t, t+2)) * P, from t to t+2)
Therefore P = K * (T + I/210000 * 2 )/(F + C(2.41, 4.41)). Note that C(2.41, 4.41)=7.4515 so the miner will sell at least at this price. A user, as a non-investor who never cares P, may buy the coin from the miner and sell the coin for a merchant service/goods who will adjust the service bitcoin-nominated price with P accordingly. For your curiosity, by current data, the P by Story 1 is 3.49444E+11 Joule.
Is the Story 1 reallistic ? Not at all.
What about a miner who is thinking to run the business till t1=3 only. Then C(2.41, 3)=12.5 and this miner can undercut other miners in Story 1. Every users, as non-investors, do not care any bit about P because the user will always need to commit the same real-term service price from the merchant. Being undercut means death, so all the miners will split the pricing logic so that two P numbers, one for time 2.41 to 3, the other for 3 to 4.41; for your curiosity, C(3, 4.41) = 5.3413
Story 2 As the miners competition settled down, the P is not constant any more; there will be two P numbers, one, being lower, for time 2.41 to 3, the other, being higher, for 3 to 4.41.
Is the Story 2 reallistic ? Not at all.
What about a user who starts noticing that the P will increase and being investors is a good deal. While this user may observe the increasing of P empirically but never logically understanding, knowing nothing about math and miners' plan, this user will speculate between market price of P; he might buy at 5000 and see it explode at 10000 and take profit at 6000 (in USD term) and has no idea the 5000 may be much lower than the correct number. Should the P is pricing at the correct number so that there is no room between the two P, speculators are gone and people are comfortable the stable price with store-of-value and media-of-exchange.
Is the Story 2 realistic ? Not at all.
What about a hobby miner wants to be investor too and starts mining from time 2.41 to 3 and never sell all the coins for users but only pay partially little for the electricity while price bullish and keep the rest coins as investment for himself after time 3 ?
Story 3 Being also speculation. While other users investors may increase the volatility (mainly because being without fundamental knowledge but rather TA or market-sentiment orientated traders), this move will shrink the room between the two P and therefore decrease the volatility of P. So the ratio of time 2.41-to-3 miners to time 2.41-to-4.41 miners increases up to the two P are equal then no more new miners of such plan.
Is the Story 3 realistic ? Not at all.
What about there are miners/investors for all possible time frame t0 to t1 in the future ?
Story 4 Therefore, the only setting where no arbitrage for miners and investors is such that P=KT/F and the graph of (Kt + K ) / K is like this.
We know T and F and the ratio of Kt/K, but what is exactly K ?
No one really knows. K could be low or high, one can only guess by observation. We know the difficulty is proportional to hash rate and hash rate is proportional to Kt and K. So you can see the graph of difficulty to have a guess of K. Should the two graph looks similar, we know people are finally logical and feel delight. By the difficulty graph and miners' time frame to amortize fixed cost so that it can be averaged out, taking the current global hash as K and updating it as time goes by may be a good guess. For your curiosity, currently KT/F is 2.13007E+12 Joule.
BUT. It is not logical to assume people are all logical. If people are never logical and never investors, a graph of KT/( F + C(t, t+1) ) which is increasing till KT/F shall resemble the graph of P. If some people are logical and some are not, the empirical graph will be hysterical around and between.
I tend not to comment about pricing in public. But since I know wall street and I know what wall street knows, feeling sad about the mass, bear me. I thought these information could leak to the mass if there were future contracts after each halving date, but no luck for such contracts.
Credit: not me. I knew this long after someone knew it.
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Do both overt and covert ASICBOOST violate a key architectural requirement of proof of work?

From page 3:
"...the computation of proof-of-work must be progress free, that is, the proof-of-work calculation at time T should not depend on any part of a calculation at time T0 < T."
Does ASICBOOST violate this architectural requirement? It seems that it does since it reuses an IV (Input Vector) fed to SHA-256. If this is correct then it is a strong argument to disable both overt and covert ASICBOOST.
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