Convert SLL to BTC - Unit Converter

WHY are we the thirteenth largest cryptocoin market, with more trade and more trend than bitcoin, and yet we do not have a single site trading USD/DOGE??

I have been purchasing coins through my friends account for some time now until finally I decided to register for my own at Virwox.
When I originally registered I thought I could exchange USD for doge, or even doge to Bitcoin right there on the site. But to my dismay, this is not the case. First you have to transfer them to another exchange site to convert your money around a few times, finally enabling you to make the final trade, BTC/DOGE.
This would be all fine and dandy if Virwox didn't have a mandatory 2 day delay minimum on all first transfers....And for people wondering there are no other places you can go to that don't do something similar.
I deposited my money three days ago when I intended to buy doge for .000276 USD and now I'm losing out on a great deal of doge coins when you consider the fact that the doge market GREW BY OVER 2 MILLION DOLLARS in the course of the last day and a half.(jan. 14 - 15). In affect reducing the amount of doge I can now purchase for my bitcoins from 210,000Doge(for 60USD) to 140k.
Edit: I forgot to mention the problems associated with having to exchange between different currencies. Firstly, any deposit into one of these crypto exchange sites take mandatory fees for just about every step in the process. My initial 60 dollar deposit was reduced to 57.65, and when I withdrew my bitcoins from the site there was a mandatory BTC xfer fee of .002 BTC.
Oh but it doesn't stop there, you see, because you have to exchange your coins through so many different currencies before it lands on Doge, you are forced to leave behind tiny increments of your coins in different crypto wallets, as most sites will have a minimum trade amount for a certain currency. Take SLL for example, they only let you convert a minimum of 35 SLL into BTC at a time. So if you have say 100 SLL wanting to be turned into BTC, you will be forced to leave behind 30 SLL, as you don't have the required 105
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Am I dumping too much money into bitcoin?

I'm 16 and have invested £300 in bitcoin... Since I'm under 18, I can't get a trading account so I used virwox witch has like a fee of like 3.9% to deposit and then you have to convert your cash to 'SLL' then pay a 3.9% fee to convert the 'SLL' to bitcoin.... Am I making a loss here???
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A guide to using Silk Road, specifically for /r/UKtrees

Hey all, I’ve seen a few posts on here asking about using Silk Road to purchase trees. I’m not an expert, but I have used it successfully a few times now, so I figured I’d write a guide to help anyone out.
1. Getting on Silk Road.
Silk Road exists on what is commonly referred to as the ‘Hidden internet’, or ‘Deep Web’; Websites on the hidden internet are not indexed and thus not accessible by regular search engines or DNS lookups. You can do more research on this if you want - to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand it entirely - but you don’t need to.
To access Silk Road and the rest of the Hidden Internet, you need to download a piece of Software, called Tor. This software allows you access hidden websites via a regular browser window. Just head to Tor’s Website and click the download. Once the files are downloaded, unzip and click Start Tor.
To head to Silk Road, enter the following address silkroadvb5piz3r.onion
You’ll need to make an account, this is pretty straight forward. (Make sure you remember your pin. You don’t need it when logging in, but you do need it when confirming transactions. Also, your pin doesn’t actually have to be a ‘pin’, mine is just another regular password)
Note: Due to the nature of the Onion network/service, it’s quite slow. And a busy site like Silk Road can be even slower. So, it may be that you have trouble connecting. If it doesn’t work, hit refresh a couple of times, and then just try again later. I usually have better luck in the morning 9pm-12pm and late evening 10pm-4am
2. Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a decentralised peer 2 peer based currency. Essentially, it’s an untraceable and anonymous currency. Purchasing Bitcoin can be a little tricky, there are a number of ways to do it.
There are exchanges such as MTgox and Intersango, and many direct Bitcoin purchasing sites such as Bitstamp, and BitInstant. The problem with many of these sites is they operate outside of the UK, and as such getting money into them can be tricky. They tend not to accept debit credit cards, and often require bank transfers via IBAN. However, banks will often charge you a fee for using IBAN (I know Natwest charges £10).
These websites will allow you to deposit money into your account, and then place orders to convert that money into Bitcoin.
Other easier websites are Virwox, and Block Chain.
With Virwox, you first need to convert currency into Linden Dollars (SLL) (a currency used in the game Second Life) then into Bitcoins. However, Virwox does not allow for fractions of bitcoins, which means you can easily end up being just shy of a full bitcoin and having ‘worthless’ SLL. One nice thing about Virwox is that they accept UKash vouchers. So if you want no trace of your purchases, you can go buy UKash vouchers at any Paypoint and then deposit those.
Block Chain used to only be depositable via Barclay’s Pingit, but has since opened up regular bank transfers, I found this worked really well the last time I used it, so I’d recommend it.
You can also buy bitcoins in person by searching on Local bitcoin. In addition, there are also people selling Bitcoins on Ebay, but very overpriced, so I wouldn’t recommend that.
There are a tonne of places to buy bitcoin, some accept cash/cheques in the mail as well. You can always find more by googling.
3. The purchasing process.
You need to send your purchased Bitcoins to your SR account, you can find your bitcoin address under ‘Account’ at the top of the screen. It can take a few hours for the transfer to take place.
Once in your account, you’re ready to purchase, simply find whatever it is you wish to buy, click add to cart, and then head to the checkout. Select a postage method for your items and click go to confirm the postage.
Now, you need to input your address and your pin.
Now, you might have heard of PGP encryption by this point, it’s a form of public/private key encryption used on SR to protect the addresses of its users.
For this, I’m just going to steal mr_kyitty’s guide from this thread.
  1. Get gpg4win, install, and open 'GPA'
  2. Now you need to make your own key. Go to Keys>New Key, and follow the prompts. Use a fake name/e-mail. Before entering a passcode, write it out (the longer the passcode, the better, and you have to enter it every time you encrypt something). Once that's done, you have your own key.
  3. Import the seller key from the seller page. To do this, copy the public key from the page, paste it into a blank notepad file, and save the file. Then click 'Import' in GPA and load that file. You now have that seller's public key.
  4. To encrypt your address, open the clipboard in GPA and type in your address. Click encrypt, select the seller's public key, and in the lower box, check "sign" and select your own key. Then you will be prompted to enter your passcode. Once complete, copy the block from the clipboard and paste it into the address box on the shopping cart page.
I’d like to add, that you don’t need to ‘sign’ the encryption. What this does is allows the seller to verify that you are the actual sender of the message. However, I’d argue this isn’t entirely necessary, as it will also require you to post your public key somewhere.
Click to confirm the transaction, and that’s the order placed.
It will now show up under your ‘orders’ section. You’ll notice an option to ‘finalize’.
Silk Road uses escrow, i.e. they hold your money when you place an order, and when the order is confirmed to have gone through (after x days) the money will be sent to the vendor. You can Finalise early, by clicking the finalise button and sending them their payment. It’s common courtesy to do this once your item has arrived. If an issue arises, you can click resolve, and attempt to claim a refund/resolve the issue. I don’t have any experience with this so I’d recommend you search /silkroad for advice if you need assistance on resolving a matter.
Some vendors might ask you to finalise early before they will send your order. Now, this is actually against Silk Road policy, but its common for vendors to ask for this from first time buyers. Personally, I would say just don’t do it. You never know what’s going to happen. But generally speaking, a vendor's reputation is probably worth more than your particular order, so the risk of being 'ripped off' is low.
Still, I wouldn't recommend it.
4. Additional Comments
Do I recommend it for weed?
I started using SR Last year after I moved back home from Uni, because I no longer had a dealer. Personally, if I had a choice, I would choose to buy from a dealer every time. SR is a lot of hassle, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your general Eighth or quarter, unless you have no other connection (as is unfortunately the situation for me).
However, there are a variety of strains and products available, ranging from hashes to oils to edibles, so some of you might like to have those options.
In terms of price, I’d say it’s fair. A lot of Weed vendors will have a standard strain that they’ll sell for a (roughly) standard £20/eighth. You will generally be spending a little more given the nature of the process.
Is it risky?
In terms of general legal risk, you can't control what people send to you. If there's no record of you having bought it (Which there isn't, buying bitcoins is not a crime) then you should be fine. In terms of 'Will I get scammed risk' - it's just like ebay, people value their reputation. Buy from high repped vendors, and you should be fine.
Anyway, that’s all folks, I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to help you out.
Also, if any other more experienced SR users have noticed any mistakes or things I should alter in this guide, please leave a comment and let me know, and I’ll make the necessary amendments.
And here are some other great subreddits which you may also find useful.
/SilkRoad - For everything Silk Road. /Bitcoin - For everything Bitcoin. /onions - For everything hidden internet.
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3 people, 3 appartments, 1 building, and 1 hell of a time.

 So this is partially in responce to a few direct messages sent to me about how all our posts are bullshit and also partly in responce to talk about how much fun college life in an appartment is. So in my fresh man year I went to a college where all the freshman are pushed into their own dorm. The floors are seperated by gender. The first two floors are guy's and of those 2 floors only one is a full sized floor as the bottom floor is only a single small hallway called the terrace. The top 3 floors are girl's. The ratio is about 65-75% girls and 25-35% guys. Well I ended up on terrace in the last room in the hall. And being in this single hallway with a door at the end we ended up like a close community as opposed to the other floors. Well i had a roomatw and put suite mate who we shared a bathroom with had no roomate. The rooms were like this. A small double for 2 student's then a bathroom with shower and toilet then another room. And the rooms were small so since he didn thave a roomate we moved his bed over into our room and moved our entertainment like t.v. and game systems I brought a sad little wii and my roomate and suitmate had xbox360s. So we set it up to have a room gor sleeping and a room for the rest of the day. So with this we got close. And i smoked weed with a vaporizer to reduce smell. They didnt care but didnt partake themselves. The suite mate had but had a bad experience that we eventually figured out was actually salvia not weed. But back to it. I had known about the world of rc chemicals for about 2 years at this point. And i had brought a small thing of MXE, Jwh-018, 5 meo mipt. and about 400mg of 4 aco dmt. Now this is where the fun started. About 6 weeks into the first semester my suitmate failed a chaptet test and got really messed up over it. I offered some weed from a bowl that i had made in the pottery room. We shared a few hits and he was still feeling down and he knew sbout my stash and so I offered him a small hit of weed that i had mixed with 5 meo mipt by way of rubbing alcohol. He finally relented and with 2 hits that id say may have had from between 15 to 30mg in it he had thus look in his eyes that I could only equate to a child looking at dusney world. Flash foward 2 weeks and i had all three of us smoking weed and we had all shared s small 15mg 4 aco dmt trip a week after that. Slowly my roomate who had a job and was going for biotech like I was askes me if we could synthesize dmt in the room. That was a big hell no. But I did agree to do an extract after we all had some more experience. Well with his job and money and the money I had we put 500 on a a travel visa under a false name and converted bitcoin. A few weeks later and my first order from SI came. We came to "research" 2c-e,b,c,d, bromo dragonfly, and 4 aco dmt by the end of freshman year. Flash fowad to 3 years laer and we have stuck together. We now dorm in the (removed the location) a set of appartments on the far end of campus that are located on the other side of the road that separates our campus intobtwo different municipalities. It is places there as we are tols as the municipality there is more lax and allows canpfires, fireworks, and public smoking. It is open only to upperclassmen. Mostly full of seniors and graduate students, juniors are allowd however you need ro have quite good grades to get one of the rooms as a junior. And only one of us got one. My roomate in biotech finished sophomore year with a 3.9 gpa. I only managed a 3.38. He claimed a double which is the top appartment of 3 per building. By the second semester of our junior year my suitemate and i got into on if the bottom appartments in the same building. We shared the room and moved between our double and my freshman roomates suite. Due to the manner of appartment living and the fsct that our suitemate had come from california ti tue east coast we sidnt have to moove out in the summer and he liced there ans we had all acquired jovs by this time. Well niw almost done with what would he our senior year had we not taken less credits to leave some required next year and let us transution rigut to graduate classs and maintain the same 3 appartments in the building. The bottom 2 appartments are studios with 500 square feer each. The upstairs is a 750 square foot suite. We are the sole occupants of the building which could hold 6 but we continue to each only take one room and refuse to room with each other. A few months ago we openes up a reddit to further our chemical research and spread lur experiences. The reddot is between us 3 and a freshman we met at a party that we think of as our successor. Since we sll occupy the same building we even jokeingly made up a fake fraternity the Elipsion Nation. We even have a flag which we will post on this oce we figure out how to opload it to our phone from a scanner. Oh and the nest thing about having a house full of people who love rcs. You xan ordmer bulk orders and stockpile lovely amounts of drugs such as an order of 5grams of 2c-b and 5grams of 2c-e in once order 
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Reliability of using Virwox to buy bitcoin

One method to buy bitcoin with fiat is first to buy Second Life Linden (SLL) with Paypal, and then to use the Virwox exchange to convert the SLL to bitcoin. Some people say that they have used this method several times with no problems, but others are furious that Virwox scammed them out of their money when they tried to withdraw their bitcoins in the final step. (Have a look at these reviews of the service; they are mostly bad.)
I have some questions about this:
I would probably use this service to buy BTC if it didn't have so many extremely negative reviews. This process can also be used in reverse to convert BTC to SLL, and then to convert SLL to Paypal, and in contrast, that seems to be reliable.
If anyone has any insight into these matters, I'm very interested to hear it.
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An exercise on buying bitcoin with a credit card or paypal on Virwox

I keep seeing posts here by people wanting to know how to do this, or other people advertising the method using You CAN get bitcoins this way, but it IS expensive. I have done this many times because I sometimes get given money by paypal, and I cannot withdraw it to a bank account, so need to spend it online. I checked my paypal balance and saw I had 170 Euros in it, so decided to do an exercise to see how many bitcoins I can get for that using Virwox. This is the result:
Started with 170 EUR Deposit into Virwox via Paypal = charges of EUR 0.35 + 3.4% Total landed into Virwox account: = 163.89 Convert to SLL: I want to sell 163 EUR, and get at least 51,547.97 SLL. Note: The above amount already includes our exchange commission of 50 SLL + 2.90%. Convert to BTC: I want to buy 0.223 BTC, and pay at most 51,597.93 SLL. Note: The above amount already includes our exchange commission of 50 SLL + 2.90%. Total after conversions: 0.223 BTC = 145.6 EUR on Bitstamp 
Moral of the story, ONLY do this method if you have no other alternative.
TL;DR - Pay 170 EUR for 145.6 EUR worth of BTC if you use Virwox to by using paypal or credit card.
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Newbie to Bitcoin, advice appreciated!

Hi guys,
I've recently done some research on bitcoin as part of my efforts to start investing and growing my money, and not only have I found it to be a worthwhile investment; I've learnt much about the applications and future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and find it really revolutionary.
Some questions I have now about acquiring Bitcoin (Also having some trouble formatting the list below, apologies!):
1) Should i be equally investing in other cryptocurrencies alongside Bitcoin?
2) Is it advised to invest money in cloud mining, or am I better off just buying Bitcoin?
3) Are "free" Bitcoin faucets like SatoshiGarden worth spending time on?
4) I've made a Bitcoin wallet using GreenAddress. Should I make a few more Bitcoin wallets and distribute my Bitcoin among them, or is that unnecessary?
As of now I have 0 Bitcoin, but I'm in the process of converting my small sum of USD on PayPal to SLL and then to Bitcoin. I'm also planning to buy more with SGD soon.
Also, I'm Singaporean and starting college this August! Just putting that out there in case it might bring about more relevant answers and tips! Any other investment tips and strategies are also appreciated! (I know little about economics and technology, planning to learn more in college.)
Thanks for the time and help guys! :)
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Buying btc with a credit card or paypal.

Yes the infamous question most btc users have. Where the hell do i buy bitcoin INSTANTLY with a credit card? Currently i use virwox (1.usd->2.sll->3.btc) to purchase bitcoin but withdrawals take up to 2 days and im not to keen on that.
EDIT: and on top of the wait theres obviously a decent loss because of fees considering i have to convert my usd to sll and then my sll to btc
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How to buy Bitcoins on Virwox and the real cost of going through Virwox

It seems like a lot of people are buying bitcoins through Virwox only to found out that they paid a hefty premium and that they have loose change in their Virwox account that they cannot redeem.. There are a few simple steps to avoid/minimize that issue.
Step One: the fee to deposit cash onto your account I use Paypal and they charge you €0.35 + 3.4% in fees. In order not have any loose change since converting into SLL can only be done with Units of Cash (no decimal points) you need to work out the net deposit amount For example: if you want €100 then you need to deposit €103.89
Step Two: Buy SLL with Euros Next go to the EUSLL exchange and pick market order (it rarely is better to put a limit order since the fees for a limit order are greater than the extra you might earn from going in the order book with a higher limit, it’s possible but chances are since this a rather illiquid you’ll never be executed). Limit order fees: 3.90% Market Order fees: 50SLL + 2.9% At the current rate 1EUR = 269.7SLL, 100 euros will get you 26140 SLL (and you paid 832 SLL in fees or about 3 euros) If you put a limit order hoping to get a better rate, the best offer rate is 273.9, so going just in front of that at 273.8 will get you 26314 SLL or 174 more SLL but the fees are 1068 and the chances of being executed are very small. To give you some perspective you start getting less SLL with a limit order at a rate of 271.9… because you pay more fees (I always go with the market order).
Step Three: Buy BTC with SLL The exact same fees apply (2.9% +50 SLL) so again you want to go with the market order. At the current BTC/SLL rate of 59100 SLL for 1 BTC, with 26140 I can buy 0.4286BTC of which you paid 808 SLL or about 3 euros in commission.. At the very end to withdraw your BTC into your wallet you’ll pay an additional 0.005 btc leaving you with exactly 0.4236 BTC.
Conclusion: The current market rate for BTC/EUR is 210.48 on kraken, at that rate your 103.39 euros would have gotten you 0.4935 BTC or 0.0649 more than with virwox… all in all the total commission for that trade is about 15.41% or about 16 Euros. On average the total commission is between 13 – 20 % it all depends on how liquid the different currencies are… it’s as if you bought 1 BTC at an exchange rate of 242.37 EUBTC which is a pretty large spread but given the convenience for small amounts and the speed (for 2 timers the btc withdrawal is instant) and the anonymity this is one of the easiest ways to get btc fast and securely. Any comments are welcome or any other website or cheaper alternative are more than welcome. Note though that you do not need to give any kind of identification on virwox.. although your paypal/credit cards details will reveal who you are.
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Buying bitcoin with PayPal again

A year ago I did a test buying bitcoin with paypal because I had some money in my paypal account and was unable to withdraw it locally. The post is here:
I once again had money in my paypal accout so decided to do the same experiment again.
This time I had $100 that I sent Deposit into Virwox via Paypal = charges of EUR 0.35 + 3.4% Total landed into Virwox account: =$96.30 Convert to SLL: I sold $96, and got 22,443.02 SLL. Convert to BTC: I want to buy 0.301 BTC, and pay at most 22,422.35 SLL. Total after conversions: 0.301 BTC = 86,89 USD approximately 
So the whole exercise cost me about 15% odd to use Paypal and virwox.
Interestingly, that is not far off the market rate for South Africa where I live if I check on or go directly to to see the local market price.
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Buying bitcoin immediately/without fees

I used to get bitcoin with VirWox by buying SLL and then convert it into BTC and then send it to my btc address. But the whole labyrinth process cost A LOT. Payed 80euros received for 70euros of bitcoin. Hell.
Are they other way to buy bitcoin instantly (cc/paypal because deposit is slow as hell) AND with minimal fees?
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How to Convert Bitcoins to Your PayPal Account

After the previous post about buying Bitcoins with Paypal I noticed that people are also looking to sell Bitcoins with Paypal.
(Oddly enough) This is done almost the same way, and yes there are transaction fees you need to take into account in this process. If you want a video explanation you can find it here Here is how it's done:
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Bitcoin saving leap for student...

Hi there,
Currently a student and unsure whether to commit to putting £200 into Bitcoin. At the moment, i have already spent £85 on Bitcoin which amounts to 0.295 Bitcoin so far.
I have been doing so through Virwox, where i trasnfer money from Paypal to my Virwox account where i then have to transfer that into SLL then into BTC in which they take a fraction of it.
Only reason i am doing so is because i don't have my card reader (currently ordered one) which would allow me to buy through as i need to add new payee's as a fast payment.
Been following Bitcoin for 6 months or so and feel it is a great opportunity to put money aside and allow it to hopefully increase in value. I am willing to put in the £200, however do you think its best to use a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) approach over a period or just use the full whack and get it converted into BTC?
In addition, i currently store my BTC in a Multibit wallet, when i transfer my extra funds into BTC do you think this is the best option to store them? I know there are better alternatives however they require some technical savvy, it is just to see if you think that Multibit is adequate for my needs at the present time.
Any help or guidance is appreciated
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buying dogecoins thru virwox, then suddenly very misunderstanding, much mistake

So I was going to buy some dogecoin by converting USD > SLL > BTC > DOGE, but I didn't know you had to get at least .02 BTC. I spent 10 dollars and have 2k SLL, but the problem is that 2k SLL will only get me about .01 BTC at the current value bitcoin. Now I'm stuck with money I might not even use. Any suggestions on what I should do?
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help! buying on virwox is an expensive process.

Hi guys,
I am trying to buy some litecoin. I deposited €80 in to a virwox account using my visa, accepted their fee, and was left with €76~ and eventually converted it to SLL, and then to .091 bitcoin, which is about €61.
Expensive fees.
Now, I have a few questions. I want to buy LTC with my bitcoin. Where's the best way to do this without losing more cash in fees.
My wallet on virwox, I presume this is interchangeable with other wallets? I'm not confined to virwox now, am I? Is it a good idea to stick with them?
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VirWOX disabled my account. What did I do wrong?

About 2 days ago, I deposited $30 to my virwox account and converted those to SLL and then converted the SLL points to Bitcoins. I then withdrew the Bitcoins directly to Silk Road and received a message to wait 48 hours for the transaction to complete. I then tried to log in today, but it says my account was disabled and they have refunded my $30. Was I wrong to deposit directly to Silk Road?
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Bitcoin ATM  How to sell Bitcoins - YouTube MtGox Bitcoins to BTC Bitcoins in 50 seconds How to sell Bitcoin on paxful - YouTube How to Sell Bitcoin & Withdraw on 2020 ... Zebpay  How to sell your Tron\Matic\Bitcoin or Convert in ...

How to sell ethereum for cash in a second with automatic ethereum to dollar converter or usd to eth calculator reliable exchange company paypal banking real time fund transfer. Exchange Litecoin . How to buy litecoin with paypal highly competitive exchange rate to sell ltc to bank nigerian naira convert it into real fiat money or digital like dollar western union perfect money gram. Convert ... How to Convert SLL to BTC. 1 Sierra Leonean Leone = 7.780374685402E-9 Bitcoin 1 Bitcoin = 128528514.42698 Sierra Leonean Leone. Example: convert 15 Sierra Leonean Leone to Bitcoin: 15 Sierra Leonean Leone = 15 × 7.780374685402E-9 Bitcoin = 1.1670562028103E-7 Bitcoin currency conversion from SLL Sierra Leonean Leone to BTC Bitcoin. Convert SLL Sierra Leonean Leone to BTC Bitcoin using currency online free conversion tool ( Sierra Leonean Leone to BTC free ) This Bitcoin and Sierra Leonean Leone convertor is up to date with exchange rates from October 20, 2020. Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of Bitcoin. Use "Swap currencies" to make Sierra Leonean Leone the default currency. Click on Sierra Leonean Leones or Bitcoins to convert between that currency and all other currencies. Get also a Leone to Bitcoin currency converter widget or currency conversion guide sheet or chart for your website. Currency Converter; Transfer Money; Historical Rates; About Us; Home » Sierra Leonean Leone » to Bitcoin . Today; Graph; Historical; Leone to Bitcoin - SLL/BTC Invert. Le = B. 1 Sierra Leonean Leone = 8.7132e-9 Bitcoin updated 14:30:34(EDT) 22/08/2020. Currency Conversion ...

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Bitcoin ATM How to sell Bitcoins - YouTube

════════ ️ Download ️═════════ pass 321321 TAGS : #Bitcoin #BTC #BTC Miner #Ethereum #Ethereum Miner ... In this video, I show you how to sell your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from your Blockchain account and how to withdraw your funds into your bank. If y... MtGox Bitcoins to BTC Bitcoins in 50 seconds BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork http:/... #Zebpay How to sell your Tron\Matic\Bitcoin or Convert in INR how to trade on zebpay exchange,zebpay exchange pe trading kaise kare,buy/sell kaise kare,zeb... In this tutorial you will learn how to sell bitcoin on PAXFUL,with amazon gift card.or other 299 ways.Get started on PAXFUL