What is a good khash/s? : Bitcoin

1100+ khash CPU mining contract is for sale on cryptothrift.com for Bitcoin and Litecoin https://cryptothrift.com/auctions/crypto-mining-gpu/1100-khash-cpu-mining-contract/

1100+ khash CPU mining contract is for sale on cryptothrift.com for Bitcoin and Litecoin https://cryptothrift.com/auctions/crypto-mining-gpu/1100-khash-cpu-mining-contract/ submitted by duetschpire to cryptothrift [link] [comments]

I brought all my old laptops to work and set them up to mine for bitcoins. One is so old that it fluctuates between 0 and 1 khash / s is it even worth keeping this one on to mine for coins?

Seriously it is a 5 year old laptop and I'm wondering if it is even worth it to keep this thing running for the purpose of generating coins. I'm not paying for the electricity, but still what are the odds that something will happen?
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In a little over 1 month I have made almost $1,000 mining cryptocurrency on a cheap computer.

Put it into Amazon giftcards since it is so easy using gyft.com
One of my old posts where I told this subreddit about mining. Don't mine this coin though, no longer worth it for the average person.
I started out using a quad-core cpu in my cheap gaming computer to mine a currency called Quark. I sold some of my Quark to buy a Radeon 7790 for ~$120 and since then have made much more using that GPU and my CPU.
This has been some of the easiest money I have ever made and I have found it pretty fun too. I made about $300 of that from mining Dogecoin when it came out when I still had my old Nvidia GPU which was barely better than my CPU at mining.
The best tip I can give anyone interested in trying out mining is that you shouldn't go for an older popular coin to mine, new coins are great if you can mine in the first couple hours, if a coin starts to have less people mining it and you think it will become popular later keep mining it.
The best place to find new coins is on this board and you should also read /cryptocurrency.
The sites I suggest trading on are Coinedup which has no fees and BTER which while it has fees they aren't much and using the link listed since it is a referral link from my account which is over 24 hours old you get 10% off the fees.
Non-referral for BTER with full fees
https://www.cryptsy.com/ is also an option but be warned that is has a habit of crashing when it is the best time to sell, problems with withdrawals, and new coins added leads to traffic crashing the site. There is a referral link I have for this site where I would benefit if you use it, but I can't bring myself to suggest the site after all the trouble I have had.
Cryptocurrency isn't something you will suddenly make a ton of money on, unless you get extremely lucky, but it is something with a little trial and error can lead to some decent earnings.
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How Is It Even Possible For Someone to Have a 100k+ khash rate?

Sometimes I see people with an insanely high hash rates. Sometimes I wonder if they're using supercomputers or something. Anyhow how is it they have such an incredibly high has right. I'm pushing in comparison a skimpy 170khash a second...
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$10,000 USD mining rig budget. What to get?

If I were to budget $10,000 USD to build or buy a mining rig, which direction should I choose? ASICs look to be out the window, as BFL and Avalon appear to be pretty sketchy.
With this rig, I am looking to optimize my hashrate per dollar. Also, assume no electricity cost.
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Question: All I can find about what you're doing when mining for bitcoin is "solving cryptographic problems" - what does this even mean?

Forgive me if I'm overlooking something really obvious - but I've been seeing buzz about bitcoin and bitcoin "mining" using GPU power, so I'm thinking to myself "Okay, what is this GPU power being used for? Something like [email protected]?"
Googling around and reading, all I can find is that the GPUs are contributing to "finding a solution to a cryptographic problem"...
What problem(s) are being solved, exactly? It seems a bit weird and nebulous to just say you're solving cryptographic problems. Is the end result decrypting some encrypted data? What is that data?
Obviously this is a little out there - but for all I know, the bitcoin mining is ultimately helping someone decrypt some massive data store (stolen accounts, who knows what?) ... I'm guessing it's not that, but there's so little detail on what cryptographic problem you're looking for the solution to that it's a little strange to me...
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Burning smelling coming from my CPU

I started mining Doge Coins for the first time the other day on 2 cores ( I have a i5 - 4670K, I don't over clock.) My cpu was at about 70C for acouple of hours and it started to smell like something was burning so i stopped mining. I turned on my computer today and its idoling at about 49C when it was idoling at about 39C before i started mining and the smell was back again. I tried to clean out all the dust in my computer and took off my factory CPU cooler and put it back on, the smell is not as intense but there is still some coming from my CPU. Is my CPU ok? What can i do to fix this? What can i do to lower my Idol CPU temp. Im not going to be mining again till i get a GPU and a aftermarket cooler and buy and reapply some thermal paste.
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how much power does HD 6850 have?

I have the opportunity to buy a Radeon HD 6850. How much power can I get out of that card? Is it worth buying?
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What I've Learned As a Newbie / Lowbie: Tips & Tricks to Better Doge-ing

I'll admit it, I've been doing this as a goof. I'm not planning on investing in any hardware to up my hashrate. I'm not quite topping 95 khash/s between my desktop gpu and my htpc's cpu (in the off hours), and I will never likely see 50k doge unless I buy them with cash....but, and this is a big but (hehe, but...), the whole things been fun, interesting, and a learning experience.
Like many folks, I didn't get in on the bitcoin thing in the early days...I heard about it, understood it, even, but I didn't think it would amount to anything other than an IT guy's fantasy. In some respects, I think that's still true. Bitcoin has become host to finance wonks, venture capitalists, and still has a tinge of "dark net" / underground to it.
Dogecoin, oddly enough, has been striving to remain a functional virtual currency while maintaining a positive attitude. While I'd love to see the coin be worth hundreds or thousands in exchange, the idea having something to exchange with people anywhere on the internet without having to deal in tiny fractions (like bitcoin), is part of what I find appealing in in doge.
As for tips and tricks, I probably don't have much to offer that hasn't already been said, but here goes:
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Pooled mining with a CPU miner?

Is it possible to do pooled mining with a CPU miner? I realize I'll probably get, at most optimistic, a few bitmills a day, but that's a few bitmills more than I'd get otherwise.
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Have some questions need answered before I invest in a rig.

Fellow shibes, I come to you in my hour of need. Years ago I scoffed at bitcoin, thought it was a joke and would blow over so I totally ignored it....I dont want to make that same mistake twice.
I recently started mining over night on my gaming rig (gtx 680, around 360-ish khash) and im weighing the options of whether or not to invest in a dedicated miner, around $1k in total, then evaluate the situation in 9months to a year, or to just keep doing it over night on my current rig. I've done some research but I figured asking here would be the quickest way to get them all (or most) answered in a concise manner.
1. Lets be real....its extremely doubtful dogecoin will reach prices anywhere close to BTC or LTC. However...with so many coins out there even a small jump in value can mean large profits. As dogecoin acceptance grows and the supply of doge begins to slow down due to reward halvening (is halvening even a word?) any idea where doge will be at in 1-2 years? Similar price to now? Higher? Lower? btw is there a graph that shows the value of dogecoin since its release? I think I saw one last night but cant remember.
2. At current rates (including power usage) it appears it will take 180days or so for the rig to pay itself off...I hear thats about par for the course. Confirm/deny?
3. HDD vs Flash drive. The price of a Flash drive is very appealing but I have 0 experience with linux/booting systems for first time from a flash drive so im leaning to just putting out the extra cash for a HDD. Is there a step by step/hold my hand guide to setting up a miner with just a flash drive? This is probably the biggest issue for me atm
4. Bamt vs Smos. They appear to be pretty similar at first glance. Which do you prefer? Pros/cons of each?
Thanks for any and all help you shibes can provide, if you have anything else to add that you think might be useful to know, by all means go ahead and tell me. Im probably gonna do research for another week or so before I make my decision but these are the biggest issues at hand.
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I'm sticking with Vert, because GPU miners have nowhere else to go

I'm more of a recreational miner. I used to mine Bitcoins back in the day where they could still be mined with a CPU. When that didn't work, I moved to mine Litecoins with a CPU as well, then with an extremely humble GPU (NVidia of all things!). I got my stash, saw it increase in price exponentially, then it began to become less and less affordable to mine. I even got myself one of those pendrives that include a Scrypt ASIC (meager 70 KHashes per second, but it was cheap) to keep mining when I wasn't home. Heck, I even bought into the Doge fad, and still I barely earned pennies. I sold out all my Litecoins and Dogecoins, left a full Bitcoin stashed, but my savings are starting to get on the low side. That's where Vertcoin enters. I've tried my good share of altcoins already, and Vertcoin is still the one that leaves me more cents per day from the bunch, surpassing even Darkcoin, and even taking into account the sudden drop of price of over 70 cents in less than a month. I'm not sure if it's because of the optimizations for mining in GPUs, or because of a wise backport of characteristics such as the stealth addresses, or a combination of factors, but us GPU miners, and other people who can't fork a grand for an ASIC to test our luck, have nowhere to go than Vertcoin right now. And in a way, it's good. That means that Vertcoin is the last truly democratic way to earn money in the age of cryptos. The next thing we need is more fame, the fame that Bitcoin and Litecoin already have - we can be the bronze to their gold and silver!
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We need to split up hashing power better.

I'm noticing everyone gravitating to the same pools for more consistent payouts. We need to be careful we don't fall into the same situation that Maxcoin is currently facing, causing it's massive plummet in price. Here's a quote from one of the guys over on the bitcoin forums about why Maxcoin has plunged and the reasoning behind it.
Recent MAX price plunge due to market pricing in the risk of a 51% attack as 1GH.com dominates the network's hashrate
I'm admittedly a MAX bull and I think a lot of the recent price action is due to a problem right now with the centralisation of mining power at 1GH.com. As of yesterday, they control upwards of 84% of the entire network giving them the ability to carry out a 51% attack if they so wished. 1GH's admin has a lot to answer for here. They are acting irresponsibly by failing to increase the fees on their pool.
MaxCoin is a brand new cryptocurrency in the broad scheme of things and it's community is still in it's early stages and quite weak. It took years for bitcoin to develop the community that it has behind it and almost as long for it's price to rise from 0 to where MaxCoin currently is. So to be honest, MAX is still doing brilliantly compared to the growing pains bitcoin experienced, and it is one of the most traded altcoins right now meaning the potential for future gains is huge once our current problems are ironed out.
It has strong fundamentals, which is the most important point. MaxCoin transactions are much faster, hashing function is technically superior, the initial distribution of mining profits was fairer than even bitcoin was & SHA-3 is a more efficient algorithm for mining, meaning you can squeeze more Khash/$ from your mining rigs.
The major problem for this coin right now is centralisation of mining power at 1GH.com because of the liability of a 51% attack. The fact that the maxcoin blockchain is technically un-secure is the reason the price has fallen. An anonymous, private mining pool - 1GH.com - controls about 5.5 TH/s of the network while the total hashrate is only about 7 TH/s. 1GH could attack the maxcoin blockchain if they wanted to, making your investment worthless. They have not done so as of yet, but their ability to do it remains an underlying fundamental liability in the network. Who knows if they have malevolent or benevolent motives. They are unlikely to do this as it would cut them out of their 3% fee, but the potential remains and is getting priced in by the market.
This is only a temporary state of affairs however. It is only a matter of time before other convenient pools spring up and 1GH's dominance of the network falls, but until then I think the smart money will be invested in other coins. This is why the 1GH issue is currently THE MOST IMPORTANT problem for this coin. There are some other exchange-related teething problems, but they are insignificant in terms of the blockchain security issue.
Anyone currently invested in MaxCoin should probably hold tight through this period. Either that or crystallise a huge loss. I suppose it's about confidence. I have seen bitcoin go through similar growth pains so that is why I have the confidence to hold while others may not. In fact, I am using this as an opportunity to get some extremely cheap coins from panic sellers.
The single most effective thing we can do is to pull our miners from 1GH and move to another pool. If you keep mining there, you are de-valuing your own mining investment. This is not a profitable coin for people to mine and dump right now, so if that is what you are doing, I suggest you do it elsewhere. Mining MaxCoin right now is basically a speculative medium to long-term investment. Don't bother doing it if your cash-flow requires you to dump-out to fiat immediately to pay electricity costs. There is no profit to be had doing that at this point.
Here is a statement from the 1GH.com pool admin with regards to fees:
Quote from: 1GH Admin We are against artificaial regulation of mining. If majority of miners like our pool best - so be it, we are not booting them with prohibitive fees. We also believe that anyone genuinely interested in network security should get down to starting a p2pool rather than waste their time and effort trying to distribute and redistribute the hashpower between private pools.
Clearly, he does not care that the market and the price is reflecting the failure of the dominant pool operator to act in a responsible way. When the market urges an increase of fees, this is not 'artificial regulation', it is an attempt to self-regulate which 1GH is resisting.
TO THE ADMIN of 1GH.com:
If you care at all about the security of the maxcoin network and your future profits from mining this coin, you need to immediately introduce a significant fee for mining MAX at your pool or make an announcement on your site regarding the security issue your members are causing. Failure to do this is posing a huge risk to the security of the blockchain. As the largest pool, you have a duty to act in a responsible way. You cannot just ignore the facts and the price signals from the market telling you that this IS A PROBLEM. Increasing your fees is NOT an 'artificial regulation', it is something the market is DEMANDING that you do.
Please tweet this comment thread to the admin of 1GH. The community deserves a response from the dominant maxcoin pool operator. His twitter handle is @1ghcom https://twitter.com/1ghcom
With that being said, I'd like to invite some of you to come join us over at http://www.xhash.net, there's only 16 people mining atm, and there's NO fees, with a very pleasing UI.
Please consider leaving Scryptominers for a bit... for the good of the coin, despite the temporary reduction of coins coming in. If we split up hashing power more evenly, people will get more coins as well.
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What is the best way to earn BitCoins at the present?

Hi BitCoiners, I plunged into the Bitcoin fraternity just two days ago. I have a laptop which is mining at a few khash/sec. No point trying to mine Bitcoins with it. I chose to mine Feathercoins and made around 0.26 feathercoins from mining. Thats equal to not mining anything. I hit some bitcoin faucets and made some uBTCs in a while. But thats also knuckle Dust. I dont know what to do? In fact what should people like me do?
I mean to say that.. people who cannot mine the coin have no way of doing anything.. this is because I am from India and it is not easy for me to buy Bitcoins. Also buying Bitcoins would not be safe for me as I cannot liquidate it easily.
Any suggestions on what I could do wud be really appreciated. I would also want to start something by myself in the Bitcoin space. What wud be the best thing to do?
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Questions from a newbie miner

Hey guys, the recent news surrounding Bitcoin had me looking further into crytpocurrencies and long story short: I discover dogecoin. I love the community here and decided to start mining some coins and have a few questions.
-On my single 560 Ti @ 930 Mhz I'm averaging about 90 khash/s. Would you lads consider that to be a decent rate for a video card of my caliber or are there some tweaks that can bump up my performance? I've read the "getting started for mining" guide on here and this seems to be the best performance I was able to get from those instructions. I was wondering if there were any small, relatively unknown performance tweaks.
-Are temps at 75 degrees(celcius) ok for this card? I know people say that these cards are supposed to run warm but I just want to make sure before I do anything stupid like fry my card(how will I ever play Battlefield after that!)
-Is mining 24/7 considered the norm around these parts? I was planning on letting it run for around 10 hours a day, but I'm not sure it will even be worth it at that point considering my rate?
Any helpful answers are appreciated, thanks!
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The Raspberry Pi and Litecoin mining

I am fairly new into the bitcoin/litecoin craze. I wanted to see what it is all about. I thought, what the hell, and tried to get the litecoin miner working on my raspberry pi machine. It works at 0.24 khash/s (not worth the 5 W it needs) but its a fun proof of concept for the machine.
Details are here:
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How many systems do you use for mining?

I've only just discovered this mining business, got it running on my 2011 Edition MacBook Pro (GPU-based), getting ~40, 000 khash/sec and on my work PC (CPU-based) @ 5.3Mhash/sec.
I have a decently high-end PC at home, a Core i7 @ 4ghz, GeForce GTX570 SLI... would it pay for me to have both a GPU and CPU mining app running on that?
What would be the average bitcoin's per day/converted to real $?
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Help with a Gigabyte GV-R928XOC-3GD REV2

So, I'm running a fresh install of CentOS 6.5 x64. I'm attempting to get everything working up to the maximum potential. I have started by following the following guide very closely:
Sadly, everything works, but I seem to be stymied by a less than ideal hash rate of around 590 - 610 Khash/sec. I have started with the recommended settings on the Mining Hardware comparison. According to that site, I should be getting ~720 Khash/sec.
Here is my current command line:
cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://poolurl.com:3334 -u username -p password --gpu-powertune 20 --thread-concurrency 22272 -w 256 -I 13 -g 2 -d 1
I determined thread-concurency by running cgminer with no tuning options and pulling the value from the .bin file.
I have also tried various combinations of adjusting thread-concurrency, intensity ( -I 18, -I 20, -I 12, -I 13 ), GPU threads ( -g 1 or -g 2 ), adjusting work size between 512 and 256, and either manually specifying --gpu-engine and --gpu-memclock, or choosing --auto-gpu.
Sadly, nothing gets me much above 600 Khash on this. :(
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Need help converting Hash Rates

Really want to buy a miner and get started mining for fun. I'm stumped, however, because there are Ghashes, Khashes, and Thashes. Is this miner worth the initial investment? And if so what hash rate could I achieve relative to Doge coin?
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My story. It was a long hard way but now I´m here :) Thank you all!(Long text)

Yeah.... Hi, my name is Yannick. I´m pretty new to this Community but I want you to tell my story and want to show that you can make it too! First of all I want to excuse my bad english, I hope you can understand nearly everything:) So let´s start over :
Hi, my name is Yannick, I´m 17 years old (9 days till i turn 18!) from germany. The first time I heard about a cryptocurrency was 2 months ago when a friend send me an article abour Bitcoin. I didn´t read it, I just saw some statistics and a picture of a room filled with graphiccards. I forgot this article very fast.
Two weeks ago, while beeing on Imgur(yes, I´m a Imguiran) I saw a post about a guy who postet a picture of his selfmade Dogecoin-Banknote with a QR-code on it. That got my attention, because i liked the Idea of making your own money, but as many cool things i see on imgur I forgot so search for it. ~4 days passed then a friend send me a link of dogeminer.se (He´s a big fan of the Doge meme like me and we played games like Dr.meth or cookie clicker as fun-competition before). But like all of this games of this type they get booring after a while.. Heres where everything beginns: On the bottom of the dogeminer page was a link which says "how to get real coins?" and i got send to the official dogecoin page.
Now it really got me, I startet to google about dogecoin and after 30 minutes my mind was like :" I want this, I want to be a part". So here my long way to my first Dogecoins started. I registerd myself at online Api and tried to get some Dogecoin from faucets, what didnt work at all. After some more reading I knew thats safer to have an offline wallet, so I downloaded it. I took me 2 days to download all blocks and I was so happy when it was done! I instantly copied my adress and tried to get some coins from the faucets, what again didnt worked. I was really frustrated, all that time and reading articels - and it didnt worked. I was too scared to post something in this board,I thought that here a lot of agressive people like in other boards who hate newbies, I didn´t realised that the DogecoinCommunity is relaxed and friendly at this momment. So what i did was adding random persons on the offical Dogecoin-Steamgroup. 3 People accepted me. The first one told me Dogecoin is a joke, and i have to stop. I didnt. The second one was annoyed and told me he cant help me. Now there was my lucky time: the third one was very friendly and he was also german. He said he stoped mining a month ago but he started updating his wallet, just to send me some testD(very kind). He really did it, but it didnt appeard in my wallet. In this momment I was ultra frustrated. The next day I cleaned up my whole pc, deinstalled the wallet and installed it again. Again I spend my time updating till next day evening. And surprisingly my new Shibefriend was able to send me some doge. That was the part where i was happy again. Next day I really wanted to get into the digging-thing. I spend 4 hours watching tutorials, downloading cudaminer and manager, but at the end of the day, i started the .bat-file and the window dissapeared instand. This again was a low point of my flight to the moon.
But i wouldnt be here if didnt try it again next day. I updated all my drivers and yeah... I was able to "mine". Seeing all of the Mining tutorials I really thought my "old" pc could get a hashrate of ~ 300 too. Take away one 0. Yeah 30 khashs/s, first i was pretty depressed, but then a (yay!!) appeared on the screen. I was shocked! Is this my first Dcoin ? After 2 minutes again (yay!!). I was so happy at this momment. I told my self 3 more days and you´ll be able to make your own cool paper banknote wich is 1000D worth. I checked my poolsite just to realise that it says Doge : 0,000 and Your Valid : 3. Again as many times before a big "?" appeared over my head. Then my friendly Steamfriend explained me the "diggingsystem" and finding of Blocks. I didn´t like what i heard but, Hey he got 19.000D with mining, how long does it take ? So i let my pc run till i went to bed. Next day when I got home I checked my pool. 1,724351 Doge..... wow much Do..NOT. That wasn´t what i wanted to see, I was really sad. All the time i spend for just one doge, one Doge! At the same time i started to comment on peoples posts on this board and someone just gave me 50 doge. Again i was shocked on a positive way :)
After all that I´m sitting here writing on this 40 minutes long text with my lagging pc (didding right now) and just want to say to everyone: THANK YOU SO MUCH !
Its been a hard time but now im here. I´m feeling realy good in this community and i really like it. I want to show everone whos new, that its possible! Dont stop if something didnt work! Here are thounsands of nice Shibes who love to help you.
Okay people it´s late over here. I´m going to sleep, just checking my valid : 120 maybe I have more luck this time :) Can´t wait to check out reddit tomorrow! Again thank you everone! Let your dreams come true ... To the Moon !
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Thank you, Dogecoin!

I've recently joined the community and made my first transaction, got some tips and help along the way. Now I'm set up mining some doge (just left my bitcoin mining behind since it's purely for fun). I'm leaving the country for a while tomorrow and will hopefully return to some successful mining operations. I will remotely monitor the progress and keep things running smooth, should be interesting.
Mining on the following card(nothing special or dedicated for mining).
NVidia GTX660
What should I expect when I return? I see lots of "yay!!!" in the mining window, much better than Bitcoin. Running at 166 khash/s and will be for 8 days straight. Computer is water cooled and I'll leave a fan pointing in it's general direction, just for extra caution.
Pretty excited to see how this works out!
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what worries me, but why it makes me want to be a shibie even more.

I am going to make this in a points list, and give you the TLDR before.
TLDR; Such community, many low value, very wow.
  1. I love the community aspect. But it worries me when people speak of candy coated "to the moon" optimism. I mean, really? That is what got you here. It was not that we had the best hashrate, it was not that we had the best stats, it was that we were so excentric. We, instead of all the other coins out there, knew it was magic internet monies, and we liked it anyways. I would say that if you ever want to keep the troubles out, kick everyone who wants to change the culture of dogecoin. You want a profit oriented bitcoin like culture? Go to bitcoin. They don't want you at bitcoin bcause you are too poor? Try litecoin. The litecoin fuck3ers are too weird? There are thousand copy coins out there that would appreciate your input, and heck, most would kill for a financial advisor like you who has it all figured out. But since you are in it for the profit, you cannot help to notice that despoite all the giving away, the tipping, the wagging, the to the moon, dogecoin has done what every other clone has been trying its very best to do. We can rival bnitcoin and litecoin. We do not owe anything to the chinese investors, we do not owe anything to the people who have like 700 bitcoins, and wanted to dump them into dogecoin, because they "liked the community". That debt got paid, in full, when they got their dogecoin. The only people we owe are the sugar coated "to the moon " optimists, without whom we would not be here today. The next time you meet someone who has a boundless optimism for things, and is willing to put his bucket of suck behind dogecoin, and mines, not with 1 ghashes per second, but with like 14 khashes, you hug the shit out of that shibie, and tip him a lil sumpthin.
  2. Asics. I swallowed hard when I saw people were first using asics, and I swallowed harder when people claimed they were doing it "for doge". That is like saying, I believe in the product, so I replaced 90 % of my employees with machines. That is sure to change things for the better!I know, it is your full right to use asics, and I as a lowly shibe cannot stop you from using them, but yea. Just imagine what would have happened early on when instead of shelling out 400 bucks for your asic thing, you would have bought dogecoin for that. What that would have done for the price. Especially early on. Just a thought, though.
  3. It worries me that so many people claim that heeping the hashrate high is the only thing they can do. You know what I do for dogecoin? I am a DM for a roleplaying group, and I reccently have told my players that I will match their XP gains, point for point, with a dogecoin. In return, asking for extras, changes to the story, requesting specific adventures, or swearing ( my favorite player once payed 1000 doge into the swearing jar, and performed a certain song by jay and silent bob for us) and so forth, the usual nagging if you will, would also cost whatever value they attatched to the change, and I would only grant so many changes per month. In no time I had six new shibies at the table who tipped each other with dogecoin, requested extra heals with dogecoin, tipped natural 20's and good roleplay, and so forth. They do it with their phones, so I am not that concerned with it. I get tipped with dogecoin, if I manage to entertain them well enough, and I in turn tip excellent roleplaying with doge. I so far have a 42 k dogepool ready for them, and I do this at a loss to me, but fuck this, they love it, and this is what matters to me. In Ravenloft, a D&D setting, we use doge in place of the local currency ( a Hound = 1 gp minted by a really profitable trading company) that is almost universally accepted. And yes, there is a houndfather in there, and I brinbg quips to the present situation. In shadowrun, doge has taken the place of bitcoin ( which got whiped out in the first and second crash), and transactions can be straight up done in doge. I not only gained 6 new users with this, I also managed to put a little doge on their accounts, and trust me, I have a deep suspicion that ALL of them are cheating and mining their own coins to be used ingame (so proud of them...). 6 new users , 6 new shibies, and 6 people who will, when they finally grow up, continue to use the doges they have been provided, and hopefully discover that one day, the doge they played for as kids are worth a little something. I also have bought, when the steam sales comes around, things on steam for people with dogecoin. I know, I could go to an exchange, and pay with visa, but this way, I can do it pretty much anonymously, and do not need to bugger with all the fees. They get the daily rate on the day I fill their order, plus the special prices of the sale, and I get their doge. Of course, I get the freaks who claim they get 80 % off off the already reduced titles when they trade with other sellers, and demand the same deals with me, but heck, I am a honest trader who only trades with people using his own handmined shibes, I can take a few of these nutters when it means I can offer a shibie a 1:1 exchange rate for their doge value. In short, I offer 1:1 exchange rates, I add people to the doge network, I get new people tipping each other minute ammounts of doge to keep the throughpush rate high, and I mine with a crabby bukkit of a machine. Plus, if last reports are panning out, dogecoin is spreading around the highschoolers at one of my players school, gaining more and more traction. These little fuckers can't even into basic english, but they use dogecoin. Figure that out.
So, tell me how your asic that runs on "fire and forget" helps the dogecoin economy. It seems that your "invest 200 bucks once in the hashrate" system really pans out. You add machines to the dogecoin network? I add people. Want to try again?
  1. What is wrong with being in it for the profit? Seriously, someone answer me this. If it wasn't for the view that people could make some money off of it someday, half of us wouldn't be here. It is entirely possible to make some profit off of dogecoin, but at first, admit it. Do not go, "I just dumped 70 k dollars into dogecoin, because I can afford it, no big deal, believe in the community though, and can manage to loose it. ". Not even a half dead bitcoin reject would believe that. No, you have the money, you maybe even want to trick your countries taxes,you are one of the original bitcoin scammers, or you are one of the hackers, I do not care. Every shibe has some dirt between his paws, so to speak. But what I care about is not, what have you been, it is, what is your goal? I am in this, as you may have guessed it, for the fun, and this is my goal. I will curse peoiple for dogecoin, I buy their personal missfortunes from them for dogecoin, to curse other people with. Feck it, if enough people want it, I will smoke pages of the bible for dogecoin, drink for dogecoin, or even yodel for dogecoin. But I say it often, and I think you notice it. For me, dogecoin is monopoly money, and it will never change. But I never ever claim to be in it to make a profit.
  2. The entire hubbub with people claiming that dogecoin has to be profitable. No it hasn't. If it ever comes to the point where dogecoin is really worth something, guess what, you will have sucessfully jumped into being an other bitcoin clone. You want to make dogecoin profitable? How about you throw every asic off the network? I have troubles explaining to new users why they should mine dogecoin, much less use it. But meister, they say, there are people out there with 1 ghash/s , what can my tiny little computer do against them? And honestly, I understand their point. The Asic people have taken over, they get most of the doge, they keep them, no doge get taken back for a walk through the economy. So, i have taken it as my duty to keep giving away doge. I do it mostly to my players, but sometimes, I scour the internet, for dogecoin adresses, and when I have one, I do a stealth handout, and anonymously tipp people. just to freak them out, if they appear christian, I tip them 666 dogecoins, if they are hackers, 1337 dogecoins, and so forth. But yea. I keep the doges running free. You want to keep dogecoin profitable? Start rewarding the small people, the people with 1-2 khs that still mine. Yes, you have richie riches here that have a trillion dogecoin, and so much that he even started to burn them with dogeparty, But yea, when I look at the people with 1-2 doge total, that just yesterday came to the party, and want to know how they can get some doge, those are the people that secure the dogecoin more then any bigshot with 2-12 asics that just dumped 4 months of what I would consider rent money into dogecoin.....I want to hand them all my doge, and tell them it's ok, just try, it will be better. But instead, I see the road ahead, and I see too many people in it for the profit, holding on to all their doges, and keeping them in cages. Only when the last coin has been mined, the last investment been taken out, the last chinese investor been honored and the last FUD been banned will you realize that you cannot into economy with doges in cages, and that a high hashrate and a secured network does not translate in shibie growth, or dogecoin acceptance in your favorite store.
Yea. 5 fingers makes a hand. My five cent, and I give some fucks about this, because if we do not get to solving at least some of these issues, these five fingers will make a fist and punch us in the head. And there will be howling, and gnashing of teeth, and screams, but we will prevail, because we will make it.... "TO THE MOON!"
I am meistermalkav, and I am, have been and willö allways be in this for the fun.
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Hash Rate, Miner’s Reward And Difficulty. Hash rate, miner’s reward, and difficulty are interdependent on each other in various ways. Whenever Bitcoin network’s difficulty goes up more hash rate is required to mine/find the blocks and as result miners earn the block reward of 12.5 BTC plus the transaction fees. Ein Hash-Algorithmus wandelt Daten beliebiger Länge in einen Datensatz fester Länge um, den Hash. Gleiche Daten führen immer zum gleichen Hash. Wird aber auch nur ein einzelnes Bit der Daten geändert sieht der Hash komplett anders aus. Wie alle Daten im Computer bestehen Hashes aus langen Zahlenketten und werden für gewöhnlich in hexadezimaler Schreibweise angegeben. Bitcoin benutzt den ... This chart compares the hash rates on Bitcoin and two of its forks, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. We can still compare the amount of hashrate between two different cryptocurrencies, and the Bitcoin network has a lot more computing power than all the other currencies put together. This is why it’s pretty easy to argue that Bitcoin is the most stable and secure, and why it’s very unlikely ... Im Bitcoin-Netzwerk liegt die durchschnittliche Hash Rate bei 9,9 TH/s und sie wächst mit jedem neuen Miner, der sich dem Netzwerk anschließt, weiter an. Während des Mining-Vorgangs wird durch eine Reihe mathematischer Operationen versucht, den kryptischen Header eines Blockes zu entschlüsseln. Dabei werden durchaus unzählige Versuche benötigt, um die richtige Kombination zu finden. Je ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ...

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