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What is the smallest amount of bitcoin that can be sent?

Can you send a single satoshi?
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Whats the smallest amount of Bitcoin one can invest at Havenlock?

I have 1.99505 mBTC. Can I invest this tiny amount in Havenlock?
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I just think this is cool, whats the smallest amount of bitcoin you can give? I just think it'd be neat to have my wallet say something other than 0

Do I just put my address here or PM it or what?
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What is the smallest amount of bitcoin that can be sent? /r/Bitcoin

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Continuous Proof of Bitcoin Burn: trust minimized sidechains and bitcoin-pegs w/o oracles/federations today

Original design presented for discussion and criticism
originally posted here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5212814.0
TLDR: Proposing the following that's possible today to use for any existing or new altcoins:


This is not an altcoin thread. I'm not making anything. The design discussed options for existing altcoins and new ways to built on top of Bitcoin inheriting some of its security guarantees. 2 parts: First, the design allows any altcoins to switch to securing themselves via Bitcoin instead of their own PoW or PoS with significant benefits to both altcoins and Bitcoin (and environment lol). Second, I explain how to create Bitcoin-pegged assets to turn altcoins into a Bitcoin sidechain equivalent. Let me know if this is of interest or if it exists, feel free to use or do anything with this, hopefully I can help.


Solution to first few points:

PoW altcoin switching to CPoBB would trade:

PoS altcoin switching to CPoBB would trade:

We already have a permissionless, compact, public, high-cost-backed finality base layer to build on top - Bitcoin! It will handle sorting, data availability, finality, and has something of value to use instead of capital or energy that's outside the sidechain - the Bitcoin coins. The sunk costs of PoW can be simulated by burning Bitcoin, similar to concept known as Proof of Burn where Bitcoin are sent to unspendable address. Unlike ICO's, no contributors can take out the Bitcoins and get rewards for free. Unlike PoS, entry into supply lies outside the alt-chain and thus doesn't depend on permission of alt-chain stake-coin holders. It's hard to find a more bandwidth or state size protective blockchain to use other than Bitcoin as well so altcoins can be Bitcoin-aware at little marginal difficulty - 10 years of history fully validates in under a day.

What are typical issues with Proof of Burn?


This should be required for any design for it to stay permissionless. Optional is constant fixed emission rate for altcoins not trying to be money if goal is to maximize accessibility. Since it's not depending on brand new PoW for security, they don't have to depend on massive early rewards giving disproportionate fraction of supply at earliest stage either. If 10 coins are created every block, after n blocks, at rate of 10 coins per block, % emission per block is = (100/n)%, an always decreasing number. Sidechain coin doesn't need to be scarce money, and could maximize distribution of control by encouraging further distribution. If no burners exist in a block, altcoin block reward is simply added to next block reward making emission predictable.
Sidechain block content should be committed in burn transaction via a root of the merkle tree of its transactions. Sidechain state will depend on Bitcoin for finality and block time between commitment broadcasts. However, the throughput can be of any size per block, unlimited number of such sidechains can exist with their own rules and validation costs are handled only by nodes that choose to be aware of a specific sidechain by running its consensus compatible software.
Important design decision is how can protocol determine the "true" side-block and how to distribute incentives. Simplest solution is to always :
  1. Agree on the valid sidechain block matching the merkle root commitment for the largest amount of Bitcoin burnt, earliest inclusion in the bitcoin block as the tie breaker
  2. Distribute block reward during the next side-block proportional to current amounts burnt
  3. Bitcoin fee market serves as deterrent for spam submissions of blocks to validate
sidechain block reward is set always at 10 altcoins per block Bitcoin block contains the following content embedded and part of its transactions: tx11: burns 0.01 BTC & OP_RETURN tx56: burns 0.05 BTC & OP_RETURN ... <...root of valid sidechain block version 1> ... tx78: burns 1 BTC & OP_RETURN ... <...root of valid sidechain block version 2> ... tx124: burns 0.2 BTC & OP_RETURN ... <...root of INVALID sidechain block version 3> ...
Validity is deterministic by rules in client side node software (e.g. signature validation) so all nodes can independently see version 3 is invalid and thus burner of tx124 gets no reward allocated. The largest valid burn is from tx78 so version 2 is used for the blockchain in sidechain. The total valid burn is 1.06 BTC, so 10 altcoins to be distributed in the next block are 0.094, 0.472, 9.434 to owners of first 3 transactions, respectively.
Censorship attack would require continuous costs in Bitcoin on the attacker and can be waited out. Censorship would also be limited to on-sidechain specific transactions as emission distribution to others CPoB contributors wouldn't be affected as blocks without matching coin distributions on sidechain wouldn't be valid. Additionally, sidechains can allow a limited number of sidechain transactions to happen via embedding transaction data inside Bitcoin transactions (e.g. OP_RETURN) as a way to use Bitcoin for data availability layer in case sidechain transactions are being censored on their network. Since all sidechain nodes are Bitcoin aware, it would be trivial to include.
Sidechain blocks cannot be reverted without reverting Bitcoin blocks or hard forking the protocol used to derive sidechain state. If protocol is forked, the value of sidechain coins on each fork of sidechain state becomes important but Proof of Burn natively guarantees trust minimized and permissionless distribution of the coins, something inferior methods like obscure early distributions, trusted pre-mines, and trusted ICO's cannot do.
More bitcoins being burnt is parallel to more hash rate entering PoW, with each miner or burner getting smaller amount of altcoins on average making it unprofitable to burn or mine and forcing some to exit. At equilibrium costs of equipment and electricity approaches value gained from selling coins just as at equilibrium costs of burnt coins approaches value of altcoins rewarded. In both cases it incentivizes further distribution to markets to cover the costs making burners and miners dependent on users via markets. In both cases it's also possible to mine without permission and mine at a loss temporarily to gain some altcoins without permission if you want to.
Altcoins benefit by inheriting many of bitcoin security guarantees, bitcoin parties have to do nothing if they don't want to, but will see their coins grow more scarce through burning. The contributions to the fee market will contribute to higher Bitcoin miner rewards even after block reward is gone.

Sidechain Bitcoin-pegs:

What is the ideal goal of the sidechains? Ideally to have a token that has the bi-directionally pegged value to Bitcoin and tradeable ~1:1 for Bitcoin that gives Bitcoin users an option of a different rule set without compromising the base chain nor forcing base chain participants to do anything different.
Issues with value pegs:
Let's get rid of the idea of needing Bitcoin collateral to back pegged coins 1:1 as that's never secure, independent, or scalable at same security level. As drive-chain design suggested the peg doesn't have to be fast, can take months, just needs to exist so other methods can be used to speed it up like atomic swaps by volunteers taking on the risk for a fee.
In continuous proof of burn we have another source of Bitcoins, the burnt Bitcoins. Sidechain protocols can require some minor percentage (e.g. 20%) of burner tx value coins via another output to go to reimburse those withdrawing side-Bitcoins to Bitcoin chain until they are filled. If withdrawal queue is empty that % is burnt instead. Selection of who receives reimbursement is deterministic per burner. Percentage must be kept small as it's assumed it's possible to get up to that much discount on altcoin emissions.
Let's use a really simple example case where each burner pays 20% of burner tx amount to cover withdrawal in exact order requested with no attempts at other matching, capped at half amount requested per payout. Example:
withdrawal queue: request1: 0.2 sBTC request2: 1.0 sBTC request3: 0.5 sBTC
same block burners: tx burns 0.8 BTC, 0.1 BTC is sent to request1, 0.1 BTC is sent to request2 tx burns 0.4 BTC, 0.1 BTC is sent to request1 tx burns 0.08 BTC, 0.02 BTC is sent to request 1 tx burns 1.2 BTC, 0.1 BTC is sent to request1, 0.2 BTC is sent to request2
withdrawal queue: request1: filled with 0.32 BTC instead of 0.2 sBTC, removed from queue request2: partially-filled with 0.3 BTC out of 1.0 sBTC, 0.7 BTC remaining for next queue request3: still 0.5 sBTC
Withdrawal requests can either take long time to get to filled due to cap per burn or get overfilled as seen in "request1" example, hard to predict. Overfilling is not a big deal since we're not dealing with a finite source. The risk a user that chooses to use the sidechain pegged coin takes on is based on the rate at which they can expect to get paid based on value of altcoin emission that generally matches Bitcoin burn rate. If sidechain loses interest and nobody is burning enough bitcoin, the funds might be lost so the scale of risk has to be measured. If Bitcoins burnt per day is 0.5 BTC total and you hope to deposit or withdraw 5000 BTC, it might take a long time or never happen to withdraw it. But for amounts comparable or under 0.5 BTC/day average burnt with 5 side-BTC on sidechain outstanding total the risks are more reasonable.
Deposits onto the sidechain are far easier - by burning Bitcoin in a separate known unspendable deposit address for that sidechain and sidechain protocol issuing matching amount of side-Bitcoin. Withdrawn bitcoins are treated as burnt bitcoins for sake of dividing block rewards as long as they followed the deterministic rules for their burn to count as valid and percentage used for withdrawals is kept small to avoid approaching free altcoin emissions by paying for your own withdrawals and ensuring significant unforgeable losses.
Ideally more matching is used so large withdrawals don't completely block everyone else and small withdrawals don't completely block large withdrawals. Better methods should deterministically randomize assigned withdrawals via previous Bitcoin block hash, prioritized by request time (earliest arrivals should get paid earlier), and amount of peg outstanding vs burn amount (smaller burns should prioritize smaller outstanding balances). Fee market on bitcoin discourages doing withdrawals of too small amounts and encourages batching by burners.
The second method is less reliable but already known that uses over-collateralized loans that create a oracle-pegged token that can be pegged to the bitcoin value. It was already used by its inventors in 2014 on bitshares (e.g. bitCNY, bitUSD, bitBTC) and similarly by MakerDAO in 2018. The upside is a trust minimized distribution of CPoB coins can be used to distribute trust over selection of price feed oracles far better than pre-mined single trusted party based distributions used in MakerDAO (100% pre-mined) and to a bit lesser degree on bitshares (~50% mined, ~50% premined before dpos). The downside is 2 fold: first the supply of BTC pegged coin would depend on people opening an equivalent of a leveraged long position on the altcoin/BTC pair, which is hard to convince people to do as seen by very poor liquidity of bitBTC in the past. Second downside is oracles can still collude to mess with price feeds, and while their influence might be limited via capped price changes per unit time and might compromise their continuous revenue stream from fees, the leverage benefits might outweight the losses. The use of continous proof of burn to peg withdrawals is superior method as it is simply a minor byproduct of "mining" for altcoins and doesn't depend on traders positions. At the moment I'm not aware of any market-pegged coins on trust minimized platforms or implemented in trust minimized way (e.g. premined mkr on premined eth = 2 sets of trusted third parties each of which with full control over the design).

Brief issues with current altchains options:

  1. PoW: New PoW altcoins suffer high risk of attacks. Additional PoW chains require high energy and capital costs to create permissionless entry and trust minimized miners that are forever dependent on markets to hold them accountable. Using same algorithm or equipment as another chain or merge-mining puts you at a disadvantage by allowing some miners to attack and still cover sunk costs on another chain. Using a different algorithm/equipment requires building up the value of sunk costs to protect against attacks with significant energy and capital costs. Drive-chains also require miners to allow it by having to be sidechain aware and thus incur additional costs on them and validating nodes if the sidechain rewards are of value and importance.
  2. PoS: PoS is permissioned (requires permission from internal party to use network or contribute to consensus on permitted scale), allows perpetual control without accountability to others, and incentivizes centralization of control over time. Without continuous source of sunk costs there's no reason to give up control. By having consensus entirely dependent on internal state network, unlike PoW but like private databases, cannot guarantee independent permissionless entry and thus cannot claim trust minimization. Has no built in distribution methods so depends on safe start (snapshot of trust minimized distributions or PoW period) followed by losing that on switch to PoS or starting off dependent on a single trusted party such as case in all significant pre-mines and ICO's.
  3. Proof of Capacity: PoC is just shifting costs further to capital over PoW to achieve same guarantees.
  4. PoW/PoS: Still require additional PoW chain creation. Strong dependence on PoS can render PoW irrelevant and thus inherit the worst properties of both protocols.
  5. Tokens inherit all trust dependencies of parent blockchain and thus depend on the above.
  6. Embedded consensus (counterparty, veriblock?, omni): Lacks mechanism for distribution, requires all tx data to be inside scarce Bitcoin block space so high cost to users instead of compensated miners. If you want to build a very expressive scripting language, might very hard & expensive to fit into Bitcoin tx vs CPoBB external content of unlimited size in a committed hash. Same as CPoBB is Bitcoin-aware so can respond to Bitcoin being sent but without source of Bitcoins like burning no way to do any trust minimized Bitcoin-pegs it can control fully.

Few extra notes from my talks with people:

Main questions to you:

open to working on this further with others
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I wished my best friend had been more careful... [Part 2]

Part 1

Hi nosleep, sorry it's taken me so long to update, I've been spending time trying to fix this and haven't thought to update you all on the situation, here's what has happened:

As I'd said before, the police were useless and didn't find anything. I couldn't focus on school, not with Daniel gone and this group after me. I decided the first thing to do should be looking into this group first.

However, I first looked on the blockchain to find out where the money had gone, because it wasn't like Dan to do something so stupid in a scenario like this. He had sent the bitcoin's through a bitcoin mixer & whilst i'm good with computers, I can't trace where the bitcoins went or who they went to.

I created a new pseudonym for every forum I used on the dark web. If i'm going to be researching these guys, I don't want them to know it's me. Turns out they're quite well known amongst some of the darker forumns, how Daniel and I didn't know about them before is shocking to me.

Nevertheless, it didn't seem like I'd be able to just find them by looking for clues. I would have to earn back that money.

I looked around for ways to earn money, now as a high-school kid I wouldn't be able to find a job that would pay me 23 grand in a month, so I had to turn to the internet again.

I couldn't use my regular cryptocurrency wallet or I would risk being identified, but I still needed the funds as I had at least a £2000 which i'd made prior to this.

I went onto my chosen wallet software and guess fucking what. Daniel had gotten the bitcoin mixer service to send ME the 23 grand (it was in ethereum though rather than bitcoin, not that it makes a difference).

This particular wallet software I have, Daniel uses as well and allows us to add encrypted messages along with payments, this one read:

"I know you're going to be mad, but these guys can't have their money, who knows the other fucked up shit they'll do. I lied about where I hid the flash drive. But I knew you'd try & send back the money. so I've sent it to you. By the time you see this I'll either be safe, or something has happened. But DONT GIVE THEM THE MONEY"

Of course Daniel sent the money to me, he's basically that character in every movie that has to constantly be the hero, but nevertheless he was right, they couldn't have the money, but I needed to get a message to them at least so I could know whether Daniel was still alive.

Now with bitcoin, you have to have a fee along with your bitcoin payment when sending bitcoin, the fee get's paid to bitcoin miners to process your transaction, this keeps the system going. The bitcoin address that 'The Winning Cause' had given me was my only way to communicate with them.

I sent them the smallest amount of bitcoin I could so I could attach the message "Is Daniel alive, I have the money he took, we can schedule somewhere to meet to trade off". I'm obviously not giving them the money but I had a plan to get him back.

See on the dark web, there are vicious barbaric people, these are the kind of people that Daniel and I aim to stop, but it's not all doom and gloom, it's a community after all, there are people who are may be in the same predicament as you or are just willing to help for a price. I found the latter...

There's a group who also want to take down the winning cause, they gave themselves the fitting name of "Your cause will lose", apparently they had tried before but a bunch of the people in their group were kidnapped and used on the winning cause's redrooms. And they wan't revenge.

The next day I got a miniscule payment of bitcoin, attached was a message. It said "go to 17 Trinity street at 9pm tonight, then turn right and walk until you see an abandoned warehouse, we'll be waiting, come alone!".

You may be wondering, where are my parents in all this. They think I'm just letting the police do their job, they're allowing me to help them find evidence online or any new leads, they don't know what I'm going to do tonight.

50 members of "Your cause will lose" had been assigned to come with me to the warehouse, they brought with them a whole arsenal of guns and long range weapons, they would park at 17 Trinity street and as soon as they brought out Daniel, they would shoot up the place.

It took us around an hour to drive to Trinity Street, by then it was 8:45pm, they got their snipers ready and I walked towards that warehouse with a pistol of my own tucked into my pants, I wasn't going empty handed...

I got to the warehouse and there was an unlocked gate, as soon as I stepped through my face was flooded with illuminating lights, I could make out 3 people coming towards me, 2 of them I didn't recognize, and 1 of them being Daniel! His hands were tied with rope, I rushed over but was blocked from getting to him by one of his captors.

"Have you got our mon-" was as much as he was able to say before a bullet went cleanly through the center of his head, then another through the guard stood next to him, I quickly untied his hands. However these guys weren't idiots, as soon as those two bullets went off a whole army of people stormed out from inside the warehouse shooting.

It was a massacre, bullets went off left right & center, Daniel and I ducked and crawled towards the exit, no-one really seemed that concerned about us at the moment, from what I could see, the majority of "The Winning Cause" were losing, but it didn't seem like we were doing too well either. But as long as we escaped we'd be fine.

We were nearly at the exit when the ground beneath us just gave way, we fell into a dark room (no pun intended) and there was one computer and one door, confused and baffled, I went onto the computer, we were greeted with a message "You shouldn't have tried that!".

A feeling of instant regret grew in the pit of my stomach as I knew that we were completely and utterly fucked, the computer in this room has internet access and is surprisingly letting me come onto reddit, I don't know what to do now, i've heard footsteps repeatedly but so far no one has come in, they might be monitoring us I dont know.

But what I do know is that we need help more than ever now...
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A question I have about Bitcoin(awnsers appreciated)

TL;DR:Do Bitcoin replace it's puzzles with a new one that dosent reward you after it's solved?(If it even does puzzles, that is, I barely understand this currency) -So, from my terrible understanding of Bitcoin, I've heard that servers which are mining have to solve puzzles with equations in them to earn currency. -I've also heard that there is approximately 21 million Bitcoin, including anything yet to be mined by servers -There is roughly 4 million Bitcoin left to mine -A Satoshi, or 0.00000001 BTC(one hundred millionth), is the smallest amount of Bitcoin liquidable and I'm guessing that a completed puzzle earns you that much(It might be wrong but I need to assume that to move on to the question) -The question I'd like to ask is this: When a puzzle is solved by a server, does Bitcoin inject another puzzle into the Bitcoin mine which dosent award you with anything(an empty puzzle)? So Every time your server solves a puzzle, does that mean the probability of getting Bitcoin in a single puzzle goes down by a hundred millionth of a four millionth? Thanks a lot for reading this, it took alot of time to type and I'd like to learn more about the currency so any corrections on what I said would be appreciated : )
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Whats the smallest amount of BTH I can buy

What's the smallest amount of Bitcoin Cash I can buy in USD.
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Do you believe Crypto will never replace fiat, it's all speculative? Read this

All credits to kunlangeta, IDK why he deleted this post it's so good..
A person asked "I really want to believe in Bitcoin/Crypto as the future. I have a basic understanding on how it works. I just don't see how this is more convenient than the systems that are already in place. I can give someone physical money instantly and it's trusted. My CC app instantly notifies me when my CC is used and also enables me to de/reactive my card at my discretion. Also, if BTC was the current main form of currency and you go to the store to buy some milk and it costs you .0002376839 BTC? Really? That's a better system? How would children buy ice cream from the ice cream truck? How would you pay the neighbor kid for shoveling your sidewalk? What about people living in poverty that can't afford a smart phone or internet? How would one take out a loan to purchase a house or car with BTC? I'm sorry, I'm 34 years old and I feel like a 70 year old trying to figure out Facebook."
So, you are 34 years old. 20 years ago, you were 14. Back then, mobile phones were bricks. Could you have imagined everyone having a touch screen smartphone that is stronger in every regard than PC of that time in their pocket? Could you have imagined ubiquitousness of internet we have today? Social media and impact it has on social relationships today? Facilitation of trade it offers?
I am asking cause crypto is still in its infancy. Bitcoin was the Alpha version and it is horrible in most of the things it was made to do (privacy - coins can be tracked, speed - blocks are full and transactions take a while, fees - due to blocks being full and value of bitcoin, transaction fees are horrible), but it paved the way to currencies which solve these problems much better. That isn't to say that these currencies won't be outdone by some new ones in the future.
So, to closely address some of your issues:
I just don't see how this is more convenient than the systems that are already in place.
It isn't. Yet.
I can give someone physical money instantly and it's trusted.
Why is it trusted? What stands behind it to be trusted. Not to mention, that current fiat currency system has huge problems. And that physical money is being phased out slowly (though I am sure it will have its place in decades to come).
My CC app instantly notifies me when my CC is used and also enables me to de/reactive my card at my discretion.
I admit that losing your crypto to malicious actors is easy currently, but it will be solved. You can split your currency between wallets, so that if one gets compromised, others remain safe. Or some sort of banks could do the same thing your CC companies do, for a provision. Or, more likely, some better solution will come along.
Also, if BTC was the current main form of currency and you go to the store to buy some milk and it costs you .0002376839 BTC? Really? That's a better system? How would children buy ice cream from the ice cream truck? How would you pay the neighbor kid for shoveling your sidewalk?
As I said, BTC is Alpha Version of crypto currency. I doubt it would be used for everyday transactions, but if it were, smallest amount of bitcoin is 0.00000001 and it is called satoshi. So you would pay x satoshis (or some larger unit). Main issue with bitcoin currently is high provisions and slow transactions and there are some currencies that solve that ( for example, XRB, just hit $1, does instant feeless transactions). Payments can be done easily, on most crypto, by scanning a QR code and inputting the amount you want to pay.
What about people living in poverty that can't afford a smart phone or internet?
As I said, cash is here to stay for a while longer, but cashless society is the future, with or without crypto.
How would one take out a loan to purchase a house or car with BTC?
In current crypto market, there are a lot of coins/tokens made to solve specific problems. I imagine there will be token to solve that one in the future.
Now, I am not saying crypto, as it is will succeed (I hope so). I am saying that governments/financial institutions stand to lose a lot to it, so even if it gets outlawed, future of society is cashless. And who is to say governments won't make their own crypto?
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Want to mine on CPU just for fun

I don't have specialized hardware, but just for the heck of it, I want to mine bitcoins.
I want to share upfront that I know that it's not a profitable operation, but I want to do it any way. My question is how much time would it take to get the smallest amount of bitcoin? And how would I go about this?
I am sorry if this has been asked before, but would be helpful if someone can point me to it.
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Is it possible to send one satoshi between wallets without any fees?

Hi, I'm just trying to wrap my head around bitcoin and only have 0.00105 BTC (from some some ad click thing) to my name. I wanted to send some fraction of that to another wallet to see how it works but I noticed the fee would be higher than what I was sending and not worth trying I guess. So this got me to wondering if I can even transfer the smallest amount of bitcoin without any fees...?
Anyways, I'm using Multibit and did successfully imported a wallet which made me happy. Now I just want to learn about the transfer experience if I can. I also bought some bitcoins from coinbase but I won't have them until Monday (if the transfer goes through). So, until then I've got fractions to play with. I'm not sure it's worth it at all to try but I don't mind the wait if I can avoid any fees for now.
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Colored coins - what's the smallest units that make them usable?

Thought experiment using colored coins.
Pretend I'm using a car title system of the future. And in it, I have a fleet of cars, like Hertz rental cars, all tracked with their titles in a property system for cars generally, for a state, like Missouri.
Under the hood, one day, I think "hey I'll explore the blockchain manually, and see how these colored coins use the bitcoin protocol to work."
I have some assumptions about how that would work, but as I go, I think I need to edit some of my understandings.
One idea is that a colored coin could be a satoshi. And this colored coin could represent something, like the title to a car. So I have a car title, and a corresponding public address. And at that address, just as a placeholder, I expect to see 1 satoshi, the smallest amount of bitcoin that can currently exist.
But if the car can change owners, then in order to prove that I'm the new owner, I would have to sign a message with the private key at the address that that satoshi is stored at. But .... if I share a private key, how do I sell the car, transfer the title?
And the next problem is that a satoshi is too small to move. I couldn't even send it to a burn address (I think) unless I paid a fee that is way way above the value of a satoshi. If a satoshi is something like 0.00000001 bitcoin, the fees are now something like 0.0001 just to move the bitcoin around. Cars are bought and sold something like every couple of years until they're crushed and recycled, so I assume we need something like 0.001 just to represent an object whose ownership can be transferred around.
Does this imply that 21 million coins times 1000 (21 billion total) is the total number of objects we could ever theoretically track in a colored coin systems where objects could change owners?
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Bitcoin dice game

I wanted to share my experience playing PrimeDice
**Second Edit : PrimeDice is offering a .002btc giveaway if you like their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/officialprimedice I believe the promotion ends tomorrow. Its a great bankroll to start with!
Keep in mind that this is gambling, and the odds are always in the house favor - if you play long enough, you will lose.
However for a while I have been having pretty good success with the following tactic.
Its slow and steady. You will hit some bad stretches. be patient and build back up. I do stray from my system when I feel like going with instinct.
Good luck, I hope I explained this ok.
**edit If you see me in the chat, send me a pm I can try to help you if you need.
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The smallest amount you can get for a piece of bitcoin is 1.005

Perhaps garlic coin is the inverse, thoughts? So 1 usd is 14,398.01 CGC (crypto-garlicoin)
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Riding this wave has been amazing. Going to take full advantage of this opportunity and travel this spring.

I am 18 y.o. and wanted to just say that i have huge hopes for this currency. I was late to the Bitcoin train but cannot complain. I bought a couple Bitcoins when they were worth around $100 and sold one of them at around 800 to buy some quality winter gear from REI which i can't be happier about.
I am going to hold onto my last coin until the spring and take a plane somewhere, anywhere. I want to enjoy this opportunity because we are all lucky to have even the smallest amounts of Bitcoins right now. This is amazing to think that i could put money i had in my bank account into an alternative currency and it grows 1000% in less than a year!
The story of Bitcoin is one of success but i feel that we should tread these unknown waters with care as it is still volatile and the future is unknown. I'm glad i could be a part of this journey. I wish i had known about Bitcoin when it was worth cents on the dollar, however i cannot complain because i am aware that the days of Bitcoin being worth < $1000 might be behind us.
I will re-invest what little i can the price drops again soon, but will be happy no-matter which way this goes.
Enjoy, and stop looking at the charts every hour, it's a waste of time for most of us!
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01-26 07:33 - 'Why do people keep making these posts... / 1. If anyone with even the smallest amount of intelligence knew that there was an upcoming opportunity for them to profit in trading Bitcoin, the last thing they would do is tell eve...' by /u/seanl1991 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 20-30min

Why do people keep making these posts...
  1. If anyone with even the smallest amount of intelligence knew that there was an upcoming opportunity for them to profit in trading Bitcoin, the last thing they would do is tell everyone else. If they told other people, they would also tell other people and the price would rise before they could capitalise on the advantage.
  2. If someone is investing in Bitcoin, and is hounding others to buy in, There is a significant chance that person wants Bitcoin to become scarcer and for the price to rise, this means that by the time you buy in, you're more than likely already too late. This is a very well known strategy for whales, as the price barely needs to rise before they can flood the market with Bitcoin again and then the price tanks. You lose.
  3. Don't trust a word anyone says because 100% of the people in this sub can't predict the future, myself included.
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Help, How to buy large amounts of Bitcoin for the smallest fee!!! Also looking for Bitcoin investment tips! Also coinbase question

Hello fellow BitBoysss, haha im a loser I know, but seriously I'm looking to invest in Bitcoins when the next dip hits and I was wondering what the most effective way to do this would be.
I currently use coinbase and if you use your bank account there is a 1.49% fee for buying bitcoins. Are there any online exchanges that have a lower exchange rate and that you would specifically reccomend for buying large amounts of bitcoin. Or is 1.49% basically as low as its gonna get :(.
Another question I had hopefully someone knows, but I on my bank statement for coinbase I always see "Foreign Transaction Fee" is that the same fee that coinbase is charging for whenever I buy Bitcoin from them or are these scumbags also adding on that fee afterwards. Basically if anyone knows when you buy bitcoins on coinbase what is the sum of the fees, like what are all the types of fees, and if this "foreign transaction fee" is a seperate fee is there anyway to avoid it? Why the fuck does coinbase charge a foreign transaction fee if its based in San Francisco.??
Thanks in advance for your help with these two questions guys!!
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What's the smallest amount of money you'd put into Bitcoin? /r/Bitcoin

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Help, How to buy large amounts of Bitcoin for the smallest fee!!! Also looking for Bitcoin investment tips! Also coinbase question /r/Bitcoin

Help, How to buy large amounts of Bitcoin for the smallest fee!!! Also looking for Bitcoin investment tips! Also coinbase question /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Ultimate glossary of crypto currency terms, acronyms and abbreviations

I thought it would be really cool to have an ultimate guide for those new to crypto currencies and the terms used. I made this mostly for beginner’s and veterans alike. I’m not sure how much use you will get out of this. Stuff gets lost on Reddit quite easily so I hope this finds its way to you. Included in this list, I have included most of the terms used in crypto-communities. I have compiled this list from a multitude of sources. The list is in alphabetical order and may include some words/terms not exclusive to the crypto world but may be helpful regardless.
Two factor authentication. I highly advise that you use it.
51% Attack:
A situation where a single malicious individual or group gains control of more than half of a cryptocurrency network’s computing power. Theoretically, it could allow perpetrators to manipulate the system and spend the same coin multiple times, stop other users from completing blocks and make conflicting transactions to a chain that could harm the network.
Address (or Addy):
A unique string of numbers and letters (both upper and lower case) used to send, receive or store cryptocurrency on the network. It is also the public key in a pair of keys needed to sign a digital transaction. Addresses can be shared publicly as a text or in the form of a scannable QR code. They differ between cryptocurrencies. You can’t send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, for example.
Altcoin (alternative coin): Any digital currency other than Bitcoin. These other currencies are alternatives to Bitcoin regarding features and functionalities (e.g. faster confirmation time, lower price, improved mining algorithm, higher total coin supply). There are hundreds of altcoins, including Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and many many others.
An event where the investors/participants are able to receive free tokens or coins into their digital wallet.
AML: Defines Anti-Money Laundering laws**.**
Getting risk-free profits by trading (simultaneous buying and selling of the cryptocurrency) on two different exchanges which have different prices for the same asset.
Being Ashdraked is essentially a more detailed version of being Zhoutonged. It is when you lose all of your invested capital, but you do so specifically by shorting Bitcoin. The expression “Ashdraked” comes from a story of a Romanian cryptocurrency investor who insisted upon shorting BTC, as he had done so successfully in the past. When the price of BTC rose from USD 300 to USD 500, the Romanian investor lost all of his money.
ATH (All Time High):
The highest price ever achieved by a cryptocurrency in its entire history. Alternatively, ATL is all time low
A tendency of prices to fall; a pessimistic expectation that the value of a coin is going to drop.
Bear trap:
A manipulation of a stock or commodity by investors.
The very first, and the highest ever valued, mass-market open source and decentralized cryptocurrency and digital payment system that runs on a worldwide peer to peer network. It operates independently of any centralized authorities
One of the biggest scams in the crypto world. it was made popular in the meme world by screaming idiot Carlos Matos, who infamously proclaimed," hey hey heeeey” and “what's a what's a what's up wasssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup, BitConneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect!”. He is now in the mentally ill meme hall of fame.
A package of permanently recorded data about transactions occurring every time period (typically about 10 minutes) on the blockchain network. Once a record has been completed and verified, it goes into a blockchain and gives way to the next block. Each block also contains a complex mathematical puzzle with a unique answer, without which new blocks can’t be added to the chain.
An unchangeable digital record of all transactions ever made in a particular cryptocurrency and shared across thousands of computers worldwide. It has no central authority governing it. Records, or blocks, are chained to each other using a cryptographic signature. They are stored publicly and chronologically, from the genesis block to the latest block, hence the term blockchain. Anyone can have access to the database and yet it remains incredibly difficult to hack.
A tendency of prices to rise; an optimistic expectation that a specific cryptocurrency will do well and its value is going to increase.
Buy the fucking dip. This advise was bestowed upon us by the gods themselves. It is the iron code to crypto enthusiasts.
Bull market:
A market that Cryptos are going up.
An agreement among blockchain participants on the validity of data. Consensus is reached when the majority of nodes on the network verify that the transaction is 100% valid.
Crypto bubble:
The instability of cryptocurrencies in terms of price value
A type of digital currency, secured by strong computer code (cryptography), that operates independently of any middlemen or central authoritie
The art of converting sensitive data into a format unreadable for unauthorized users, which when decoded would result in a meaningful statement.
The use of someone else’s device and profiting from its computational power to mine cryptocurrency without their knowledge and consent.
When HODLers(holders) eventually cash out they go to a place called crypto-Valhalla. The strong will be separated from the weak and the strong will then be given lambos.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It defines A blockchain technology inspired organization or corporation that exists and operates without human intervention.
Dapp (decentralized application):
An open-source application that runs and stores its data on a blockchain network (instead of a central server) to prevent a single failure point. This software is not controlled by the single body – information comes from people providing other people with data or computing power.
A system with no fundamental control authority that governs the network. Instead, it is jointly managed by all users to the system.
Desktop wallet:
A wallet that stores the private keys on your computer, which allow the spending and management of your bitcoins.
Long red or green candles. This is a crypto signal that tells you that it is not favorable to trade at the moment. Found on candlestick charts.
Digital Signature:
An encrypted digital code attached to an electronic document to prove that the sender is who they say they are and confirm that a transaction is valid and should be accepted by the network.
Double Spending:
An attack on the blockchain where a malicious user manipulates the network by sending digital money to two different recipients at exactly the same time.
Means do your own research.
Converting data into code to protect it from unauthorized access, so that only the intended recipient(s) can decode it.
the practice of having a third party act as an intermediary in a transaction. This third party holds the funds on and sends them off when the transaction is completed.
Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based platform that runs smart contracts and allows you to build dapps on it. Ethereum is fueled by the cryptocurrency Ether.
A platform (centralized or decentralized) for exchanging (trading) different forms of cryptocurrencies. These exchanges allow you to exchange cryptos for local currency. Some popular exchanges are Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken and more.
A website which gives away free cryptocurrencies.
Fiat money:
Fiat currency is legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it, such as the US dollar or UK pound.
A split in the blockchain, resulting in two separate branches, an original and a new alternate version of the cryptocurrency. As a single blockchain forks into two, they will both run simultaneously on different parts of the network. For example, Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin fork.
Fear of missing out.
A system is frictionless when there are zero transaction costs or trading retraints.
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt regarding the crypto market.
A fee paid to run transactions, dapps and smart contracts on Ethereum.
A 50% decrease in block reward after the mining of a pre-specified number of blocks. Every 4 years, the “reward” for successfully mining a block of bitcoin is reduced by half. This is referred to as “Halving”.
Hardware wallet:
Physical wallet devices that can securely store cryptocurrency maximally. Some examples are Ledger Nano S**,** Digital Bitbox and more**.**
The process that takes input data of varying sizes, performs an operation on it and converts it into a fixed size output. It cannot be reversed.
The process by which you mine bitcoin or similar cryptocurrency, by trying to solve the mathematical problem within it, using cryptographic hash functions.
A Bitcoin enthusiast once accidentally misspelled the word HOLD and it is now part of the bitcoin legend. It can also mean hold on for dear life.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering):
A blockchain-based fundraising mechanism, or a public crowd sale of a new digital coin, used to raise capital from supporters for an early stage crypto venture. Beware of these as there have been quite a few scams in the past.
John mcAfee:
A man who will one day eat his balls on live television for falsely predicting bitcoin going to 100k. He has also become a small meme within the crypto community for his outlandish claims.
Joy of missing out. For those who are so depressed about missing out their sadness becomes joy.
Know your customer(alternatively consumer).
This stands for Lamborghini. A small meme within the investing community where the moment someone gets rich they spend their earnings on a lambo. One day we will all have lambos in crypto-valhalla.
Away from Blockchain, it is a book of financial transactions and balances. In the world of crypto, the blockchain functions as a ledger. A digital currency’s ledger records all transactions which took place on a certain block chain network.
Trading with borrowed capital (margin) in order to increase the potential return of an investment.
The availability of an asset to be bought and sold easily, without affecting its market price.
of the coins.
Margin trading:
The trading of assets or securities bought with borrowed money.
Market cap/MCAP:
A short-term for Market Capitalization. Market Capitalization refers to the market value of a particular cryptocurrency. It is computed by multiplying the Price of an individual unit of coins by the total circulating supply.
A computer participating in any cryptocurrency network performing proof of work. This is usually done to receive block rewards.
The act of solving a complex math equation to validate a blockchain transaction using computer processing power and specialized hardware.
Mining contract:
A method of investing in bitcoin mining hardware, allowing anyone to rent out a pre-specified amount of hashing power, for an agreed amount of time. The mining service takes care of hardware maintenance, hosting and electricity costs, making it simpler for investors.
Mining rig:
A computer specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies.
A situation the price of a coin rapidly increases in value. Can also be used as: “I hope bitcoin goes to the moon”
Any computing device that connects to the blockchain network.
Open source:
The practice of sharing the source code for a piece of computer software, allowing it to be distributed and altered by anyone.
Over the counter. Trading is done directly between parties.
P2P (Peer to Peer):
A type of network connection where participants interact directly with each other rather than through a centralized third party. The system allows the exchange of resources from A to B, without having to go through a separate server.
Paper wallet:
A form of “cold storage” where the private keys are printed onto a piece of paper and stored offline. Considered as one of the safest crypto wallets, the truth is that it majors in sweeping coins from your wallets.
Pre mining:
The mining of a cryptocurrency by its developers before it is released to the public.
Proof of stake (POS):
A consensus distribution algorithm which essentially rewards you based upon the amount of the coin that you own. In other words, more investment in the coin will leads to more gain when you mine with this protocol In Proof of Stake, the resource held by the “miner” is their stake in the currency.
The competition of computers competing to solve a tough crypto math problem. The first computer that does this is allowed to create new blocks and record information.” The miner is then usually rewarded via transaction fees.
A standardized set of rules for formatting and processing data.
Public key / private key:
A cryptographic code that allows a user to receive cryptocurrencies into an account. The public key is made available to everyone via a publicly accessible directory, and the private key remains confidential to its respective owner. Because the key pair is mathematically related, whatever is encrypted with a public key may only be decrypted by its corresponding private key.
Pump and dump:
Massive buying and selling activity of cryptocurrencies (sometimes organized and to one’s benefit) which essentially result in a phenomenon where the significant surge in the value of coin followed by a huge crash take place in a short time frame.
Recovery phrase:
A set of phrases you are given whereby you can regain or access your wallet should you lose the private key to your wallets — paper, mobile, desktop, and hardware wallet. These phrases are some random 12–24 words. A recovery Phrase can also be called as Recovery seed, Seed Key, Recovery Key, or Seed Phrase.
Referring to the word “wrecked”. It defines a situation whereby an investor or trader who has been ruined utterly following the massive losses suffered in crypto industry.
An alternative payment network to Bitcoin based on similar cryptography. The ripple network uses XRP as currency and is capable of sending any asset type.
Return on investment.
A crypto term for safe popularized by the Bizonnaci YouTube channel after the CEO of Binance tweeted
“Funds are safe."
“the exchage I use got hacked!”“Oh no, are your funds safu?”
“My coins better be safu!”

The smallest fraction of a bitcoin is called a “satoshi” or “sat”. It represents one hundred-millionth of a bitcoin and is named after Satoshi Nakamoto.
Satoshi Nakamoto:
This was the pseudonym for the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.
The ability of a cryptocurrency to contain the massive use of its Blockchain.
A scaling solution for the Blockchain. It is generally a method that allows nodes to have partial copies of the complete blockchain in order to increase overall network performance and consensus speeds.
Coin with little potential or future prospects.
Spreading buzz by heavily promoting a particular coin in the community to create awareness.
Short position:
Selling of a specific cryptocurrency with an expectation that it will drop in value.
Silk road:
The online marketplace where drugs and other illicit items were traded for Bitcoin. This marketplace is using accessed through “TOR”, and VPNs. In October 2013, a Silk Road was shut down in by the FBI.
Smart Contract:
Certain computational benchmarks or barriers that have to be met in turn for money or data to be deposited or even be used to verify things such as land rights.
Software Wallet:
A crypto wallet that exists purely as software files on a computer. Usually, software wallets can be generated for free from a variety of sources.
A contract-oriented coding language for implementing smart contracts on Ethereum. Its syntax is similar to that of JavaScript.
Stable coin:
A cryptocoin with an extremely low volatility that can be used to trade against the overall market.
Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards.
When a crypto currency appreciates or goes up in price.
The opposite of mooning. When a coin tanks it can also be described as crashing.
For traders , the chief prize is “tendies” (chicken tenders, the treat an overgrown man-child receives for being a “Good Boy”) .
A unit of value that represents a digital asset built on a blockchain system. A token is usually considered as a “coin” of a cryptocurrency, but it really has a wider functionality.
TOR: “The Onion Router” is a free web browser designed to protect users’ anonymity and resist censorship. Tor is usually used surfing the web anonymously and access sites on the “Darkweb”.
Transaction fee:
An amount of money users are charged from their transaction when sending cryptocurrencies.
A measure of fluctuations in the price of a financial instrument over time. High volatility in bitcoin is seen as risky since its shifting value discourages people from spending or accepting it.
A file that stores all your private keys and communicates with the blockchain to perform transactions. It allows you to send and receive bitcoins securely as well as view your balance and transaction history.
An investor that holds a tremendous amount of cryptocurrency. Their extraordinary large holdings allow them to control prices and manipulate the market.

A comprehensive report or guide made to understand an issue or help decision making. It is also seen as a technical write up that most cryptocurrencies provide to take a deep look into the structure and plan of the cryptocurrency/Blockchain project. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to release a whitepaper on Bitcoin, titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in late 2008.
And with that I finally complete my odyssey. I sincerely hope that this helped you and if you are new, I welcome you to crypto. If you read all of that I hope it increased, you in knowledge.
my final definition:
A collection of all the HODLers and crypto fanatics. A place where all people alike unite over a love for crypto.
We are all in this together as we pioneer the new world that is crypto currency. I wish you a great day and Happy HODLing.
feel free to comment words or terms that you feel should be included or about any errors I made.
Edit1:some fixes were made and added words.
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MW Wyco Wednesday Inventory Update! First 20 Orders Get a Free Syringe or Calendar Raffle Entry! Restocked: GT, B+, PE6, Jedi Mind Fuck, White Teacher, Rusty Whyte, AA+, Blue Meanie NEW: Purple Mystic! Card Payments Back Up and Running on www.MillyWyco.com

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All syringes are 12cc/mL and come capped with a sterile tip cap, and also include an 18ga 1.5" sterile needle and alcohol pads. Syringes are made in a lab grade environment and the utmost care and attention is the highest priority to be sure they are sterile. Anything exposed to an open air environment is subject to contamination, but I take every precaution possible to minimize this risk. I cannot "guarantee" they are 100% sterile, but I can guarantee that if you have an issue, I will make it right. I really do love to help, and if something happens, I'd like to know about it so I can fix the issue instead of you getting frustrated or giving up!
To ensure equal quantity of spores in each syringe, and for adequate suspension of the spores in the solution, I use a magnetic stir plate. Very often, this does such a good job of breaking up clumps of spores that it will appear to be sparse. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE! There are still a TON of spores in each syringe, even if you can't see them individually (though most of my syringes appear to have a very good amount of visible spores...even with my horrible eyesight!). You can compare and contrast to see the blackish/purple tint to ensure every syringe is packed with spores. If a spore clump forms during transportation, simply give it a good flick with your finger and vigorously shake to break it up or free it from clinging to the wall of the syringe before examining.
Syringes ship in individual bags clearly labeled as to specific variety and born on date, bubble wrapped and shipped through USPS tracked shipping (discreet) within 24 hours of payment. I send tracking info soon after payment and give updates along the (super quick) way.
Any messages referring to spores being used for anything other than microscopy use will be ignored. Don't do it.
THANK YOU ALL so much again for your continued support!! I appreciate it more than you know! MUSH LOVE
P.S. In no way am I trying to be an impostor. I AM NOT WILLY MYCO. I chose this u/ a while back as sort of a play on words and tribute to a legend most of us recognize, long before I became a spore vendor. I don't want anyone to think I am trying to pass off as him, though I do admire his dedication to the craft! I appreciate all of the kind words, though, from people saying they learned from "my" videos. I wish I could pass on those notes to Willy himself.
Cheers and MUSH LOVE!
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Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!

Welcome to the /Bitcoin Sticky FAQ

You've probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin recently and are wondering what's the big deal? Most of your questions should be answered by the resources below but if you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comments.
It all started with the release of the release of Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper however that will probably go over the head of most readers so we recommend the following videos for a good starting point for understanding how bitcoin works and a little about its long term potential:
Some other great resources include Lopp.net, the Princeton crypto series and James D'Angelo's Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series.
Some excellent writing on Bitcoin's value proposition and future can be found at the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.
Some Bitcoin statistics can be found here and here. Developer resources can be found here. Peer-reviewed research papers can be found here.
Potential upcoming protocol improvements and scaling resources here and here.
The number of times Bitcoin was declared dead by the media can be found here (LOL!)

Key properties of Bitcoin

Where can I buy bitcoins?

Bitcoin.org and BuyBitcoinWorldwide.com are helpful sites for beginners. You can buy or sell any amount of bitcoin (even just a few dollars worth) and there are several easy methods to purchase bitcoin with cash, credit card or bank transfer. Some of the more popular resources are below, also check out the bitcoinity exchange resources for a larger list of options for purchases.
Here is a listing of local ATMs. If you would like your paycheck automatically converted to bitcoin use Bitwage.
Note: Bitcoins are valued at whatever market price people are willing to pay for them in balancing act of supply vs demand. Unlike traditional markets, bitcoin markets operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Preev is a useful site that that shows how much various denominations of bitcoin are worth in different currencies. Alternatively you can just Google "1 bitcoin in (your local currency)".

Securing your bitcoins

With bitcoin you can "Be your own bank" and personally secure your bitcoins OR you can use third party companies aka "Bitcoin banks" which will hold the bitcoins for you.
Note: For increased security, use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) everywhere it is offered, including email!
2FA requires a second confirmation code to access your account making it much harder for thieves to gain access. Google Authenticator and Authy are the two most popular 2FA services, download links are below. Make sure you create backups of your 2FA codes.
Google Auth Authy OTP Auth
Android Android N/A

Watch out for scams

As mentioned above, Bitcoin is decentralized, which by definition means there is no official website or Twitter handle or spokesperson or CEO. However, all money attracts thieves. This combination unfortunately results in scammers running official sounding names or pretending to be an authority on YouTube or social media. Many scammers throughout the years have claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin. Websites like bitcoin(dot)com and the btc subreddit are active scams. Almost all altcoins (shitcoins) are marketed heavily with big promises but are really just designed to separate you from your bitcoin. So be careful: any resource, including all linked in this document, may in the future turn evil. Don't trust, verify. Also as they say in our community "Not your keys, not your coins".

Where can I spend bitcoins?

Check out spendabit or bitcoin directory for millions of merchant options. Also you can spend bitcoin anywhere visa is accepted with bitcoin debit cards such as the CashApp card. Some other useful site are listed below.
Store Product
Gyft Gift cards for hundreds of retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Whole Foods, CVS, Lowes, Home Depot, iTunes, Best Buy, Sears, Kohls, eBay, GameStop, etc.
Spendabit, Overstock and The Bitcoin Directory Retail shopping with millions of results
ShakePay Generate one time use Visa cards in seconds
NewEgg and Dell For all your electronics needs
Bitwa.la, Coinbills, Piixpay, Bitbill.eu, Bylls, Coins.ph, Bitrefill, LivingRoomofSatoshi, Coinsfer, and more Bill payment
Menufy, Takeaway and Thuisbezorgd NL Takeout delivered to your door
Expedia, Cheapair, Destinia, Abitsky, SkyTours, the Travel category on Gyft and 9flats For when you need to get away
Cryptostorm, Mullvad, and PIA VPN services
Namecheap, Porkbun Domain name registration
Stampnik Discounted USPS Priority, Express, First-Class mail postage
Coinmap and AirBitz are helpful to find local businesses accepting bitcoins. A good resource for UK residents is at wheretospendbitcoins.co.uk.
There are also lots of charities which accept bitcoin donations.

Merchant Resources

There are several benefits to accepting bitcoin as a payment option if you are a merchant;
If you are interested in accepting bitcoin as a payment method, there are several options available;

Can I mine bitcoin?

Mining bitcoins can be a fun learning experience, but be aware that you will most likely operate at a loss. Newcomers are often advised to stay away from mining unless they are only interested in it as a hobby similar to folding at home. If you want to learn more about mining you can read more here. Still have mining questions? The crew at /BitcoinMining would be happy to help you out.
If you want to contribute to the bitcoin network by hosting the blockchain and propagating transactions you can run a full node using this setup guide. If you would prefer to keep it simple there are several good options. You can view the global node distribution here.

Earning bitcoins

Just like any other form of money, you can also earn bitcoins by being paid to do a job.
Site Description
WorkingForBitcoins, Bitwage, Cryptogrind, Coinality, Bitgigs, /Jobs4Bitcoins, BitforTip, Rein Project Freelancing
Lolli Earn bitcoin when you shop online!
OpenBazaar, Purse.io, Bitify, /Bitmarket, 21 Market Marketplaces
/GirlsGoneBitcoin NSFW Adult services
A-ads, Coinzilla.io Advertising
You can also earn bitcoins by participating as a market maker on JoinMarket by allowing users to perform CoinJoin transactions with your bitcoins for a small fee (requires you to already have some bitcoins.

Bitcoin-Related Projects

The following is a short list of ongoing projects that might be worth taking a look at if you are interested in current development in the bitcoin space.
Project Description
Lightning Network Second layer scaling
Blockstream, Rootstock and Drivechain Sidechains
Hivemind and Augur Prediction markets
Tierion and Factom Records & Titles on the blockchain
BitMarkets, DropZone, Beaver and Open Bazaar Decentralized markets
JoinMarket and Wasabi Wallet CoinJoin implementation
Coinffeine and Bisq Decentralized bitcoin exchanges
Keybase Identity & Reputation management
Abra Global P2P money transmitter network
Bitcore Open source Bitcoin javascript library

Bitcoin Units

One Bitcoin is quite large (hundreds of £/$/€) so people often deal in smaller units. The most common subunits are listed below:
Unit Symbol Value Info
bitcoin BTC 1 bitcoin one bitcoin is equal to 100 million satoshis
millibitcoin mBTC 1,000 per bitcoin used as default unit in recent Electrum wallet releases
bit bit 1,000,000 per bitcoin colloquial "slang" term for microbitcoin (μBTC)
satoshi sat 100,000,000 per bitcoin smallest unit in bitcoin, named after the inventor
For example, assuming an arbitrary exchange rate of $10000 for one Bitcoin, a $10 meal would equal:
For more information check out the Bitcoin units wiki.
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Note: This is a community created FAQ. If you notice anything missing from the FAQ or that requires clarification you can edit it here and it will be included in the next revision pending approval.
Welcome to the Bitcoin community and the new decentralized economy!
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Type in the amount of bitcoin you’d like to buy. When you are buying small amounts of bitcoin, it’s important to always be mindful of the minimum trade amount. You can go from 10 USD, 20 USD, 50 USD, and up. On Paxful, the smallest amount of bitcoin you can buy is 10 USD or the equivalent in other currencies, while the smallest amount for selling is 0.001 BTC. Select a currency. Specify ... A bitcoin can be divided down to 8 decimal places. Therefore, 0.00000001 BTC is the smallest amount that can be handled in a transaction. The history of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency in the world. The first block of Bitcoin was mined in January 2009. Bitcoin wasn’t born out of nowhere. It was the result of decades of research. Satoshi Nakamoto succeeded where the ... This table is intended to include all well-defined units of bitcoin value, including less common and niche units. Unit Abbreviation Decimal (BTC) Alternate names Info Algorithmic maximum : 20,999,999.9769 Calculation: tam-bitcoin : 2,814,749.76710656 : 1,0000,0000 tonal mega-bitcoin : MBTC : 1,000,000 Rare in context kilo-bitcoin : kBTC : 1,000 Rare in context hecto-bitcoin : hBTC : 100 Rare ... For Bitcoin, the minimum amount you can probably buy is 1 Satoshi which translates to 0.00000001 Bitcoins. However, since the amount is considerably small, it is not possible to buy just 1 Satoshi on any exchange. For instance, Coinbase allows its users to buy Bitcoin from $2. However, on LocalBitcoins the minimum amount is 1 cent. Since Bitcoin can be broken down into 100 million Satoshis ... Similarly to pence or cents, Satoshis come in handy when you want to send a relatively small amount of Bitcoin to someone. Imagine you want to send someone 1,000 Sats – that’s a lot easier to ...

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BITCOIN basics explained

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