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"Why is everyone just assuming that if there is a global financial crisis or a currency war, this will translate favorably for Bitcoin [Core] ?..."

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"Why is everyone just assuming that if there is a global financial crisis or a currency war, this will translate favorably for Bitcoin [Core] ?..."

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"The Bilan", a new virtual currency to compete with the bitcoin - pegged to Oil on-top Ethereum [French source translated]

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What are the pros and cons of Bitcoin as a protocol? Does it translate well into bit coin the currency?

I know there is /bitcoin, but I'd like to have a discussion as objective as possible.
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'Dutch National Bank' presents research claiming Bitcoin is not a viable alternative currency. (Google Translate from Dutch)

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Early Recommendations

Hello Everyone,
Early investor here who is appreciably frustrated by the mismanagement of this project. I won't get into the specifics of the past and would instead like to focus on the right here right now; I'm attempting to do a very detailed overview of the Zilliqa website and the changes I -- and I'm guessing most of the community -- would like to see (I'm basing this on the favourable response to my previous posts). The purpose of this exercise is to not only improve the website but more importantly highlight some of the ways in which Zilliqa needs to change its thinking, attitude, and general verbiage. Why should Zilliqa do this? Because I feel they are obliged to not only build a good product but also make Zilliqa pervasive, showcase the intents and efforts to do so, and as a result proliferate and increase usage/demand of the currency and in doing so, do right by the investors that financed the pursuit of Zilliqa team members' dreams.
Also Zilliqa Team, if you don't have someone like me on your team picking apart every aspect of what you're doing or not doing, I suggest you get one. I get the sense the Zilliqa Team is a tight-knit group, so tight-knit that they're probably often afraid to disagree with one another, instead electing to give out A's for effort. As I'll point out later, that behaviour isn't ethical. The responsibility of Zilliqa Project Team (the ones who were not so cowardice to leave the project), is to build and sustain the advancement of this blockchain's use and popularity for the end goal of adoption and actual ZIL for goods and services use. The flash in the pan across 1 billion was nice but the fact remains this project SHOULD be top 10 by marketcap but right now we are simply getting outworked by other projects putting substantially more effort into business development, or the appearance thereof via marketing, communications, and overall more exciting community engagement,
Without further preface , here are my early main page observations: Page:
  1. Please stop being so polite; Zilliqa is not “Enterprise Ready” Zilliqa is “The #1 Enterprise Blockchain of Choice” or “The Best Enterprise & Developer Blockchain in existence”; please, modesty is NOT needed when it comes to educating about and marketing your product. I get the sense that the Zilliqa project is “anti-hype” and in some sense believes that to be an ethical or moral approach to conducting a business in the blockchain space -- BUT, I invite Zilliqa to look at this from another perspective. Investors are the ones who financed this project, and although “the vocal community” – i.e. Redditors, Telegramers, does not likely have angel fund investors in it, we still provided a large portion of our personal funds to make this project successful. Zilliqa’s ETHICAL and MORAL responsibility lies in appeasing the requests of investors who want to see the price of Zilliqa soar. That being said, it’s definitely also ethical and moral to have some measure of truth in your communications and claims but that DOES NOT equate to being unnecessarily vague or humble in your communications approach. Is Zilliqa not the best or one of the best blockchains of choice for enterprises and developers alike? If it isn’t then why do you have Xfers, Mindshare, Aqillz, HgExchange, and the like building on ZIL? The top spot deserves to be had by Zilliqa, but the team has to CLAIM it by PROCLAIMING it. Please, change the mentality from underselling to at least appropriately selling. Zilliqa is beyond ready, it’s one of if not the best blockchains of choice for developers and enterprises alike.
  2. Under “Zilliqa at a Glance”
- Research brought to life: good
- “Mainnet Live Since Early 2019”: Why does that matter? First to use sharding as a scaling solution – why do we care? What’s sharding? Is that what you tell enterprises who might want to use Zilliqa? We were the first to shard? How about we have the fastest, safe, distributed, verifiable ledger on the planet; which enables the development of the highest performance enterprise applications the world has ever seen. Speed, efficiency, irrefutability, all translating to better performance, data, and overall cost savings. Aqillz was created off the mindshare & pepsi co. pilot correct? So obviously, significant cost savings are not only possible but highly probable with a blockchain like Zilliqa to build on.
- Sharding in Practice: Great. No one cares if Zilliqa scales linearly or exponentially; if it scales it scales. Tell me something I don’t know that makes it real for me. “Processing more transactions faster, safer, irrefutably, and at a lower cost than Visa or any payment processor in the world”
- Safe by design contract language – What’s the point of smart contracts, really? Is it automation? Automation to what end? Is it a technical feat to behold? What does it enable? Efficiency? Cost Savings? Cutting out the middle man? Isn’t the middle man just a coder now? When you talk about your smart contract language, tell me why it really matters. Imagine a world where “………………”; you have to tell the enterprise, developer, or end user why they might care.
- Eco-Friendly dual mining: I would change this to: ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CRYPTOCURRENCY or AN ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE CRYPTOCURRENCY SOLUTION; SUSTAINABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY BITCOIN. This needs to be changed to sustainable in either event because eco-friendly is narrower in scope and doesn’t encapsulate what Zilliqa is actually trying to say here; technically, Bitcoin could even make the claim at this moment in time that it is eco-friendly; destroying or not destroying habitat isn’t the question here, sustainability through cradle-2-grave is the real concern. Bitcoin’s process isn’t environmentally sustainable, but it isn’t directly ecologically harmful. Please choose words specifically and purposefully.
- Blossoming Ecosystem: I have a real gem in terms of marketing to share with Zilliqa here; it gets the point across of what a healthy ecosystem really means for commerce, business, and end users. I’d like for you to specifically inquire for more details on this.
  1. Token Swap Deadline – Put this in a pop-up in one of the corners on the main page; don’t need a randomly placed section of this on the main page; looks unrefined.
  2. Faces of Zilliqa – not a bad idea but it’s fair to say some serious expansion is required here. The amount of effort that has been put in is incredibly lackluster I would put substantially more effort into key players from strategic partner or “friendships”/collaborators as you term them. Again, not entirely sure why this is featured on the main page.
  3. ZILHive – randomly on main page and selectable from the dropdown menu; just the dropdown menu would suffice. Simplicity is a better look on the main page; state only the most important and essential bits of information.
  4. 2 Million Transactions – again quite random and unrefined; could this not be moved under the Zilliqa News page?
  5. Tianwei Liu – this is significant, but again, wouldn’t it be better placed under Ecosystem or “Faces of Zilliqa”?
  6. Unstoppable Domains Video – cool; why is it on the main page?
Overall guys the website’s first page has some good content, I’m just not sure I understand the vision behind randomly jumbling it altogether. Was there any discussion on this at all? I realize you’re all knee deep in technical works but somebody within the Zilliqa Team has to be knit picky and critical of majorly important communication events like the launching of a website.
BTW, probably the 10th time I’ve asked, where is Anquan in all of this? None of my questions have yet to be answered, where is the extraordinary support to the tune of $20 million Zilliqa is supposed to receive from Anquan? Where is the detailing thereof? Why isn’t Anquan under Ecosystem or “Faces of Zilliqa”? Tell me more about what they’re doing with their token sell-off that tanked the price of Zilliqa, would you? You guys said you had 4 years of treasury runway, why then was Anquan’s sell-off and tanking of the price imperative to support YOUR operations? I swear I will bring this up every month until the community gets a respectably specific answer. Stop with the vagueness please and thank you.
I fully expect to be contacted by Zilliqa after this, enough with the slow-going head in the weeds approach. Let’s get some precise, purposeful, and timely efforts in the domain of communications, marketing, and business development.
Thanks for taking the time to read;
Kind Regards,
Zilliqa Project Investor and Proponent
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After ICON the next and only ICO, Don Tapscott is an advisor for, Jibrel Network - Why I think its the sleeping giant and why you should have a look at this project. Thoughts below.

Jibrel Network Settle in boys, this is a long one. I am about to tell you about one of the most promising projects/ICOs of this year, the Jibrel Network.
What does it do? Essentially, the Jibrel Network provides currencies, equities, commodities and other financial assets and instruments as ERC-20 tokens and puts them on the blockchain. It does that to provide incomparable liquidity and decrease friction costs. Additionally, it automates certain processes such as dividend distribution and so on.
The Jibrel Network has a native token, known as JNT, which will be used as the ‘liquid’ underlying asset of the Jibrel AG fund’s portfolio. Additionally, it is a deflationary currency because every time JNT is used as jGas (transfer of ownership; purchase of tokenized assets) it is burned.
>Wait, I’ve heard this before, with LAtoken and Veratesium, this is a tried and tested scam.
Previous attempts at the market didn't have what Jibrel have – smart regulation and insured 2-way (i.e. physical asset to tokens, tokens to physical assets liquidity). All financial assets will be tokenized as programmable CryDRs, which would entail no regulatory or legal risks whatsoever. And, why does this make it better than all the others? Due to the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations involved in trading real-world assets, there also exists an investor registry that only allows for certain CryDRs to be traded amongst addresses that have been verified by Jibrel. Meaning that, for example, only brokers and fund managers can interact in certain ways with the network. In the traditional economy, regulation is placed around certain asset classes to manage fraud, market, credit and systemic risk. Currencies, commodities and securities all have different regulations across different jurisdictions. The Jibrel Network team has worked (and continues to work) tirelessly with their regulatory advisors to translate real-world regulation into smart regulation (Solidity code). These things will update in near real time as regulation laws and rules amend, so will the smart contract.
>Pfft, where’s the proof?
Well they’re bringing out a MVP usable by any type of user. jWallet and jCash (or jFiat)! Any supposed Tether scams are now dead in the water as we have real, audited tokenized fiat currency. In 6 different forms, no less! Who audits this? The Swiss offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers (doing business under the brand PwC), one of the Big 4 auditing/accounting firms. They will check Jibrel’s position of financial performance and position, cash flows, and other subtle aspects of their financial activities. PwC audits will be public and sufficiently frequent (most likely biannual). The actual code itself? Already been audited by New Alchemy – leaders in smart contract auditing, so that’s all functional.1
jCash is simple enough, It’s Tether but legitimate and in 6 different currencies right off the bat. jUSD, jEUR, jCNY, jAED, jRUB and jGBP. Any fiat currency can be implemented (as long as there is enough demand to implement it). Additionally, Jibrel will always be able to cover their liabilities due to the 3-4x assets in excess of liabilities. Not only that, but the Jibrel DAO (when it activates) will self-regulate the fund through different rules and scenarios encoded in the smart contract – a completely decentralised, on-chain bank.
The real work of art, jWallet The jWallet does all the transaction signing, all the key storage, etc. locally - you never have to share your private keys, they never leave your browser. You can even store them in the browser cache.
It doesn't make sense to share your keys with a service (you login with email) - there are no benefits to that. It’s strange to store large sums of money in a Chrome extension.
But wait, there's more, when it is up and going, The Jibrel DAO will act as an artificial trading curb, meaning that if the price sinks too low too fast, the DAO will kick in and buy up any oversold JNT, which would equate to roughly 50%. Same thing if it rises too quickly, obvs whale pnd, its curbing it! But there’s only one real downside to that.. unfortunately, this won’t be implemented for quite a while. Target is Q4 2018 for DAO being implemented and a few months (could be up to 6 months) after to be really kicked into gear. Why waiting so long after implementation? Well that’s because DAO needs to build up a buffer to be safe during it’s operation, Jibrel devs are smart and they know DAO cannot be fully operational right off the bat without any serious precautions.
>That sounds great, I’ll wait until after ICO when it dumps ;)
No mate, not with this buying pressure. Jibrel is very investor focused (see partnerships) and will be listing itself on as many exchanges as possible, with two exchanges being in the top 5 in volume (The CEO,Yazan won't say which, most likely HitBTC and a mystery second). Additionally, new jCash will be rolled out all the time, every new currency would be a new audience that’s getting exposed to this company as stated above.
But ultimately you don’t have to invest, they can do it with or without you. This is for banks and other financial institutions. With the infrastructure Jibrel is implementing, banks can save up to 25 billion dollars a year. .
Banks will be able to interact with their own digital assets, completely free of all the legal hassle they had before, while still being perfectly above board. It’s also recession proof. Any trader convinced that another GFC is coming doesn’t have to be purely cash anymore. Its protected by reducing systemic risk in its ecosystem, (through separation, Close monitoring, regulation and risk assessment being the Basel III regulatory framework). Again don’t worry, this is all covered in its smart regulation.
Also note the ICO is not paired with ETH like many ICO's. 1 ETH = x amount of tokens. Due to volatility of the tokens its ICO is pegged at 0.25 cents offer. So if ETH is high or BTC is high you will get more tokens. This makes much better sense as a token structure and why I believe it hasn't sold out yet, a lot of people are waiting in the sidelines.
Now for the juicy part (in case previous parts weren’t juicy enough for you thirsty kids), the advisors and partnerships:
They have freaking Eddy Zuaiter as an advisor, the ex-COO of Soros fund management chatting with them. The man who oversaw 2.5 billion dollars worth of trade positions joined jibrel because:
  1. He sees Jibrel as an opportunity to learn more about the space
  2. He sees Jibrel as an opportunity to directly be involved, help them be well capitalized, survive the bubble, and grow. He sees the potential to pull off an Amazon (his words).
The second is Don Tapscott, the MVP himself. This man has been throwing the term “digital currency” around since 1995, don’t listen to me prattle on, go watch one of his TED talks.
The Jibrel Network is engaged with New Alchemy for Security Audits and PwC for financial audits. In addition, we have formed a strategic agreement with Arabian Chain to bring smart regulation to MENA markets (Middle east) , as well as TaaS fund to provide smart tokens (CryDRs). Jibrel AG is a registered entity in Zug, Switzerland and is responsible for the development of the network. The Jibrel team have undertaken the necessary legal and compliance measures to ensure a fully compliant token sale. For this reason, certain jurisdictions such as US, Singapore and China will not be allowed to participate in the token sale. ;) ICO is 28 million HARD CAP- Yazan has put extra emphasis on this
Lastly, in case you brush it off as an ethereum network scamcoin? It’s blockchain agnostic. If there’s a new king in town, Jibrel can hop on over to it!
Let us know if you have any further questions[email protected]_network
ICO rating websites : 98/100
More info:
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Sander (student) decrypted locked Bitcoin in DNA challenge.

Link to article in Dutch national news:
Sander (27) unlocked a Bitcoin hidden in DNA
A Belgian student has won the bitcoin, which he knew to decrypted out of DNA. Sounds complicated, it is, but it was meant to be a challenge. Sander Wuyts (27): "I barely could believe I succeeded".
Sander participated to the challenge which was running for three years and won (at current price) 8455 EURO, because that's the value of 1 bitcoin today. On the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2015 professor Nick Goldman explained how to store data in DNA. He encrypted 1 bitcoin (then worth 160 EURO) in a string of DNA in front of the audience.
[But how do you put a bitcoin in DNA? Like this: a bitcoin is a string of numbers and letters. You transform that string into a ternaire code: zeros, ones and twos. So the new string corresponds with the building stones of DNA: G's, C's, A's and T's. This is a simplification of how to put a bitcoin in DNA]
The competition expired last Sunday 21th Januari. Fifty days earlier professor Goldman reminded us that nobody claimed the price.
Sander write the wrote the professor about the competition and he received the tube with DNA. Sander's PHD student for Microbiology at the University of Antwerpen, so he had access to machines that can read DNA. After reading out the strings, he had a 23 million DNA-sequences good for 10 GigaByte of data.
"Then the challenge started", Sander stated. "Professor Goldman did elaborate how to store data in DNA, but there was no manual. I discovered the solution all by myself".
In the DNA he's found 9 files, of which he could decrypt five. In the combined first two files was the bitcoin with instructions on how to claim it. In the other files there were logos and images.
Because bitcoin is a public ledger and everybody can witness that Sander now owns the bitcoin, we all can be sure Sander succeeded in decoding the challenge.
Sander engaged the challenge, because he's interested in DNA-technology and Crypto Currency. But during the challenge he saw the benefits of storing data in DNA.
"The biggest advantage is how compact this methode is. If you store all earth data of 2015 in DNA, it will fit in the trunk of your car", according to Sander.
Besides, DNA is very stable. "a VHS video tape of 20 years ago is blurry, a HD often crashes after about five years. DNA is very durable. Sometimes we can read DNA aged thousands of years"
A disadvantage is: It takes time to read DNA, often two days. But there are plenty of cases where it does work well. Like the CERN project. There is a huge amount of data produced, but the data isn't directly analyzed. We can store that data in DNA and until scientist need the data for extended research. "
Meanwhile Sander has cashed out his bitcoin. "It is a volatile market and now it's worth a lot of money". A part of the money is to celebrate and to thank his colleagues for the help he received. The rest of the money he will invest in experimental DNA machines.
Disclaimer: I'm not a professional translator, sorry about unclear sentences. I just wanted to share this with you, because I'm extremely proud of what Bitcoin has achieved. This path into DNA is so exciting and I wish I was that smart as Sander. But I had no chance for education, due being a war child full of abuse and violence. Bitcoin saved my life. This DNA project is like a dream, like what Bitcoin did to me. I managed to escape poverty. I don't need tipping, I just want to share with you how amazing I love how far we've come. Please keep up the great work, spreading and sharing knowledge, include all.
My twitter account @coinmarketswot
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[Table] IAmA: Hi Reddit, I’m Bill Gates and I’m back for my third AMA. Ask me anything.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-01-28
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
2015 will mark the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Windows. What do you think the next 30 years holds in terms of technology? What will personal computing will look like in 2045? There will be more progress in the next 30 years than ever. Even in the next 10 problems like vision and speech understanding and translation will be very good. Mechanical robot tasks like picking fruit or moving a hospital patient will be solved. Once computers/robots get to a level of capability where seeing and moving is easy for them then they will be used very extensively. One project I am working on with Microsoft is the Personal Agent which will remember everything and help you go back and find things and help you pick what things to pay attention to. The idea that you have to find applications and pick them and they each are trying to tell you what is new is just not the efficient model - the agent will help solve this. It will work across all your devices.
Hello Mr. Gates, what is in your opinion the main obstacle to the success to poop water machine? and how can we overcome that obstacle? thank you. Sewage is a problem. Since it costs money to process it just gets dumped in slums in poor countries. The system the rich world uses of pumping in clean water and pumping it to a processing plant is too expensive. I challenged engineers to create a processor of sewage where the costs could be covered by the energy and water (clean water) that it outputs. We have made progress on that. One team, Janicki, which was written up in Wired, is send a prototype machine to Senegal later this year. Getting rid of sewage helps a lot to reduce disease and improve living conditions.  
EDIT: Speaking of the OmniProcessor. You inspired me to post a photo over in /photoshopbattles. Have a look: Link to
What is your opinion on bitcoins or cyptocurency as a whole? Also do you own any yourself? Bitcoin is an exciting new technology. For our Foundation work we are doing digital currency to help the poor get banking services. We don't use bitcoin specifically for two reasons. One is that the poor shouldn't have a currency whose value goes up and down a lot compared to their local currency. Second is that if a mistake is made in who you pay then you need to be able to reverse it so anonymity wouldn't work.
Overall financial transactions will get cheaper using the work we do and Bitcoin related approaches.
Making sure that it doesn't help terrorists is a challenge for all new technology.
One of the themes in this year's Gates letter is helping to improve agricultural practices in Africa. As a person who was raised in an agricultural community in Canada, the ideas you presented really resonated with me. As individuals, is there anything we can do to help Africa achieve food security? Government aid funding from rich countries to develop new seeds and help the countries educate their farmers and provide credit to them can make a huge difference. Canada does some of this like the United States. We need to raise African productivity by 1.5 to 2x in order for them to avoid malnutrition and be able to lift themselves out of poverty. It is strange a continent with 70% adults as farmers imports food from countries like the US with 2% farmers. Africa spends $50B net buying food today. With productivity improvement they can offset the weather getting worse and feed their children enough to thrive.  
EDIT: You can read our letter here:
Hello, Bill. As for the Reddit 's Secret Santa we know what present you've given this year. But we don't know what gift YOU have received from your Secret Santa. Can you tell us? It is quite a coincidence but my gift arrived this morning. I got three cool things - a great quilt that a group of people did with a Snoo on it. A great jug of maple syrup and the book The Promise of a Pencil. All very thoughtful. Last year I waited and nothing came.
EDIT: More to come soon: Link to  
EDIT 2: Reddit just let me know that I did get a gift last year: a generous donation to Heifer International, a great non-profit that helps fight poverty and hunger around the world. So, thank you SailorKingCobra, my Secret Santa!
As there are so many great philanthropic causes, how did you and Melinda decided on the causes that you wanted to put the majority of your effort? There are a lot of great causes. It is important not to be frozen trying to pick since it is important to specialize and really learn the area you are trying to help. We picked health inequity as our global thing and educational inequity as our national thing and most of our projects fit into these areas. Part of the beauty of philanthropy is the diversity of causes and approaches that get tried. It is far more risk oriented than government or private sector spending which makes it special when it is done right.
Hello Mr. Gates, I admire the work you've done to eradicate diseases such as polio from the world. What can we do as citizens to help keep these diseases gone for good? Polio eradication is a big focus for me. Our last case in Africa was 6 months ago and we are hoping no more show up. It takes over a year to be sure. We still have cases in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Until we get rid of it there it can spread back to other countries. Pakistan is starting to take this seriously including the army and the government. They need to do the same things that were done in Nigeria. The Taliban makes it very difficult. They have killed women going to vaccinate kids many times.
Hi Bill, my question: Is there anything in life that you regret doing or not doing? I feel pretty stupid that I don't know any foreign languages. I took Latin and Greek in High School and got A's and I guess it helps my vocabulary but I wish I knew French or Arabic or Chinese. I keep hoping to get time to study one of these - probably French because it is the easiest. I did Duolingo for awhile but didn't keep it up. Mark Zuckerberg amazingly learned Mandarin and did a Q&A with Chinese students - incredible.
Do you have a pet? If so what's his/her name? We have two dogs. One is Oreo and the other is Nilla. I will say I spend less time with the dogs than the kids do but I really like them (when they are not barking at night and not eating things they are not supposed to and when they are well house trained). I have resisted getting a third dog.  
EDIT: Here's a photo: Link to
Mr Gates, Do you feel that we are facing an overpopulation problem on this planet? If so, what do you think needs to be done about it? Fortunately as people get healthy they choose to have less kids. We have already had the maximum number of births - that number is starting to go down. We still need to help provide health and contraception in poor countries but all of the global population growth is coming from people living longer. Hans Rosling talks about this in the clearest way at Link to
In your opinion, has technology made the masses less intelligent? Technology is not making people less intelligent. If you just look at the complexity people like in Entertainment you can see a big change over my lifetime. Technology is letting people get their questions answered better so they stay more curious. It makes it easier to know a lot of topics which turns out to be pretty important to contribute to solving complex problems.
What do you think has improved life the most in poor countries in the last 5 years? Vaccines make the top of the list. Being able to grow up healthy is the most basic thing. So many kids get infectious diseases and don't develop mentally and physically. I was in Berlin yesterday helping raise $7.5B for vaccines for kids in poor countries. We barely made it but we did which is so exciting to me!
Hi Mr. Gates! Thanks so much for coming back again, I missed your last 2 AMAs. We have some tough scientific challenges like an HIV cure.
What do you think is the hardest challenge that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is currently facing? However the toughest thing is helping teachers learn from the best teachers. There are great teachers and the kids who get them are lucky. We should be able to spread those skills but the current system doesn't do it very well.
Mr. Bill Gates, what is your favorite expensive food? Nathan Myhrvold has some amazing modern cuisine stuff that is super tasty. I am not a foodie but his new concoctions are amazing.
I also like Thai and Indian food but it doesn't have to be expensive.
Thanks for doing the AMA. I am a great admirer of your philanthropic work. My question for you is regarding medical research funding. I know your foundation focuses largely on global health issues, but do you have thoughts on research back here in the USA? Governmental funding is reaching dangerously low levels, and many bright and talented clinicians and scientists aren't even applying for federal grants knowing they have little chance of being funded. What can we do about this? As an aside, I am about to launch a non-profit dedicated to crowdfunding individual medical research projects. I'm working with little entrepreneurial experience or backing but a ton of passion and experience in the healthcare field--do you have any suggestions or is there anyone at your foundation who might take a few minutes to offer some advice? Edit: whoops. Reddit ate the end of my post. Research is very underfunded compared to the ideal. Society captures so much benefit from innovation that inventors don't so there is not enough risk taking. Government (and Foundation) funding of research helps but it still should be more. The United States funds a lot more than any other country even relative to its success. It should do more medical and energy and educational and other research. Politicians often think short term unless the voters tell them to avoid that. Perhaps the most outrageous thing is we have not raised Energy research funding to help solve climate change!
Although you are a billionaire, do you sometimes buy generic products over brand-name ones? If so, what are the products you buy? I am pretty basic when it comes to clothes and food. My big splurge is having a plane to fly around in.
I play tennis so I invest in shoes and racquets to help but they don't make a big difference.
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