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[Article] O V E R D A R K

So I'm looking through my old yearbooks, and I'm realizing that I missed out on a crucial part of my life: during high school, I was supposed to have a punk phase. I can't believe I missed it! It seemed like everyone was rocking their unruly hair, their unkempt clothes, and their general disaffection towards life. Man, Green Day released new records, and there was an unrelenting hatred for all types of authority figures...
Wait, this is just a slab of concrete with newspaper articles from 2020 stapled to it, isn't it.
Regardless, the universe is telling me it's time for me to reclaim my lost childhood experiences; to go back to a better time. Unfortunately, latent legal issues surrounding my controversial "BONG HiTS 4 JESUS" sign prevent me from going within 500 feet of any type of school, so winning the basketball championship and visiting the aquarium are right out. But I can still be the moodiest, edgiest, darkest person on the planet, and now that I've beaten Shadow the Hedgehog all the way through and went to Hot Topic, it's time to build a commander deck that's truly me. Presenting: RAMSES O V E R D A R K!
[[Ramses Overdark]] {2}{U}{U}{B}{B} Legendary Creature — Human Assassin {T}: Destroy target enchanted creature. 4/3 
Ramses is the bad boy your mother would never let take you to IHOP. Not that he'd care; his business is killing, and he's efficient at it too, costing the least out of any commander I've ever written about. You want to sit around and drink tea with your little enchanted princess friends? Ramses Overdark is here to tell you how the real world works. Nothing personnel, kid.

Commander For You

Like a TI-83 Silver Edition, Ramses is a stone-cold calculating problem solver, but he only gets that way with some preparation. See, killing is a business, Ramses' business, and the one thing every business needs is synergy. So call me Nathan Fielder, because I'm going to unveil the plan that will keep this enterprise running smoothly:

Half Up-Front

As a teenager, I procrastinated from my task of being edgy by protesting government-backed financial institutions with the Bitcoin community, and one thing you learn there very quickly is that assassination ain't cheap.
The first and most obvious barrier to breaking 18 U.S. Code § 1117 is his six mana casting cost, and unlike Gabriel, Ramses demands something a little more tangible than a green thumb to appease him. We're going to use the usual fare: rings, trinkets, stones, lockets, relics... archives... spheres? With you as an investor, Ramses' business (which is killing) will make a killing, letting us take full advantage of Revel in Riches as both a ramp tool and backup win condition.
Ramses will also often require additional gas to keep going, whether it be finding a steady stream of enchantments to throw onto enemies, or to finding ways to close out games.

Murder, Inc.

Enchantment payoffs are few and far between in Dimir, so we're keeping this build a bit creature-light; but the ones we take with are absolutely vital for our success. While Ramses is no Cleopatra, he's still managed to form relationships with some important Greek allies:

Poaching Employees

Our deck only runs sixteen creatures, and while being a lone-wolf is edgy, it's not the type of edge I want to be. I feel like I'm a Halloween bobbing apple -- razor edgy; the type of edge that speaks to people, in the very depths of their soul, and causes them to rebel against the man. In the end, I will be so edgy that even those rotten adults will realize I'm right.
Enchant opposing creatures with reanimation-on-death enchantments:
Once opposing creatures are enchanted with one of these Auras, they become juicy targets for Ramses, as killing them will put them into play under your control. Unfortunately, six isn't a critical mass for Ramses; to ensure that Ramses' business isn't killed by a lack of clientele, let's use some recursive enchantments.
Rounding out the auras, we've got a few utility spells we can play for neat effects:
A lot of creatures are going to end up dead, which makes Rise of the Dark Realms a great end-game finisher. But that's boring. Are you ready to learn Ramses' true dark secret? Because here's where I blow your mind.

Drake in the 99 Non-Dragons

Your real win condition is some random uncommon from Urza's Saga.
That makes no sense.
It makes total sense. You start by playing Iridescent Drake, so...
This combo will make you feel like Joker, because your opponents will never see it coming.
You've got some redundancy in the deck in case things don't pan out: use Fallen Ideal as your sacrifice outlet and win condition to swing with an evasive infinity/infinity attacker, or deal damage using Grim Guardian's Constellation trigger. Should Iridescent Drake be interacted with (which is illegal, by the way), use Ill Gotten Gains to get your combo pieces back to hand and recur some protective counterspells.
I'm not a punk, I'm a goddamn dragon genius. Finally, the deck is truly me!


In conclusion, the Ramses Overdark deck for the Commander format is a fun and powerful budget deck for you to try. I hope you enjoyed reading my paper as much as I enjoyed writing-
Oh. I guess I reverted to hastily written high school paper writing. Is that really what I sounded like?
You know, people say you never really realize what you have until it's gone. It's easy to look to memories of better days and feel that melancholy drop in your stomach. It's natural to feel wistful for a time past when rain drips down the window. But the truth is also that you don't really realize what you don't have until you obtain it. Our experiences may be painful now, but that's no reason to give up hope. You can get over darkness. Look forward instead of back, because in that future lies a wiser you.

The Hit-List
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Goldman Sachs Reveals Plans For Releasing a Fiat-Backed Stablecoin

Goldman Sachs Reveals Plans For Releasing a Fiat-Backed Stablecoin

According To The Bank's Head Of Digital Assets, In The Next Decade Transactions Will Be Natively Happening On The Chain
One of the giants in traditional banking, Goldman Sachs, renewed its push to digitalize Wall Street’s future, as the bank is “exploring the commercial viability of creating a fiat digital token,” according to the new Global Head of Digital Assets, Matthew McDermott. The news puts Goldman Sachs among the banks, researching the possibility to issue their own crypto stablecoin, along with JPMorgan, Japanese Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and the national banks of China, South Korea, and Canada.
McDermott, who was formerly a managing director in charge of Goldman Sach’s internal funding operations, replaces the crypto trader and quant Justin Schmidt, who operated the bank’s digital assets department since 2018.
“In the next five to 10 years, you could see a financial system where all assets and liabilities are native to a blockchain, with all transactions natively happening on the chain,” McDermott stated during an interview.
Most probably Goldman Sachs would utilize a blockchain or a DLT solution, like the Ethereum-based Quorum blockchain, currently developed by JPMorgan. McDermott has another strong advantage in his advocation for a new “financial system where all assets and liabilities are native to a blockchain”. This advantage is named Oli Harris. Harris is a former JPMorgan employee who previously worked on the development of the Quorum platforms. Currently, Harris is a part of McDermott’s digital assets team.
However, Goldman Sachs’ native stablecoin is still “in its early days”, according to McDermott. The bank’s head of digital assets also noted that the path Goldman Sachs would choose may stray away from the blockchain ecosystem.
Apart from the fiat-backed stablecoin, Goldman Sachs had its share of blockchain research prior to the possible asset development. The bank has been considering to offer trading and custodial services for cryptocurrencies since 2018, but CEO David Solomon noted that no clear plan had been created for implementing such concepts. However, in 2019 Goldman Sachs’ CEO announced that the bank is focusing on researching “tokenization" mechanisms of financial assets.
“We are watching the cryptocurrency market as it develops,” Solomon added.
Meanwhile, the banking giants worldwide are actively developing blockchain-based stablecoins. Signature bank became a pioneer, releasing its Signet stablecoin in 2018, while in June 2019 JPMorgan launched the JPM Coin. Goldman Sachs, however, distanced themselves until now, calling the crypto market "a bubble, similar to the dot-com era".
However, the nature of bank stablecoins is aimed at institutional investors and it’s still unclear if some of the stablecoins would be available to the public. Also, the majority of crypto investors keep their skeptical stance on bank-issued stablecoins, as the assets would be centralized, meaning that banks would still have control over transactions. Bitcoin and other crypto assets key distinctive feature is to prevent centralized control over transactions, which may not be the case with bank-issued stablecoins.
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new england patriot has been created

By Katharine Brush Night Club PROMPTLY at quarter of ten P.M. Mrs. Brady descended the steps of the Elevated. She purchased from the newsdealer in the cubbyhole be- neath them a next month's magazine and an tomorrow morning's paper and, with these tucked under one plump arm, she walked. She walked two blocks north on Sixth Avenue; turned and went west. But not far west. Westward half a block only, to the place where the gay green awning marked "Club Français" paints a stripe of shade across the glimmer- ing sidewalk. Under the awning Mrs. Brady halted briefly, to remark to the six-foot doorman that it looked like rain and to await his perform- ance of his professional duty. When the small green door yawned open, she sighed deeply and plodded in. The foyer was a blackness, an air- less velvet blackness like the inside of a jeweler's box. Four drum-shaped lamps of golden silk suspended from the ceiling gave it light (a very little) and formed the jewels: gold signets, those, or cuff links for a giant. At the far end of the foyer there were black stair, faintly dusty, rippling upward toward an amber radiance. Mrs. Brady approached and ponderously mounted the stairs, clinging with one fist to the mangy velvet rope that railed their edge. From the top, Miss Lena Levin observed the ascent. Miss Levin was the checkroom girl. She had dark-at- the roots blonde hair and slender hips upon which, in moments of leisure, she wore her hands, like buckles of ivory loosely attached. This was a moment of leisure. Miss Levin waited behind her counter. Row upon row of hooks, empty as yet, and seeming to beckon——wee curved fingers of iron——waited be- hind her. "Late," said Miss Levin, "again." "Go wan!" said Mrs. Brady. "It's only ten to ten. Whew! Them stairs!" She leaned heavily, sideways, against Miss Levin's counter, and, applying one palm to the region of her heart, appeared at once to listen and to count. "Feel!" she cried then in a pleased voice. Miss Levin obediently felt. "Them stairs," continued Mrs. Brady darkly, "with my bad heart, will be the death of me. Whew! Well, dearie? What's the news?" "You got a paper," Miss Levin languidly reminded her. "Yeah!" agreed Mrs. Brady with sudden vehemence. "I got a paper!" She slapped it upon the counter. "An' a lot of time I'll get to read my paper, won't I now? On a Saturday night!" She moaned. "Other nights is bad enough, dear knows——but Saturday nights! How I dread 'em! Every Saturday night I say to my daughter, I say, 'Geraldine, I can't,' I say, 'I can't go through it again, an' that's all there is to it,' I say. 'I'll quit!' I say. An' I will, too!" added Mrs. Brady firmly, if indefinitely. Miss Levin, in defense of Saturday nights, mumbled some vague some- thing about tips. "Tips!" Mrs. Brady hissed it. She almost spat it. Plainly money was nothing, nothing at all, to this lady. "I just wish," said Mrs. Brady, and glared at Miss Levin, "I just wish you had to spend one Saturday night, just one in that dressing room! Bein' pushed an' stepped on and near knocked down by that gang of hussies, an' them orderin' an' bossin' you round like you was black, an' usin' your things an' then sayin' they're sorry, they got no change, they'll be back. Yeah! They never come back!" "There's Mr. Costello," whispered Miss Levin through lips that, like a ventriloquist's, scarcely stirred. "An' as I was sayin'," Mrs. Brady said at once brightly, "I got to leave you. Ten to ten, time I was on the job." She smirked at Miss Levin, nodded, and right-about-faced. There, indeed, Mr. Costello was. Mr. Billy Costello, manager, proprietor, monarch of all he surveyed. From the doorway of the big room where the little tables herded in a ring around the waxen floor, he surveyed Mrs. Brady, and in such a way that Mrs. Brady, momentarily forgetting her bad heart, walked fast, scurried faster, almost ran. The door of her domain was set politely in an alcove, beyond silken curtains looped up at the sides. Mrs. Brady reached it breathless, shoul- dered it open, and groped for the electric switch. Lights sprang up, a bright white blaze, intolerable for an instant to the eyes, like the sun on snow. Blinking, Mrs. Brady shut the door. The room was a spotless, white- tiled place, half beauty shop, half dressing room. Along one wall stood washstands, sturdy triplets in a row, balloons afloat above them. Against the opposite wall there was a couch. A third wall backed an elongated glass-topped dressing-table; and over the dressing-table and over the wash- stands long rectangular sheets of mirror reflected lights, doors, glossy tiles, lights multiplied. . . . Mrs. Brady moved across this glit- ter like a think dark cloud in a hurry. At the dressing table she came to a halt, and upon it she laid her news- paper, her magazine, and her purse ——a black purse worn gray with much clutching. She divested herself of a rusty black coat and a hat of the mushroom persuasion, and hung both up in a corner cupboard which she opened by means of one of a quite preposterous bunch of keys. From a nook in the cupboard she took down a lace-edged handkerchief with long streamers. She untied the streamers and tied them again around her chunky black alpaca waist. The handkerchief became an apron's baby cousin. Mrs. Brady relocked the cupboard door, fumbled her key ring over, and unlocked a capacious drawer of the dressing table. She spread a fresh towel on the plate-glass top, in the geometrical center, and upon the towel she arranged with care a pro- cession of things fished from the drawer. Things for the hair. Things for the complexion. Tings for the eyes, the lashes, the brows, the lips, and the fingernails. Things in boxes and things in jars and things in tubes and tins. Also an ash tray, matches pins, a tiny sewing kit, a pair of scissors. Last of all, a hand-printed sign, a nudging sort of sign: NOTICE! THESE ARTICLES, PLACED HERE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE MAID. And directly beneath the sign, prop- ping it up against the looking glass, a china saucer, in which Mrs. Brady now slyly laid decoy money: two quarters and two dimes, in four- leaf-clover formation. Another drawer of the dressing table yielded a bottle of Bromo- seltzer, a bottle of aromatic spirits of ammonia, a tin of sodium bicar- bonate, and a teaspoon. These were lined up on a shelf above the couch. Mrs. Brady was ready for anything. And (from the grim, thin pucker of her mouth) expecting it. Music came to her ears. Rather, the beat of music, muffled, rhythmic, remote. Umpa-um, umpa-um, umpa- um-umm——Mr. "Fiddle" Baer and his band, hard at work on the first fox- trot of the night. It was teasing, foot- tapping music; but the large solemn feet of Mrs. Brady were still. She sat on the couch and opened her newspaper; and for some moments she read uninterruptedly, with spe- cial attention to the murders, the divorces, the breaches of promise, the funnies. Then the door swung inward, ad- mitting a blast of Mt. Fiddle Baer's best, a whiff of perfume, and a girl. Mrs. Brady put her paper away. The girl was petite and darkly beautiful; wrapped in fur and mounted on tall jeweled heels. She entered humming the ragtime song the orchestra was playing, and while she stood near the dressing table, stripping off her gloves, she con- tinued to hum it softly to her self: Oh, I know my baby loves me, I can tell my baby loves me. Here the dark girl got the left glove off, and Mrs. Brady glimpsed a platinum wedding ring. 'Cause there ain't no maybe In my baby's Eyes. The right glove came off. The dark little girl sat down in one of the chairs that faced the dressing table. She doffed her wrap, casting it care- lessly over the chair back. It had a cloth-of--gold lining, and the name of a Paris house was embroidered in curlicues on the label. Mrs. Brady hovered solicitously near. The dark little girl, still humming looked over the articles. "placed here for your convenience," and picked up the scissors. Having cut off a very small hangnail with the air of one performing a perilous major oper- ation, she seized and used the mani- cure buffer, and after that the eye- brow pencil. Mrs. Brady's mind, hopefully calculating the tip, jumped and jumped again like a taxi meter. Oh, I know my baby loves me——— The dark little girl applied powder and lipstick belonging to herself. She examined the result searchingly in the mirror and sat back, satisfied. She cast some silver Klink! Klink! into Mrs. Brady's saucer, and half rose. Then remembering something, she settled down again. The ensuing thirty seconds were spent by her in pulling off her platinum wedding ring, tying it in a corner of a lace handkerchief, and tucking the handkerchief down the bodice of her tight white velvet gown. "There!" she said. She swooped up her wrap and trotted toward the door, jeweled heels merrily twinkling. 'Cause there ain't no maybe——— The door fell shut. Almost instantly it opened again, and another girl came in. A blonde, this. She was very pretty in a round-eyed, doll-like way; but Mrs. Brady, re- garding her, mentally grabbed the spirits of ammonia bottle. For she looked terribly ill. The round eyes were dull, the pretty silly little face was drawn. The thin hands, picking at the fastenings of a specious beaded bag, trembled and twitched. Mrs. Brady cleared her throat. "Can I do something for you, miss?" Evidently the blonde girl had be- lieved herself alone in the dressing room. She started violently and glanced up, panic in her eyes. Panic, and something else. Something very like murderous hate——but for an in- stant only, so that Mrs. Brady, whose perceptions were never quick, missed it altogether. "A glass of water?" suggested Mrs. Brady. "No," said the girl, "no." She had one hand in the beaded bag now. Mrs. Brady could see it moving, causing the bag to squirm like a live thing and the fringe to shiver. "Yes!" she cried abruptly. "A glass of water ——please——you get it for me." She dropped on to the couch. Mrs. Brady scurried to the water cooler in the corner, pressed the spigot with a determined thumb. Water trickled out thinly. Mrs. Brady pressed harder, and scowled, and thought, "Something's wrong with this thing. I mustn't forget, next time I see Mr. Costello———" When again she faced her patient, the patient was sitting erect. She was thrusting her clenched hand back into the beaded bag again. She took only a sip of the water, but it seemed to help her quite miraculously. Almost at once color came to her cheeks, life to her eyes. She grew young again——as young as she was. She smiled up at Mrs. Brady. "Well!" she exclaimed. "What do you know about that!" She shook her honey-colored head. "I can't imagine what came over me." "Are you better now?" inquired Mrs. Brady. Yes. Oh, yes, I'm better now. You see," said the blonde girl confiden- tially, "we were at the theater, my boy friend and I, and it was hot and stuffy——I guess that must have been the trouble." She paused, and the ghost of her recent distress crossed her face. God! I thought that last act never would end!" she said. While she attended to her hair and complexion, she chattered gaily to Mrs. Brady, chattering on with scarcely a stop for breath, and laughed much. She said, among other things, that she and her "boy friend" had not known one another very long, but that she was "ga-ga" about him. "He is about me, too," she con- fessed. "He thinks I'm grand." She fell silent then, and in the looking glass her eyes were shad- owed, haunted. But Mrs. Brady, from where she stood, could not see the looking glass; and half a minute later the blonde girl laughed and began again. When she went out she seemed to dance out on winged feet; and Mrs. Brady, sighing, thought it must be nice to be young . . . and happy like that. The next arrivals were two. A tall, extremely smart young woman in black chiffon entered first, and held the door open for her companion; and the instant the door was shut, she said, as though it had been on the tip of her tongue for hours, "Amy, what under the sun hap- pened?" Amy, who was brown-eyed, brown-bobbed-haired, and patently annoyed about something, crossed to the dressing table an flopped into a chair before she made a reply. "Nothing," she said wearily then. "That's nonsense!" snorted the other. "Tell me. Was it something she said? She's a tactless ass, of course. Always was." "No, not anything she said. It was———" Amy bit her lip. "All right! I'll tell you. Before we left your apartment I just happened to notice that Tom had disappeared. So I went to look for him——I wanted to ask him if he'd remembered to tell the maid where we were going—— Skippy's subject to croup, you know, and we always leave word. Well, so I went into the kitchen, thinking Tom might be there mixing cock- tails——and there he was——and there she was!" The full red mouth of the other young woman pursed itself slightly. Her arched brows lifted. "Well?" Her matter-of-factness appeared to infuriate Amy. "He was kissing her!" she flung out. "Well?" said the other again. She chuckled softly and patted Amy's shoulder, as if it were the shoulder of a child. "You're surely not going to let that spoil your whole evening? Any dear! Kissing may once have been serious and significant——but it isn't nowadays. Nowadays, it's like shaking hands. It means nothing." But Amy was not consoled. "I hate her!" she cried desperately. "Redheaded thing! Calling me 'darling' and 'honey,' and s-sending me handkerchiefs for C-Christmas—— and then sneaking off behind closed doors and k-kissing my h-h-hus- band———" At this point Amy broke down, but she recovered herself sufficiently to add with venom, "I'd like to slap her!" "Oh, oh, oh," smiled the tall young woman, "I wouldn't do that!" Amy wiped her eyes with what might well have been one of the Christmas handkerchiefs, and con- fronted her friend. "Well, what would you do, Vera? If you were I?" "I'd forget it," said Vera, "and have a good time. I'd kiss somebody myself. You've no idea how much better you'd feel!" I don't do———" Amy began in- dignantly; but as the door behind her opened a third young woman ——redheaded, ear-ringed, exquisite—— lilted in, she changed her tone. "Oh, hello!" she called sweetly, beaming at the newcomer via the mirror. "We were wondering what had become of you!" The redheaded girl, smiling easily back, dropped her cigarette on the floor and crushed it out wit a silver shod toe. "Tom and I were talking to Fiddle Baer," she explained. "He's going to play 'Clap Yo' Hands' next, because it's my favorite. Lend me a comb, will you?" "There's a comb there," said Vera, indicating Mrs. Brady's business comb. "But imagine using it!" murmured the redheaded girl. "Amy, darling, haven't you one?" Amy produced a tiny comb from her rhinestone purse. "Don't forget to bring it when you come," she said, and stood up. "I'm going on out, I want to tell Tom something." She went. The redheaded young woman and the tall black-chiffon one were alone, except for Mrs. Brady. The red- headed one beaded her incredible lashes. The tall one, the one called Vera, sat watching her." And Sylvia looked. Anybody, addressed in that tone, would have. "There is one thing," Vera went on quietly, holding the other's eyes "that I want understood. And that is, 'Hands off!' Do you hear me?" "I know what you mean." "You know what I mean!" The redheaded girl shrugged her shoulders. "Amy told you she saw us, I suppose." Precisely. And," went on Vera, gathering up her possessions and rising, "as I said before, you're to keep away." Her eyes blazed sudden white-hot rage. "Because, as you very well know, he belongs to me," she said, and departed, slamming the door. Between eleven o'clock and one Mrs. Brady was very busy indeed. Never for more than a moment during those two hours was the dressing room empty. Often it was jammed, full to overflowing with curled cropped heads, with ivory arms and shoulders, with silk and lace and chiffon, with legs. The door flapped in and back, in the back. The mirrors caught and held——and lost—— a hundred different faces. Powder veiled the dressing table with a thin white dust; cigarette stubs, scarlet at the tip, choked the ash receiver. Dimes and quarter clattered into Mrs. Brady's saucer——and were transferred to Mrs. Brady's purse. The original seventy cents remained. That much, and no more, would Mrs. Brady gamble on the integrity of womankind. She earned her money. She threaded needles and took stitches. She powdered the backs of necks. She supplied towels for soapy, drip- ping hands. She removed a speck from a teary blue eye and pounded the heel on a slipper. She curled the struggling ends of a black bob and a gray bob, pinned a velvet flower on a lithe round waist, mixed three doses of bicarbonate of soda, took charge of a shed pink-satin girdle, collected, on hands and knees, sev- eral dozen fake pearls that had wept from a broken string. She served chorus girls and school- girls, gay young matrons and gayer young mistresses, a lady who had divorced four husbands, and a lady who had poisoned one, the secret (more or less) sweetheart of a Most Distinguished Name, and the Brains of a bootleg gang. . . . She saw things. She saw a yellow check, with the ink hardly dry. She saw four tiny bruises, such as fingers might make, on an arm. She saw a girl strike another girl, not playfully. She saw a bundle of letter some man wished he had not written, safe and deep in a brocaded handbag. About midnight the door flew open and at once was pushed shut, and a gray-eyed, lovely child stood backed against it, her palms flattened on the panels at her sides, the dra- peries of her white chiffon gown settling lightly to rest around her. There were already five damsels of varying ages in the dressing room. The latest arrival marked their pres- ence with a flick of her eyes and, standing just where she was, she called peremptorily, "Maid!" Mrs. Brady, standing just where she was, said, "Yes, miss?" "Please come here," said the girl. Mrs. Brady, as slowly as she dared, did so. The girl lowered her voice to a tense half whisper. "Listen! Is there any way I can get out of here except through this door I came in?" Mrs. Brady stared at her stupidly. "Any window?" persisted the girl. "Or anything?" Here they were interrupted by the exodus of two of the damsels-of- varying-ages, Mrs. Brady opening the door for them——and in so doing caught a glimpse of the man who waited in the hall outside, a debonair, old-young man with a girl's furry wrap hung over his arm, and his hat in his hand. The door clicked. The gray-eyed girl moved out from the wall, against which she had flattened herself——for all the world like one eluding pursuit in a cinema. "What about the window?" she demanded, pointing. "That's all the farther it opens," said Mrs. Brady. "Oh! And it's the only one——isn't it?" "It is." "Damn," said the girl. "Then there's no way out?" "No way but the door," said Mrs. Brady testily. The girl looked at the door. She seemed to look through the door, and to despise and to fear what she saw. Then she looked at Mrs. Brady. "Well," she said, "then I s'pose the only thing for me to do is to stay in here." She stayed. Minutes ticked by. Jazz crooned distantly, stopped, struck up again. Other girls came and went. Still the gray-eyed girl sat on the couch, with her back to the wall and her shapely legs crossed smoking cigarettes, one from the stub of another. After a long while she said, "Maid!" "Yes, miss?" "Peek out that door, will you, and see if there's anyone standing there." Mrs. Brady peeked, and reported that there was. There was a gentle- man with a little bit of a black mustache standing there. The same gentleman, in fact, who was stand- ing there "just after you came in." "Oh, Lord," sighed the gray-eyed girl. "Well . . . I can't stay here all night, that's one sure thing." She slid off the couch, and went listlessly to the dressing table. There she occupied herself for a minute or two. Suddenly, without a word, she darted out. Thirty seconds later Mrs. Brady was elated to find two crumpled one- dollar bills lying in the saucer. Her joy, however, died a premature death. For she made an almost si- multaneous second discovery. A a sad- dening one. Above all, a puzzling one. "Now what for," marveled Mrs. Brady, "did she want to walk off with them scissors?" This at twelve-twenty-five. At twelve-thirty a quartet of ex- cited young things burst in, babbling madly. All of them had their evening wraps about them; all talked at once. One of them, a Dresden-china girl with a heart-shaped face, was the center of attraction. Around her the rest fluttered like monstrous butter- flies; to her they addressed their shrill exclamatory cries. "Babe," they called her. Mrs. Brady heard snatches: "Not in this state unless . . ." "Well, you can in Maryland, Jimmy says." "Oh, there must be some place nearer than . . ." "Isn't this marvelous?" "When did it happen, Babe? When did you decide?" "Just now," the girl with the heart- shaped face sang softly, "when we were dancing." The babble resumed, "But listen, Babe, what'll your mother and father . . . ?" "Oh, never mind, let's hurry." "Shall we be warm enough with just these thin wraps, do you think? Babe, will you be warm enough? Sure?" Powder flew and little pocket combs marched through bright mar- cels. Flushed cheeks were painted pinker still. "My pearls," said Babe, "are old. And my dress and my slippers are new. Now, let's see——what can I borrow?" A lace handkerchief, a diamond bar pin, a pair of earrings were proffered. She chose the bar pin, and its owner unpinned it proudly, gladly. "I've got blue garters!" exclaimed a shrill little girl in a silver dress. "Give me one, then," directed Babe. "I'll trade with you. . . . There! That fixes that." More babbling, "Hurry! Hurry up!" . . . "Listen are you sure we'll be warm enough? Because we can stop at my house, there's nobody home." "Give me that puff, Babe, I'll powder your back." "And just to think a week ago you;d never even met each other!" "Oh, hurry up, let's get started!" "I'm ready." "So'm I." "Ready, Babe? You look ador- able." "Come on, everybody." They were gone again, and then dressing room seemed twice as still and vacant as before. A minute of grace, during which Mrs. Brady wiped the spilled pow- der away with a damp gray rag. Then the door jumped open again. Two evening gowns appeared and made for the dressing table in a bee line. Slim tubular gowns they were, one green, one palest yellow. Yel- low hair went wit the green gown, brown hair with the yellow. The green-gowned, yellow-haired girl wore gardenias on her left shoulder, four of them, and a flashing bracelet on each fragile wrist. The other girl looked less prosperous; still, you would rather have looked at her. Both ignored Mrs. Brady's cos- metic display as utterly as they ignored Mrs. Brady, producing full field equipment of their own. "Well," said the girl with gar- denias, rouging energetically, "how do you like him?" "Oh-h——all right." "Meaning, 'Not any,' hmm? I sus- pected as much!" The girl with gardenians turned in her chair and scanned her companion's profile with disapproval. "See here, Marilee," she drawled, "are you going to be a damn fool all your life?" "He's fat," said Marilee dreamily. "Fat, and——greasy, sort of. I mean greasy in his mind. Don't you know what I mean?" "I know one thing," declared the other. "I know Who He Is! And if I were you, that's all I'd need to know. Under the circumstances." The last three words, stressed meaningly, affected the girl called Marilee curiously. She grew grave. Her lips and lashes drooped. For some seconds she sat frowning a little, breaking a black-sheathed lip- stick in two and fitting it together again. "She's worse," she said finally, low. "Worse?" Marilee nodded. "Well," said the girl with gar- denias, "there you are. It's the climate. She'll never be anything but worse, if she doesn't get away. Out West. Arizona or somewhere." "I know," murmured Marilee. The other girl opened a tin of eye shadow. "Of course," she said dryly, "suit yourself. She's not my sister." Marilee said nothing. Quiet she sat, breaking the lipstick, mending it, breaking it. "Oh, well," she breathed finally, wearily, and straightened up. She propped her elbows on the plate- glass dressing-table top and leaned toward the mirror, and with the lip- stick she began to make her coral- pink mouth very red and gay and reckless and alluring. Nightly at one o'clock Vane and Moreno dance for the Club Français. They dance a tango, they dance a waltz; then, by way of encore, they do a Black Bottom, and a trick of their own called the Wheel. They dance for twenty, thirty minutes. And while they dance you do not leave your table——for this is what you came to see. Vane and Moreno. The new New York thrill. The sole justifica- tion for the five-dollar couvert ex- torted by Billy Costello. From one until half-past, then, was Mrs. Brady's recess. She had been looking forward t it all the eve- ning long. When it began——when the opening chords of the tango music sounded stirringly from the room outside——Mrs. Brady brightened. With a right good will she sped the parting guests. Alone, she unlocked her cupboard and took out her magazine——the magazine she had bought three hours before. Heaving a great breath of relief and satisfaction, she plumped herself on the couch and fingered the pages. Immediately she was absorbed, her eyes drinking up the printed lines, her lips moving soundlessly. The magazine was Mrs. Brady's favorite. Its stories were true stories, taken from life (so the editor said); and to Mrs. Brady they were live, vivid threads in the dull, drab pat- tern of her night. 
From Harper's Bazaar of September, 1927. Copyright, 1927, by Katharine Brush. From A Treasury of Short Stories. Edited by Bernardine Kielty. Copyright, 1947, Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York; pp. 655—663.
یہ آپ کی جگہ ہے ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ حسن سلوک کرو۔ [♘] [♰] [☮]
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New Ragman Quest path line and re-write of quests.

Well hello there,
I've taken a liberty and re-wrote Ragman quest line and flavor text to suit quest path line better. Where it would make sense why you're running the tasks and make them matter as a story. So here it goes. The screenshot is how each quest will be given, which is pointed to the new quest that follows it. Below are rewrites of each quest (no reward edits).
[Only Business]
Ah, a new face! Welcome! Pardon the lack of warez, it's just the situation we have on our hands, and in my city, is total shit. I'm sure you're aware, otherwise you wouldn't be at my shop. Browse around and let me know if you see anything you like.

Must be Level 5 to start this quest.

Obtain level 2 loyalty with Ragman

{With your shopping habit I might keep my store open longer than expected.}

[Big Sale!]
You know, bro, I'll tell you what, rags will always be of value. War or no war, people are still buying that stuff. Ultra had a bunch of brand outlets, the ones folks used to hype on, I could use fresh supply. Think you could do a quick sweep of the place? Look if there is anything left. Just don't go about rummaging through some trash, brand stuff only.
• Check KOSTIN
• Check tRend
• Survive and leave the area

{Well, this is fine. However, it seems that the Scavs will be my main competition. }

[Make ULTRA great again]
Just imagine how many folks used to hang around at Ultra, mommies with kids, couples, and so on, everybody stocked tight, too. Damn, felt sooo cool, maybe you remember, a lot of movement went down. But I digress into nostalgia, no time for that, let's get shit done, yo. Do the world a favor, clean the Ultra up from Scavs, so I could send my boys in. And to make sure those pricks get the message - get yourself some our freshly stocked Crye Precision AVS and something to cover that face, so they'd know who sent you. Ya! That should send them a warning what is gonna happen if they don't leave.

Kill 20 Scavs at the Interchange. You must wear a fleece hat and Crye Precision AVS vest

{Fleece hat? What kind of face cover is that?. Well, not like anyone is left alive to recognize your face anyway.}

[Database part 1]
Well hi there, brother, I've got an idea. Just imagine how fucking awesome it would be to have an all of Ultra's stocks. What was shipped, where, and what amount? I used to work with records like these myself. Fat chance there were any at small shops and outlets, they may have been run by slackers, but larger stores and retails chains definitely kept their records. There should be print outs of the records in the higher ups office desks.

• Get Goshan cargo manifests
• Hand over Goshan cargo manifests
• Get OLI cargo manifests
• Hand over OLI cargo manifests
• Get IDEA cargo manifests
• Hand over IDEA cargo manifests

{A magic friend is what you are bro! Your service is greatly appreciated.}

[Database part 2]
Bro! Look at this OLI manifest, do you see it? I Spotted it right away! Anyway, large cargo didn't make it. Carried something valuable batteries, bottles? With this coffee stain it's hard to make it out. But apparently, it got stuck somewhere. The logistics service usually keeps records on the routes and the last status of the shipping at the OLI logistics offices. Visit and try to recover the records.

• Get OLI cargo route documents
• Hand over OLI cargo route documents

{They are probably still intact, hope it is not far from here.}

Oh, I'm glad to see you so. Let's go straight to business, I have to fetch or deliver quite frequently, carrying everything as a mule is hardly an option anymore. All vehicles are dead after some kind of an EMP strike during the mess outbreak. Nothing will start no matter how hard you try, even if you take them apart and put back together, only cars that came from outside can still run. There are bound to be some minibusses at the parking lot at the Interchange, mark three of them with beacons.

• Mark first minibus
• Mark second minibus
• Mark third minibus
• Survive and leave the area

{Know a good Mechanic?}

[Sales Night]
Bro! I don't think Scavs are getting the message that you're trying to send. They say, ULTRA got worse after you cleaned it up. Word is, it started to attract all sorts of scum. Make sure it gets nice and quiet, please, real need.

Survive in the raid at Interchange 7~10 times

{Wow, you’re like a scarecrow or something. }

[The Blood War - part 1]

I've contacted your recommended Mechanic. Tight-lipped type, keeps silent all the time. He was not pleased with minibus status, but said that he needs fuel. And I remember that there were tanks at Ultra, on tow trucks with the German flag. To cut the long story short, go and mark them with beacons, and I hope fuel is all Mechanic needs, he promised to fix my minibus. Did you know that he charges by the hour?

• Mark tank 1
• Mark tank 2
• Mark tank 3
• Survive and leave the area

{Good, I'll send some grunts there. }

[The Blood War - Part 2]
Hey bro, how are you? All in good health? Good! To business then. So, I need you to bring me a few cans of fuel additives. They are usually used to improve the quality of fuel for the portable generators. They might do wonders for my minibus'. Until we meet again, brother.

• Get in raid Fuel conditioner, 6 pcs
• Hand over Fuel conditioner, 6 pcs

{Mechanic was asking for it, I hope it's what he needs.}

[The Blood War – Part 3]
Salam. Got some good information from a guy, he was leaving Factory going through the woods section outside. There is the lumber mill there, told me that he found some stashes, filled with fuel barrels. Who made those stashes? PMC's or Scavs? They could be empty, but it's worth checking out. I want you to mark those stashes for me.

• Find and mark first fuel stash • Find and mark second fuel stash • Find and mark third fuel stash • Survive and leave the area 

{Thanks a lot, I'll send the boys over, see if it was worth the cost of markers.}

[Sew it good – part 1]
I have a solid business proposal for you. Don't you worry, I'm not shitting you, the real deal. Can't say what it is right now, but if it starts off good, I'll be sure to tell you. I need a couple of large backpacks, blue "Pilgrim" ones, and a couple of mask hats, you know, with ninja-type slits

• Get Ski hat with holes for eyes, 2 pcs • Hand over Ski hat with holes for eyes, 2 pcs • Get Pilgrim Tourist Backpack, 2 pcs • Hand over Pilgrim Tourist Backpack, 2 pcs 

{Found in museum no doubt.}

[Sew it good – part 2]

Ever been shot at? I know, it was a trick question. Listen, I need you to find me a good light weight armor.

• Get Gzhel in 0-50% condition • Hand over Gzhel in 0-50% condition • Get Gzhel in 50-100% condition • Hand over Gzhel in 50-100% condition 

{Hit or miss, we'll see soon enough.}

[Sew it good – part 3]

Are you aware of any armor that could just sponge up shower of bullets? Something that a cowered can wear and feel safe.

• Get 6B43 with 0-50% condition • Hand over 6B43 with 0-50% condition • Get 6B43 with 50-100% condition • Hand over 6B43 with 50-100% condition 

{Look at this thing! Doesn't even have pockets.}

[Sew it good – part 4]

Bro! Since armor that you got for me doesn't have pockets. Could you get me tactical vests at least a couple of sets and I'll compare them and pick which one is better.

• Get in raid Wartech (TV-109, TV-106) • Hand over 2 Wartech (TV-109, TV-106) • Get in raid Crye Precision AVS • Hand over 2 Crye Precision AVS • Get in raid BlackRock chest rig • Hand over 2 BlackRock chest rig 

{We're in business! Time to find out what kind of valuables those trucks have in them. }

[The key to success]

Brother! You've done great things for me. Since trucks turned out to be empty by the time we got there, on way back it got me thinking. Perhaps I should start to sew it myself, but for that. I need a book. A rare bitch, true, but since you can fetch a devil from hell. Get me a read about designing clothes from special fabrics, all that military stuff has to be made with aramid fabric, which has its own tricks to it. There is a kind of reference book on them, in two volumes, if you can get it, that's where I sew it good.

• Get Clothes design handbook Part 1 • Hand over Clothes design handbook Part 1 • Get Clothes design handbook Part 2 • Hand over Clothes design handbook Part 2 

{Wow, hard cover and first edition.}

[No Fuss needed]

Here is a note for the doc lady. Nothing much in there, just a couple of lines on our business. But here's the pain in the ass: if she knows that the note is from me, she'll tear it up in no time. Try to gain her favor first, earn some trust, and then pass the note over. And don't lose it, I'm not writing another one.

Increase the Therapist loyalty level to 3

{No note from her?}

[Charisma brings success]

Hey. I'll tell you, as a friend, that in trade it matters how you present yourself, not being a dork or a nerd. Then, not only girls, but also customers love you. This is my secret, feel free to use.

Increase the Charisma level to 10

{A True Bard!}

[Dressed to kill]

Brother! Until I can get my sewing production rolling I need something to start making side income for me. ULTRA is picked clean and nothing good left to grab, and that's where it hit me. Novelty items! Look for different kinds of hats on mannequins or shelves, you know, those like in western movies, and our ushankas.

• Hand over Ushanka ear-flap cap, 7 pcs
• Hand over Kinda cowboy hat, 7 pcs

{If this takes off, books were worth it for sure!}


I'd like to send a care package to that one dude that dropped us a tip with stashes . Get him fitted with some stuff, just so he'd know, Arshavir remembers. Leave the package at the pier in the Woods, he will pick it up, I'll let him know. Just hide it someplace between the barrels, so that nobody sees it.

• Find the secret spot
• Leave the Ghost balaclava in place
• Leave the Shemagh in place
• Leave the RayBench sunglasses in place
• Leave the Round frame sunglasses in place

{He'll pick it up, thanks for your trouble.}

[Hot Delivery]

Hey. My business is quite dangerous, it is good that you can safely come to visit me. But not all my clients can afford such luxury, one was already found in a pool of blood at the gas station. It appears that many are being watched, motherfuckers know they have thick wads. So clients don't want to drop by in the open, attracting more undesired attention. But that should not hinder the business, right? If people do not come for goods, goods go to people. Get the order prerequisites and hide the drop for proper folks at the Interchange. You need to drop 2 helmets and 2 headsets, plant them somewhere in Avokado. as for the 2 most exquisite Gzhel, bury them in the garbage heap, near the stage, also at Interchange.

• Stash Peltor ComTac 2 in specified place
• Stash 6B47 Helmet in specified place
• Stash BNTI Gzhel-K armor in specified place

{Nicely done, brother.}


While strolling through Ultra, you may have noticed how many cash registers are there, in stores and boutiques. Salvaging them all is impossible, but at least the cash can be taken. Should be especially plentiful at Goshan, not to take any risks, grab the spoils and go, but they are all locked, damn it. So I have an offer for you about that: get me a key from the registers, and I'll let you in on the cool schemes I've never shown to anybody. As a brother.

• Get key from Goshan cash registers
• Hand over key from Goshan cash registers

{Now that's a true Jigit! }


Every second is worth gold during firefight, it's important not only to save your skin but to carry out loot too. Good aiming is science and all but running away after that and staying alive with some goodies is not that simple of a task. It requires talent.

Earn 12 Search skill level

{Keep your backpack full of goodies.}

[Living High is not a crime - part 1]

Salam, recently, I was approached by the guy who's some sort of Dealmaker's acquaintance. Posh as fuck, in a suit, and with signet on his finger the size of a bottle cap. I've seen him at some gathering once, he used to drive a BMW. He says that war or no war, his crib got to be lit. Well, not exactly crib, more, like, hideout. Fetch me a bunch of jewelry, and I'll hand it over to him for these purposes. And search out some Roler watch, it will go as on the house, but it's best to be at good terms, with such people, believe me brother.

• Get Bronze lion, 4 pcs
• Hand over Bronze lion, 4 pcs
• Get Horse figurine, 4 pcs
• Hand over Horse figurine, 4 pcs
• Get Cat figurine, 4 pcs
• Hand over Cat figurine, 4 pcs
• Get Roler submariner gold wrist watch
• Hand over Roler submariner gold wrist watch

{From the bottom of my heart. Thank you! I'll make the delivery.}

[Living High is not a crime - part 2]

Hi! Do you remember the guy who had some business with Reshala? Who we gave the goodies last time. So, looks like he's got taste of luxury lifestyle now, he wants some antique vases and antique teapots, I understand it with the vases, but why the hell could he possibly need so many antique teapots? Anyway, deal is a deal, he pays well, thus we deliver the goods.

• Find 3 antique teapots in a raid
• Find 2 antique vases in a raid
• Handover 3 antique teapots
• Handover 2 antique vases

{Do you have it? Nice. I wonder what will he ask for next time? }

[Living High is not a crime - part 3]

Well the stupid kid, y'know the Dealmaker's acquaintance Who we gave the goodies last time. So, looks like he's got another request. He saw that Reshala had bitcoin on him, so he wants them in his pockets as well. He pays well, thus we deliver the goods.

• Find 10 Physical bitcoin in a raid
• Handover 10 Physical bitcoin

{Maybe this will make spoiled little shit happy. }
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‘Already Live’: Signature Bank Is Moving Millions on a JPMorgan-Like Private, Dollar-Backed Cryptocurrency

‘Already Live’: Signature Bank Is Moving Millions on a JPMorgan-Like Private, Dollar-Backed Cryptocurrency
While crypto-land is abuzz about JPMorgan’s plan to move U.S. dollars around via blockchain, a smaller New York bank has already been doing this for nearly two months.
Since launching at the start of the year, Signature Bank’s blockchain-based Signet system has on-boarded more than 100 clients who are using it to send each other millions of dollars a day, 24/7, bank executives said.
Joseph J. DePaolo, president and CEO at Signature Bank, told CoinDesk:
“We can say there are trades going on in the millions some days and tens of millions other days and I would say the number of clients we have is in the triple digits.”
Signature is one of the few banks in the U.S. that will provide deposit accounts to cryptocurrency startups, a group that also includes fellow New Yorkers at Metropolitan Bank and Silvergate Bank in San Diego.
But while these clients were the first group to adopt Signet, the bank says non-crypto businesses are signing up as well.
In addition to the previously announced American PowerNet, an independent electrical power trading firm that made Signet the payments platform for its renewable energy customers, DePaolo said Signature is bringing on two other “ecosystems” where rapid movement of money and property is important.
“We will shortly onboard a substantial cargo ecosystem and wholesale diamonds,” he said, declining to name either organization.
He also said Signature is in talks with a title insurance company. Explaining why such an entity would be interested in real-time payments, he said:
“If you’ve ever been involved in a commercial real estate closing, usually all the lawyers are sitting around eating lunch waiting for the wire transfer.”

Signet vs. JPM Coin

With $45 billion in assets, Signature Bank is less than 2% the size of JPMorgan, the largest bank in the U.S. So it’s perhaps understandable that DePaolo and Signature chairman Scott Shay clearly took some pride in pointing out that JPM Coin, announced Thursday, is remarkably similar to what they already have.
A rather subtle similarity between Signature’s blockchain system and JPM Coin is that both run on private variants of ethereum technology.
In the case of JPM this is Quorum, a data privacy-oriented fork of the ethereum public blockchain code. The Signet platform, built in conjunction with trueDigital, is a proprietary blockchain which also uses ethereum as its base.
Another commonality is that both involve stablecoins, with real-world dollars deposited at the bank in exchange for tokens that clients can send each other via a distributed ledger, then redeem again 1-to-1 with the institution.
The goal of replacing wire transfers with a blockchain is also reminiscent of crypto-friendly rival Silvergate Bank’s SEN system that instantly connects to its clients 24/7.
But Signature chairman Scott Shay claimed the broad uses of Signet sets it apart.
“If you happen to be an exchange [SEN] is useful, but we developed Signet to be tailored to a wide variety of industries. It’s not crypto exchange-focused,” he said.
Returning to JPM Coin, Shay pointed out that Signet has already received approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). By contrast, JPMorgan said in its announcement that as it gets ready to launch the new product, “we will actively engage our regulators to explain its design and solicit their feedback and any necessary approvals.”
Shay concluded:
“The difference is we are actually out there doing this.”
Scott A. Shay image via Signature Bank
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1/17 Wednesday's Stock Market Movers & News

Good morning traders of the StockMarket sub! Welcome to Wednesday! Here are your pre-market stock movers & news this morning-


Frontrunning: January 17




























  • BTC.X
  • GS
  • JUNO
  • BAC
  • F
  • UVXY
  • NEO.X
  • ASML


Goldman Sachs – Goldman reported adjusted quarterly profit of $5.68 per share compared to the $4.91 a share consensus estimate. Revenue also beat Wall Street forecasts. CEO Lloyd Blankfein noted the strong 2017 performance in the face of a "challenging" market-making environment.


Bank of America – The bank reported adjusted quarterly profit of 47 cents per share, 3 cents a share above estimates, Revenue fell below forecasts. Bank of America took a charge related to the new tax law but expects to benefit from lower rates going forward.


Tiffany – The luxury goods retailer said holiday season comparable-store sales rose by 5 percent compared to a year earlier, with overall sales up 8 percent. Tiffany attributes the increase to stronger demand for higher end jewelry. Tiffany did say it expects full-year 2018 earnings to be flat to slightly lower compared to 2017.


IBM – Barclays upgraded IBM to "overweight" from "underweight," saying IBM's long revenue decline may soon end and that the current mainframe cycle will allow additional time for IBM's strategic moves to take hold.


Apple – The stock was downgraded to "neutral" from "buy" at Longbow Research, which sees iPhone shipments coming in below consensus for fiscal 2018.


Dollar General, Dollar Tree – Oppenheimer began coverage of both discount retailers with "outperform" ratings, citing attractive long-term growth prospects and a stronger lower-income consumer segment.




Ford Motor — The automaker issued 2018 financial guidance that fell short of expectations. Ford officials said higher input costs and currency volatility are among the factors weighing on the company's projected results.


CSX – CSX reported adjusted quarterly profit of 64 cents per share, 8 cents a share above estimates. The railroad operator's revenue was slightly shy of forecasts due to a drop in shipment volume. Its bottom line was helped by higher prices and better expense controls.


Boeing – Boeing formed a joint venture with Adient Aerospace to develop and manufacturer airplane seats. Each company is contributing $50 million to the project.


Juno Therapeutics – Juno is in talks to be acquired by drugmaker Celgene, according to The Wall Street Journal. People familiar with the matter told the paper a deal could be announced within weeks.


SandRidge Energy – SandRidge is planning to meet with its largest shareholder, investor Carl Icahn, to discuss his call to shake up the company's board of directors. Icahn had said last month that he was considering a proxy contest.


Oracle – Oracle issued a security patch to fix flaws in Intel chips contained in some of the business software giant's products.


Intercontinental Exchange – ICE will start another NYSE-branded market – named NYSE National – to be launched during the second quarter, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing. The new market will only be a trading venture rather than a listing market.


Signet Jewelers – A U.S. judge overturned an arbitrator's ruling that had allowed 70,000 women to take part in a sex discrimination case against Signet unit Sterling Jewelers. That group had not originally opted to join the suit.


Rio Tinto – Rio Tinto called for the dismissal of an SEC case against the mining giant. The suit had accused Rio of overstating the value of coal assets in Mozambique that it had bought in 2011.


Papa John's – Papa John's Chief Financial Officer Lance Tucker will leave the pizza chain in March to take the same position at restaurant operator Jack In The Box.


Sanderson Farms – The poultry producer said supplies of antibiotic-free chicken are exceeding demand, which could hit the profits of poultry processors like Sanderson and rival Tyson Foods.




bigbear0083 has no positions in any stocks mentioned. Reddit, moderators, and the author do not advise making investment decisions based on discussion in these posts. Analysis is not subject to validation and users take action at their own risk. bigbear0083 is an admin at the financial forums where this content was originally posted.


What is on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at StockMarket?

I hope you all have an excellent trading day ahead today on this Wednesday, January 17th, 2018! :)

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JPMorgan coin could destroy Ripple

JPMorgan coin could destroy Ripple
The announce of JPMorgan coin has made some noise among the cryptocurrency community. And Ripple`s top management isn`t an exception.
JPM Coin is capable of destroying Ripple. We remain that Ripple is a company that specializes in cross-border payment.
BlombergTV editor Joe Weisenthal wrote on his Twitter page: “If it turns out that the Blockchain/Coin framework turns out to be a good one for banks transferring money around, then the JPM Coin should absolutely obliterate Ripple”
Authoritative trader under a nickname WhalePanda agrees with Weisenthal`s statement. “If you listen very carefully you will hear all Ripple holders now scream in agony,” said the expert.
The new initiative from JPMorgan has found a response among other well-known representatives of the crypto community. Thus, the “self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto” Craig Wright wrote that he was possessed a patent, allegedly capable of restricting the right to issue JPM Coin.
Brad Garlinghouse, the head of Ripple, also responded to JPMorgan’s plans. He believes that there is no point in cryptocurrencies launched by banks. He is sure that if banks want to make deals with each other, they will have to exchange their unique digital currencies for Fiat. According to Garlinghouse`s statement, this approach is complete nonsense.
“As predicted, banks are changing their tune on crypto. But this JPM project misses the point – introducing a closed network today is like launching AOL after Netscape’s IPO,” wrote Ripple`s CEO.
GMOTrading notes that many smaller financial institutions also have plans to release its own digital assets.
For example, representatives of the New York-based Signature Bank said that they have been using Ethereum solutions from the Signet platform for several months, which allows them to instantly transfer dollar-linked stablecoins. More than 100 people already use the system. In addition, an average of $250K is on each account.
You can find more information about the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin and Ripple on GMOTrading platform.

The information above cannot be considered as an investment advice and past results do not indicate future performance.
\*Investors should have experience and understand the risks of losing all the initial investment)
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jan 2018 - ateraan's current state of affairs

Someone is going to need to fill in some of the drama but here’s what’s gone down for those of you who have lives or live under a rock - either way.
Playerwipe may or may not happen near the end of the month. Surveyed playerbase is split about 60/40 who believe it will/won't happen. I just made that stat up based on anecdotal evidence screw you. Big game events leading up to something major. Mass character death. Supposedly there will be more staff events this month.
Warg, Ramketh, Kyte, and Shora were picked for permadeath sacrifice to save the world (hahaa) and there was much speculation that they’d return as the first retters with Warg trotting out the "the overseer is a god, so I’m his retter“ bs. This hasn’t happened yet, so maybe he’s actually not as terrible as expected. Serenth sacrificed himself in the next few days after invasions etc happened for the same cause. If I were feeling snide I’d make a comment about how we all know Andrew has to involve himself in everything, even when it literally makes no rp sense and is as forced as could be. The non-staff three were returned from death (how unexpected /s) a few days later. Warg’s character appears to be deleted, but Serenth still has a pword associated with the acct. Typical.
Quolinara shut down/burned. Ancient elf dead.
Andrew promises new areas soon.
Unveiling of said areas supposed to occur this month. Rumored to include (ranked from most -> least likely imo) Jemeleon, new gear & hunting areas, tunnels under Baobab, potential lizard people, new character start city, functional high-level powers. Probably a changed elf city. Tbh I’d believe in a playerwipe just because Andrew would be like “whew, another five years to code in abilities before these assholes start whining about them again”.
Donation system getting overhauled. Party for emerald signet holders this evening (Jan 4) so if you happen to be a whale, you should come see what all that $$ bought you. Just imagine if you bought bitcoin instead of donating $1k a year ago. Some of you poor fucks actually put in ten times that, maybe more. But don’t worry too much. Regretting past mismanagement of funds leads to nothing but despair; instead, look to the future! Life goes on. So it goes.
(OP’s note: That being said, seriously you dumbass invest your money, maybe not in cryptocurrencies but stop throwing around what you can’t afford to lose for fuck’s sake. Some of you assholes worry more about paying 4k fake money for a fake boat than your actual $4k. Also, buy some god damn boats I need the funds.)
Personal drama: LOL JK it’s just the usual slutting around. But that’s a-ok. Druids getting new leadership once again (loltheysuck).
See y’all never. Happy new year!
p.s. would andrew be walmart-brand matt damon from black mirror s4e1 discuss. Note that he was literally star trek parody kirk in a dinner party show. ???illuminati???
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Idea: improve key renewal and revocation using Blockchain

I've been thinking today that current methods of PGP key renewal and revocation have some issues.
Let's say I have PGP key which expires soon. I create a new PGP key and send signed PGP message to everyone, who uses the old key saying: "Hello, my PGP will expire soon, my new one has fingerprint XYZ... Please update it."
The problem with this approach (beside having to send the e-mail to everyone) is that if one gets the e-mail later than expiration date he can't know whether it's legit or attacker broke the key and sent that message. So he must meet the key owner again and verify fingerprints.
To solve this problem Blockchain could be used. User who wants to renew the key signs the message and uploads to Blockchain via OP_RETURN. (or he just uploads it's hash and publishes message on his website/social media/whatever).
If anyone receives the message later, he can verify it was created prior to expiration date.
It becomes even more interesting when secp256k1 is involved instead of RSA. (Not part of PGP standard but theoretically possible in other signature schemes.) Then user can let Bitcoin network verify the signature too. (by sending small amount of Bitcoins to and from address generated from old key and tagging it in OP_RETURN)
There is also another problem: what if key is compromised before expiration date? Revocation signature must be created and published. Published revocation signature must be accessible to the verifier. Publishing it on website has obvious problems: first, website can be blocked, down or changed (revocation erased).
This is not possible with Blockchain. DoS is still possible but can be detected easily. So again, put revocation signature in OP_RETURN. This time, Bitcoin network can't be used to verify signature (because attacker could double spend in order to prevent signature from being stored into Blockchain). Also signature can't contain new key (attacker could do the same).
Now, how to securely put those two together? Rules:
TL;DR If implemented correctly, renewal and revocation of PGP keys could be improved (in terms of both security and usability) by embedding them into Blockchain.
What do you think of it? Any ideas on how to improve it even more?
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BITCOIN SIGNET RING! Made custom to your size. - YouTube Signet BIP325 Readthrough! Version extended WIF - YouTube Mainnet, Testnet, Regtest y Signet How Blockchain could change finance - YouTube SnapCard & Life as a Stopgap Startup

A password will be e-mailed to you. Privacy Policy & Cookies. Password recovery BITCOIN BULL TRAP?!!! 🚨 Another Dump Coming? 🚨 – Crypto TA Today & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News Now; Suspended ePayments platform will relaunch without crypto; VERY IMPORTANT WARNING FOR ALL BITCOIN AND ETHEREUM HOLDERS!!!!! Bitcoin Eyes $11,000 as Focus Shifts to Wednesday’s FOMC This is the goal of the Bitcoin signet, a new sort of testnet. 19.5 C. Amsterdam. 22 September 2020. Home; News. News. EOS long-term Price Analysis: 21 September. 22 September 2020. News. LTC Transaction Volume Up 104.7% Due to Litecoin-based… 22 September 2020. News. Ripple (XRP) Price Turns Red: Indicators Suggest Upsides… 22 September 2020. News. Ethereum Tumbles To $330: Here’s A ... This is the goal of the Bitcoin signet, a new sort of testnet. News. Breaking Bitcoin News; Bitcoin News; Tutorials. What is Bitcoin? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Bitcoin White Paper – Satoshi Nakamoto; How does Bitcoin Mining work? Set up a wallet; What is Ethereum? What is the Blockchain? What is a Hard Fork? What is a Soft Fork? Crypto Price Charts; Sign in. Welcome! Log into your account ... HAMILTON, Bermuda, Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Signet Jewelers Limited ("Signet") (NYSE:SIG), the world's largest retailer of diamond jewelry, today announced it has reinvented the holiday ...

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BITCOIN SIGNET RING! Made custom to your size. - YouTube

Bitcoin is changing the way we look at money. As we go through changes in our society we are seeing the importance of cryptocurrency in our lives. Cryptocurr... Financial News explains the technology behind blockchain and its potential pros and cons in the financial sector. Animation: Peter Walker Narration: Emily Allen This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Existen diferentes modos en Bitcoin-core. Los mas conocidos son el modo mainnet y el testnet. El resto de modos es más desconocido pero igual de intesantes. Dejo el link del código de Gavin ... Excerpt from Let's Talk Bitcoin - Episode 74 (