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Rugatu is a Question and Answer site, where the asker offers a bitcoin reward to the person who will give the best answer. Like in most other Q&A sites, with an economic incentive, the winner is sure to get his reward. There is a voting system, but to prevent vote spamming, the best answer is determined only by the person who asks. A system of reputation (karma) points, independent from the ... Learn from the reviews of other people who spent bitcoins at Rugatu, and find other similar places that accept bitcoin. Rugatu Q&A Community is an online community that aims to be a place where members can share information and learn in exchange for bitcoins. The project was founded by individuals working together and pooling their resources for a common goal, to raise Bitcoin awareness through useful online services. Project launched on June 9th, 2012 in beta (experimental) stage. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is still the biggest and best-known - its rise in value from a few cents to hundreds of dollars per coin by mid-2016 had given rise to a frenzy of ... Feb 7, 2019 - sasquatch, abominable snowman, yeti, bigfoot...I'm fascinated. See more ideas about Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Cryptozoology.

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