Bitcoin whale moves 8,500 BTC and 220,726 ETH - selloff ...

Shorting alts seems to be a much more reasonable and profitable. I don't see why they won't get totally obliterated in a couple of months.

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So all crypto land is going down... question is when. Some think this is imminent, others think it's a couple of months away.
Question is, since all altcoins are quite useless and shitty anyway, wouldn't it be way more profitable to short alts and wait for them to crack for good instead of shorting bitcoin?
I mean, it's quite obvious they're all btc driven, and they also outperform BTC in both gains and losses.
But at least Bitcoin has a leg to stand on, it has stood the test of time and all previous crashes. It has some limited use even and is somewhat accepted as payment. There is a shy BTC ecosystem in place. Everyone and their grandma knows about Bitcoin. So basically it has some sort of underlying value and purpose. It might get @2k or even @1k but it's highly unlikely it will get dumped further. Maybe 500$ lowest. Shorting bitcoin @5-7k range will get you an average of a 4k drop or 70-80% drop.
Now what about alts? LTC, which is a very old coin, dropped from 50$ to almost 1$ after the 2013 bubble. During the dead phase, it averaged 3$, that's 6% of it's 2013 ATH. In comparison, BTC tanked to an average of 250-300, which was 20% of it's ATH. And back in it's days LTC was quite a solid coin, with almost 2? years traded since it's launch. In that time, it was just one of the very few coins in circulation
Basically, BTC got beaten down in 2014 but alts got obliterated.
Now, we have a ridiculous number of alts, all gained because they follow bitcoin. Most were next to 0 prior to the 2017 bubble. They were created, tanked for a while and just went to the moon for no other reason than btc going there.
Remember how terrible the sentiment was past the 2013 bubble and how just about anyone gave up on bitcoin by 2015, which was THE dominant coin by a huge margin. Remember the bearwhale. Why would anyone even think of holding on to irrelevant shitcoins?
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