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Bitcoin Wallets

Hey guys,
Fanobet forced me to use Bitcoin. I am now looking for a Bitcoin Wallet where I can depoist/withdraw with paypal. I found a page called VirWox, but I am not sure if it is legit. Does someone of you have experience with VirWox or know another Wallet which I can use with paypal?
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How do I safely sell an item for BTC in person?

Thanks. I've been using virwox for a while now, they used to provide a convenient paypal option but now that they have removed that I've got no way to actually get my hands on any bitcoin. I have the pin for my wallet but after not logging in for probably over a year, it doesn't let me login with pin.
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Some things you may not know about BCH

  1. You (anyone) can open a web-wallet quite easily to get started: https://tsbw.io/bcc/ is open-source, or https://coin.space/?network=bitcoincash - in case you don't have a smartphone app like Jaxx or Coinomi these are temporary wallets just to get you started.
  2. You don't have to buy coin. You (anyone) can earn bch through tips here on reddit, or twitter thanks to /tipp tippr or similar bots.
  3. Anyone can also earn bch right now too on http://yours.org by posting updates that people might find interesting and/or useful. This is an amazing thing, and makes me think a lot of other platforms for earning are coming soon.
  4. You can buy gift-cards using bch on https://cryptonize.it/product/amazon-gift-card/ - if amazn ships to you this means you can buy foods and stuff to live off of (rice/beans/soylent?etc). Disclaimer: I do not work and am not associated with any of these projects. This one it seems they're getting a lot of orders so they're still working out the kinks. (https://cryptonize.it/about/). This seems like a huge business opportunity to try and work around the stranglehold that visa and mastercard have on payments. - edit: I just realized (if they're in stock) you can buy other types of giftcards (instead of or including amzn) and sell them for cash on many card-to-cash websites, and sometimes even local kiosks.
  5. Depending on where you are in the world some places, for example https://www.southxchange.com/ claim you can sell bch for fiat (if you really have to). YMMV and I have not done this. Remember, some banks hate crypto since it challenges them. If you're thinking of doing bank transfers to fiat from exchanges be careful - the bank may shut down your account! They may also cut-off links between exchanges at any time.
  6. Some places like BitPay offer crypto 'debit cards' where you can fill up with btc (not yet bch?) and then spend it like you're used to anywhere visa is accepted, but don't expect these to be around forever because they rely on visa partnerships, so don't expect them to always keep fees low either.
  7. If you don't like using Coinbase or other privacy-invasive services your options for converting bch to fiat are increasingly slim. You can try any number of exchanges that offer bch/fiat but keep in mind that security, sharing bank account info and ID info can be a big risk and sometimes the fees are huge, alternatives might include virtual exchanges such as http://virwox.com but the process goes something like BCH -> litecoin LTC -> to linden (exchange may not be cheap) -> to fiat to then withdraw fiat to skrill or paypal - fees might be steep there too and paypal hasn't been too friendly with this idea. But if you're thinking of going this route you can use Shapeshift to convert bch to ltc through coinomi.
  8. The more places that offer ways to spend bch, the more local need for putting it back into fiat is not required. However, it is a catch-22 to expect merchants to be able to buy stock from others who are not using crypto yet and start accepting bch. Most people don't understand blockchain and with it crypto so if you're planning on asking your local shopkeeper to accept bitcoin you better have a way to make it clear to them the many advantages but also how they can use their own bch to buy produce/materials to keep the business running. (Maybe via #4). This (in my opinion) is the greatest barrier to wider bch adoption.
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Hi, I have some left over Bitcoin from the crypto mining craze in my wallet, and I want that bitcoin in my paypal. I was wondering if VirWox Paypal withdrawals still work since their Paypal deposits sure don’t. I don’t really care about the fees, every extra penny is an extra penny. Thanks
Virwox Paypal withdrawal
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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal
In order to buy Bitcoin, casual investors want to avoid the complicated process of setting up an account with exchanges or going the mining route – two rather detailed and laborious processes. Thankfully PayPal offers a more convenient method to acquire digital currencies.

How to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal through eToro

Pros: Accepts a variety of payment methods, low fees
Cons: Not available in the US
eToro is a platform that allows users to buy bitcoins with PayPal and is considered to be one of the easiest methods to do so. Worthy of note is that eToro does not enable users to withdraw or transfer bitcoins to other users, rather it allows users to sell Bitcoin only for fiat currency. Users do not need a bitcoin wallet to use eToro as they do not store any coins.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through VirWox

Pros: A reliable method
Cons: High fees
VirWox (Virtual World Exchange) – It is a platform that allows trading of digital currencies such as Lindens, Bitcoins, etc. This exchange has more than 400,000 registered users and is an authorized reseller of Second Life Lindens (SLL).
Here is a step-by-step guide taking you through VirWox:
  • Go to VirWox.com
  • Open an account – login to Virwox, register and fill personal details like username, email address, etc. Skip when asked for “avatar name” and enter all other necessary information and click “register”.
  • Activate an account – a confirmation email is sent to your account with a password. Login to Virwox with these credentials. It is advised to change the password before transferring money.
  • Deposit money through PayPal – to do this, ensure you have an account with PayPal and ‘understand terms of service’ allowed by PayPal for using SLLs to buy bitcoins. Deposit money into Virwox account via PayPal. Now you have a balance in your VirWox account to purchase coins with.
  • Go back to VirWox and buy SLL, and then buy bitcoins with your newly purchased SLL. Click “withdraw” to send your new bitcoins to your wallet. That’s it! Now you own Bitcoin!
VirWox charges fees for each transaction such as exchanging USD for SLL and then exchanging SLL for BTC. The fee structure of VirWox changes constantly so keep an eye on this every time you want to make a transaction. VirWox has been in the market for a long time and is currently the most reliable platform.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through Local Bitcoins

Pros: Various sellers from all around the world
Cons: High fees, chances of scams
Local Bitcoins is another marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. In this method, users can buy bitcoins with PayPal by finding a suitable seller with an excellent feedback score and large trade volume. Trading with new buyers involves higher risk, so sellers charge buyers high fees – keep that in mind!
  • Enter search parameters – go to Local Bitcoins and select your country and choose the amount to be purchased.
  • Choose a seller – a list of sellers is displayed by Local Bitcoins. Choose a seller who has a good feedback score. Each seller has trade limits which range from a minimum to a maximum amount of bitcoins required to trade.
  • Go to Payment window – buyer’s reputation increases per transaction and sellers prefer to sell bitcoins to buyers with a good reputation to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Complete the trade – after finding a suitable seller and entering the quantity of purchase, click “Send trade request” and your done!

How to Buy Bitcoin Using PayPal through Wirex

Pros: Normal fees
Cons: Withdrawing funds takes more than a week
Wirex is a leading company that provides virtual and physical bitcoin debit cards (which is just like a normal debit card). Users can use Wirex’s card to buy bitcoins with PayPal.
  • Request for a new physical/ virtual debit card from Wirex – login to Wirex and click on “request new card” and choose the card type. Users can use both physical and virtual cards to buy bitcoins via PayPal.
  • Link debit card details to PayPal account:
    • In PayPal account, go to “wallet”, select “add a card” to add your virtual bitcoin card. A minimum of $3 is required in PayPal account to verify this card.
    • A 4-digit code is generated, which is the verification pin for Wirex cards on PayPal.
    • Go to “wallet” and click “Withdraw funds” and choose “withdraw funds to your card” option.
    • Withdrawal would take up to 7 days to appear in Wirex account.
    • Buy bitcoins with Wirex debit card.

How to Buy Bitcoins Using PayPal through Paxful

Pros: Wide range of sellers from all over the world
Cons: Chances of scam, high exchange rate
Paxful is the latest version of Local Bitcoins. It is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace and allows users to buy bitcoins with Skype credits, Amazon gift cards, etc. In Paxful, a seller sends bitcoins, buyer purchases and sends dollars to escrow. Once the trading is completed, funds are released to each party.
The process to buy bitcoins through Paxful is:
  • Create an account
  • To buy, select payment method by entering the desired amount
  • To sell bitcoins, select “seller manually” or allow Paxful to decide who the best seller is.

Final Thoughts…

Cryptocurrencies are tentative, complex and involve high risks as they are highly volatile. Before buying bitcoins through PayPal, ensure that the terms and conditions of PayPal and bitcoins are well – understood to make your transactions secure.
Source: CryptoCurrencyNews
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Had some trouble with the previous post of this, probably because of the Zap links. No big deal though, it was just trying it out and obviously it didn't work so hot. Here's the same post with direct links.
Play some games! These all have faucets so you can play (a little) without spending anything.
Come back once in a while because I may, and do, add to this list.
these are nearly all referral links

The Games

Just click 'em and go.
FreeBitco.in FreeDoge.co.in Primedice Play through a VPN if you're in the US Cryptoskull YOLOdice DuckDice 999Dice Luckygames house token faucet

No Faucet

Still ways to get free bits, but don't beg

Extra Faucets

They may have annoying pop ups, but so far only as bad as needing to close a tab. Should any cross the line they will be removed. Use these collectively to fund the games for a little extra play or to fund a strategy.
AllCoins Clams4Free renamed, you'll need a Clam wallet, wallet and play at https://just-dice.com Instant-LTC
CoinPot required: Moon Bitcoin Moon Litecoin Moon Dogecoin Moon Bcash Moon Dash Bitfun Bonus Bitcoin
A note about CoinPot: you can convert one faucet bucket balance to another type, BTC to LTC for example, but it's not equal. If you convert do it to a balance once only or you'll lose some to the conversion regardless of what they say.


No, not fake web mining or scams. This will be a short list.
Electroneum Mobile Miner I no longer recommend Electroneum. Their "miner" worked as advertised, but they're a hairs breadth from being a centrallized coin which is just wrong.


You can trade between Clam<->BTC or LTC<->Doge or whatever you prefer
Cryptopia Popular exchange, has many cryptocurrencies. VirWoX high fees, but easy to get BTC from PayPal or back this way. Only useful for that purpose unless you play their game too.
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Trading DOGE: Your full guide to trading Dogecoin for profit

NOTE: YES! This guide is long, but when you get started it's fast and easy.
Hi everyone,
my previous post about PTC's got so much hate. So I decided to make a full guide on how I made $120 last month. If the same interest and numbers remain you'll be making $100/month for two months, and $500/month for another month. On your third month, you'll be able to make over $750 if the market remains. These last couple of days I've just bought low sold high to people. The steps are really simple and anyone can do it, I'll show you all the steps in detail for maximum profits.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your money or actions. Any accusations to me (Rynsi) will not be accepted, use it on your own risk!
1. Introduction
2. Get started with Dogecoin
2.1 Install your wallet
3. Choose trading sources
4. Where to sell Dogecoin?
5. Good advise
6. Summary
7. Proof of Screenshots for the naysayers
8. Links
1. Introduction
I started trading Dogecoin (I'll talk about this coin soon) 5th of February, and saw a great potential in making money with it. With this guide, you'll make 15%-30% of your money back with each trade because the current market is limited, therfor YOU can provite this service that many people request. I started with $72 and now have $220, which makes my ROI 205.5%. I will show you how it's made step by step before it blows up and become viral!
2. Get started with Dogecoin
You can use it to buy goods and services, or trade it for other currencies (both other cryptocurrencies or traditional currency like US dollars). By far the most popular use the Dogecoin however is for "tipping" fellow internet-goers who are creating or sharing great content. Think of it as a more meaningful "like" or upvote, with real value that can be used all across the internet.
2.1 Install your wallet
To start using Dogecoin, you'll need a wallet. A wallet is just like your online bank account, only your entire account is stored securely on your local computer or in the cloud. From your wallet you can send and receive Dogecoin, manage your address book and review a history of your transactions.
Desktop wallets can be downloaded and run from your computer's desktop. Desktop wallets are more secure as they don't rely on a third-party server in the cloud:
Windows (click to download)
OS X (click to download)
Source code(if you're using Linux, you'll need to compile the wallet yourself)
For Windows and OS X users, simply extract the .zip file to a secure location on your computer, then double click on "dogecoin-qt" to run. For information on how to use your desktop wallet, check out this great site.
3. Choose trading sources
You know now how to get a Dogecoin wallet, but you will need to get an online wallet to save USD on, one exchange site to trade USD to BTC and one to trade BTC to DOGE. It might sound a lot to do in the startup phase, but it's really easy once you get going!
3.1 USD/BTC Exchange
There are a lot of options when it comes to buying BTC, but for now VirWox is the only one that accepts PayPal and VISA purchases. You can choose many different kinds of sites that accept USD/BTC trades, that is another story that is another story to be told. VirWox has a limit of depositing $780 per month, but after 60 days you can deposit $2800 per month, so trading as much as possible will be the best thing to do if you want money.
USD Storage: PayPal
USD/BTC Exchange: VirWox (ref / non-ref)
To deposit dollars with (VERIFIED) PayPal to VirWox, you need to be a verified user. This is to prevent frautend actions such as chargebacks and instant payments. The deposit will be instantly made after you complete the order and you can start trade. To trade, you first have to buy SLL with the USD on your account [!!!WARNING!!!] USE LIMIT ORDER and NOT market order.
Now do the same, but with the SLL/BTC exchange. I repeat, do NOT use the market order. Use LIMIT ORDER to get as much BTC as possible.
You have now successfully completed a USD/BTC exchange!
3.2 BTC/DOGE Exchange
This step is almost similar to the previous Exchange, but this step is only with Crypto-currency (read Bitcoin and Dogecoin).
BTC/USD Exchange: Cryptsy (ref / non-ref)
To exchange to BTC, you need to withdraw your BTC from VirWox to Cryptsy. This is made in the Cryptsy balance page, where you can generate a BTC deposit adress. Unfortunately, you have to wait 48 hours the first time for VirWox to accept your deposit manually due to security reasons, all the other transactions in this guide will be almost instant.
Now when you have BTC on your Cryptsy account, you have to do the same as you did with USD/SLL and SLL/BTC, really easy! When you have traded to DOGE, your downloaded Desktop Wallet comes in handy. Deposit the DOGE from Cryptsy to your Desktop Wallet and you're ready to go to the next step!
4. Where to sell Dogecoin?
This is a great surprise I have waited to tell you, you use REDDIT to sell Dogecoin! It's really easy to do. Go to /dogemarket/new and see what the current prices are. You can sell for the same price as others, undercut for faster sales or overcut for slower sales (but bigger profits!). You structure the post by [SERVICE] AMOUNT RATE PAYMENT TYPE (SPECIAL OFFER). Here is an example, my last post where I sold Dogecoin. If you follow my conversation in that post you will see how typical trades are being made.
When you have traded the Doge you can make a post on the /dogemarket verification thread where you achieve levels that will be shown for other users through your flare. Notice the orage flares, those indicate level of trades, age and amount you have traded. These are good for noticing legit and fake users, but always be of scammers!
5. Good advise
A. Only accept GIFT (friends and family option) from (VERIFIED) PayPal, DO NOT accept eChecks or transactions that has to be accepted first. eChecks and Instant payments can be chargebacked and gifts will prevent this from being possible.
B. If you have reached VirWox deposit limit, wait a while to see how the BTC/DOGE market is going. You might make some extra 1000's of DOGE if you wait a while.
C. Always be nice and kind to the DOGE community, they are really friendly, patient and polite, be so too!
D. Try to be fast in your transactions on /dogemarket, good service equals good reviews.
E. PEOPLE WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU! Always check for names including "shibe" or "doge" and new accounts.
F. Have fun! If you have fun trading and communicating with other people on Reddit, you will enjoy yourself and have a better time making money.
6. Summary: A step by step guide to make $100+/month
(and $500+/month after 60 days if market remains)
Download your dogecoin wallet.
Sign up to PayPal, VirWox and Cryptsy.
Add money to your (VERIFIED) PayPal account.
Deposit the money to VirWox.
Exchange money to SLL.
Exchange SLL to BTC.
Withdraw BTC to Cryptsy.
Exchange BTC to DOGE.
Withdraw DOGE to Desktop Wallet.
Make a post on /dogemarket.
Recieve PayPal money from buyer.
Send Dogecoin to buyer.
7. Proof of Screenshots for the naysayers
PayPal Proof
VirWox Proof
Cryptsy Proof
Desktop Wallet Proof
As if you haven't seen the whole iceberg, here is my reddit verification post
8. Links
Dogecoin Promotional video(a must watch)
Dogecoin Subreddit
Dogecoin Official website
Bitcoin Subreddit

Bitcoin Official website

This is my first guide: making over $100/month with a $72 investment. When your VirWox account is 60 days you'll make $500/month and when your VirWox account is 90 days you'll make $750/month (if market remains as it is).
I think it's a big effort by me trying to teach you how to make money, so I would really appreciate you using the referral links. If you find any errors in my guide, please don't hesitate to tell. I will be answering any questions regarding my guide as good as possible doesn't matter if you comment or PM.
I'm accepting any donations,
TL;DR Wanna be rich? read.
Edit: Formatting
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Buying Dogecoin is so hard

I'm trying to buy Dogecoin, but i live in Mexico so the usual places people buy Bitcoin so they can then buy Doge need bank verification (only US). So i went to the dogemarket and they want the paypal transfer as a gift (I don't have a problem with that, don't want them to get ban from paypal)
But in my country the option to send as a gift does not exist.
I hate my country so much right now :(
I just wanted to buy 25K of doge... Mexican shibes can't have nothing good these days.
Ps. Thanks for reading my rant and sorry for my bad grammar.
Edit: Google wallet is racist a told me to go home :(
Giving Skrill a try... I'm not giving up, by the end of the day i will buy doge no matter what.
Edit 2: Skrill won't verify my debit card
Edit 3: Finally i bought some Bitcoin with paypal at virwox.com, there are lots of fees and it will take 48 hours for the transfer of Bitcoins (because i'ts my firts transfer) to my new account on cryptsy.com.
Overall i think it was cheaper and more secure than buying at localbitcoins.com (mexico).
Thank you all for your advice.
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currently use VirWox. 177 dollars turned into 145 dollars because of all the percentage shaving they did. Looking for another option. Any suggestions?

I used to use circle.com and it was perfect. Instant credit card (or Paypal) direct to bitcoin with no charge. They quit dealing in bitcoin, so I was forced to look around. Found a few websites that required a bunch of identity proving, which is constantly denied due to my ID card being cracked. Virwox is instant and easy, but it costs money to put some in your account. Then you transfer it to SSL and that costs money. Then you transfer it to bitcoin and that costs money. Then you move it to your wallet, and that costs money. 177 is what I paid for but by the end of it, I had $145 in bitcoin. Any instant, easy websites like circle.com out there?
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PayPal --> Bitcoin (best exchange rates)

What are the cheapest options to withdraw money from PayPal account without transferring them to local bank? I was thinking Bitcoin because exchanging PayPal into other ewallets adds up to about 20% in fees upon cash withdrawal.
VirWox has decent rates (adds up to about 12%), but for some reason they decided that my account is high risk (whatever that means, I'm still waiting on them to get back to me) and refunded my first payment. Exchange rates at localbitcoins.com and paxful are terrible so I won't use them.
P.S. I'm not stealing money from somebody else's account. I just need to be able to send my PayPal funds into another jurisdiction where I can transfer them even to a bank account if necessary.
Edit: I'm also thinking PayPal E-wallet Bitcoin might be an alright option, but my head is about to explode from various exchange rates and fees that each system has.
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Litecoins in the wind

Just thought I'd share my 2 hour journey on finding lost Litecoins, spoiler alert, they're gone.
So I decided I would find my long lost litecoin wallet, so I dug through my Google account history, and found 4 results for Litecoin dating back to 2014, one of them linked to litecoin.info ( Which seems to be down ) so I accessed it through web.archive.org and found the link in question, how to buy litecoins. It suggested buying with PayPal through a website called VirWox, which as soon as I clicked on, I recognized. Like 15 minutes later, I had recovered my VirWox account and as I thought, I bought $5 worth of SLL in Jan 30, 2014 which I would then trade for LTC since apparently buying Litecoin with PayPal was against TOS (Not sure if still is). The guide then said to transfer them to an exchange. After searching for all the exchange names in my E-Mail history, I finally found one about my account registration with Cryptsy, only to find out it's now bankrupt, aaaand I missed out on the lawsuit dates.
R.I.P. My fraction of a Litecoin, you'd be worth around a hundred today.
P.S. I also found that my first Bitcoin search was "what are bitcoins" on Oct 20, 2012. Oh if only I had bought back then...
P.P.S. Obligatory nightmare story about selling 33 Litecoins years later for $280, nice.
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Svona er hægt að breyta AUR í seðla

Hvernig er hægt að fá seðla í staðinn fyrir Auroracoin? T.d. svona: Sendir Auroracoin í AUR wallet á cryptsy.com, þar getur þú selt aurinn og fengið Bitcoin í staðinn. Næst sendiru Bitcoin í BTC walletið þitt á virwox.com. Þar getur þú keypt Linden Dollars fyrir Bitcoin. Síðan selur þú Linden dollarana og færð evrur eða dollara. Næst gerir þú "withdraw to paypal" og þá sendast evrurnar eða dollararnir á paypal. Á paypal gerirðu svo "withdraw to creditcard", bíður svo eftir að það dettur inn á kortið og tekur svo út í hraðbanka. Um 170 evrur akkúrat núna.
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Bitcoin: Los argentinos somos los que más podemos beneficiarnos.

Si no sabés lo que es Bitcoin, te cuento que es la solución a la inflación, a los controles, al robo de nuestros ahorros, al congelamiento de cuentas, a la dificultad para invertir, y muchas cosas más. Les dejo algunos links que explican muy bien todo:
Fundación Bitcoin Argentina
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin FAQ
Más información en /Bitcoin.
Si escuchaste algo pero pensás que es una estafa, te dejo algunos links para que veas que es legítimo:
Bitcoin en Business Insider, explicado por Andrea Castillo
Performance de Bitcoin en CNBC
Senadores de EEUU mandando tweets de Bitcoin
Cómo comprar Bitcoin desde Argentina? Hay dos metodos:
Uno es con localbitcoins.com, de persona a persona. Este método nunca lo van a poder detener, así como no pueden detener al dolar paralelo que pasa de mano en mano. Tambien puede ser con transferencias bancarias, algunos lo hacen.
Otro método es con tarjeta de crédito usando virwox.com. Con este método podemos beneficiarnos aún más ya que nos sale más barato que en cualquier parte del mundo, debido a que la tarjeta nos cobra el dolar a $6 + 20%, sin mencionar que hacemos todo desde la comodidad del hogar y con solo unos clicks. Al principio te pone unos limites de cuánto podés comprar (por seguridad), pero te los va subiendo a medida que pasa el tiempo. El detalle de como hacerlo es el siguiente: Entrás a virwox, te registrás, vas a comprar SSL (la moneda de Second Life, un juego muy famoso) a través de Paypal o Skrill, y luego con eso comprás BTC (pagando con tus SSL). Este paso intermedio también cobra unas comisiones, pero no se preocupen, sigue siendo más barato que en cualquier exchange del mundo, nadie más puede hacer esto. Luego simplemente enviás los BTC a tu wallet personal.
Cualquier duda consultenme.
Y si esta información te sirvió, por favor compartila con todos los argentinos que puedas. Hacele un bien a tu país, que tuvo que sufrir tantos gobiernos.
Bonus: El himno de Bitcoin
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How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

So I know a lot of people have been asking about this (and so was I) so I finally found a way to buy Bitcoins with PayPal. The whole idea is to circumvent the direct purchase of BTC with Paypal with buying SLL (Second Life Lindens) and then exchanging them for BTC.
You can find the original post on my Facebook notes here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ofir-beigel/buying-bitcoins-with-paypal-or-with-a-credit-card/10151639487083203
If you want a short rundown of how it's done then here's the deal:
IMPORTANT: This process hold within it more transaction fees than usual. This may still be a valid solution since the soaring numbers of BTC compensate for this. It's important for you to be aware of the different transaction fees.
Step 1: Go to VirWox.
VirWox is an exchange of virtual currency, you can buy there Lindens, Bitcoins, and more...
Step 2: Open a free account
Click on the "not registered yet" to open up a new account.
Step 3: Fill out our personal details
Fill out your username and email address. Where it asks for "avatar name" just fill out any name you like it doesn't matter, since you're not going to play Second Life. Continue filling out all of the personal details and click "register".
Step 4: Activate your account
Once you clicked "register" you will get an email confirmation with an initial password. Open the email and log into VirWox with your initial password.
Step 5: IMPORTANT!!! Change your password!
After clicking the confirmation link it is advised you change you password as shown below since you will be transferring money through this site. Do not worry about the message saying "Your avatar connection has not been validated yet" - it is irrelevant.
Step 6: Fund your account through PayPal
Click on deposit on the left side and choose PayPal Express. Fund the account with how many USD you'd like.
Note: From now on for each transaction you will make there will be a fee - make sure you are aware of the relevant deposit and withdrawal fees
Step 7: Buy SLL with USD
Go to Exchange->USD/SLL on the left side. You can also go to any other currency you'd like. Buy SLL (which mean Second Life Lindens) . We will later on exchange these SLL to Bitcoins.
Note: If you haven't made a deposit yet you will get the screen shown above requestion you to deposit before you buy SLL.
Step 8: Buy BTC with SLL
Once you have SLL in your account, go to the BTC/SLL and buy Bitcoins with your SLL.
Step 9: Withdraw your Bitcoins
Choose "Withdraw" on the left side and send the Bitcoins to your wallet.
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08-09 07:32 - '70+ Bitcoin companies, exchange and wallets that did NOT agree to Segwit2x' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/jtos3 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 296-306min

Bitfinex - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Kraken - world's largest EUR Bitcoin exchange based on volume
LocalBitcoins - world's largest P2P Bitcoin exchange
Bitstamp - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Gemini - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Poloniex - world's largest cryptocurrency exchange
Bittrex - world's second largest cryptocurrency exchange
BitQuick - major cash to Bitcoin exchange in the USA
Vaultoro - gold/bitcoin exchange
VirWoX - world's largest Paypal to Bitcoin exchange
Zebpay - one of India's largest Bitcoin exchanges
CoinMama - one of the world's largest credit card to Bitcoin brokers
BitPanda - one of Europe's largest Bitcoin brokers
CEX.io - top global Bitcoin and crypto exchange
coinhouse - credit card to Bitcoin broker run by Ledger
Bitcoin.de - one of Europe's largest P2P Bitcoin exchanges
Bittylicious - one of the UK's largest Bitcoin brokers
Coinfloor - European Bitcoin broker and exchange
BitBargain - UK Bitcoin exchangd
Paymium - Bitcoin broker based in France
Bity - large European Bitcoin exchange
Satoshi Counter - Canadian OTC Bitcoin exchange
Bitaccess - Canadia Bitcoin ATM network
SurBitcoin - Venezuela's largest Bitcoin exchange
Cryptobuyer - Venezuelan Bitcoin exchange
bit2c - Israel's top Bitcoin exchange
Bits of Gold - Israel's largest Bitcoin broker
CoinHako - one of Singapore's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Volabit - Mexican Bitcoin exchange
Satoshi Tango - Latin American Bitcoin exchange
Mercado Bitcoin - Brazilian Bitcoin exchange
FOXBIT - Brazilian Bitcoin exchange
OKCoin - Chinese Bitcoin exchange
Huobi - Chinese Bitcoin exchange
LakeBTC - Bitcoin exchange
Gatecoin - Bitcoin exchange
Bitrefill - mobile phone topups with Bitcoin
CoinJar - Australian Bitcoin broker
BuyaBitcoin - Australian cash to bitcoin exchange
Coin Loft - Australian cash to Bitcoin exchange
Urdubit - Bitcoin exchange based in Pakistan
Bitcoin Cambodia - Camobdian Bitcoin broker
Bitt - Caribbean Bitcoin exchange
bitcoin.co.id - Indonesia's largest Bitcoin exchange
Coincheck - one of Japan's largest Bitcoin exchanges
coins.co.th - one of Thailand's largest Bitcoin brokers/exchange
bitcoin.co.th - one of Thailand's largest Bitcoin brokers/exchange
MaiCoin - Taiwanese Bitcoin exchange
Bitonic - Dutch Bitcoin broker
Bitrush - Dutch Bitcoin broker
BitBay - Bitcoin broker based in Poland
Bitcoin Romania - largest Romanian Bitcoin exchange & broker
Nairaex - Nigeria's largest Bitcoin exchange
Bitsewa - Nepal's largest Bitcoin exchange
Wall of Coins - major US cash to Bitcoin exchange
LibertyX - major US cash to Bitcoin exchange
CoinCorner - European Bitcoin broker
Cubits - European Bitcoin broker
Bitit - European Bitcoin broker
itBit - OTC Bitcoin trading
Anycoin Direct - European Bitcoin broker
Belgacoin - large European Bitcoin exchange/broker
Bisq - decentralized Bitcoin exchange
KeepKey - hardware Bitcoin wallet
Ledger Wallet - hardware Bitcoin wallet
TREZOR - hardware Bitcoin wallet
Electrum - Bitcoin desktop wallet
GreenAddress - Bitcoin web wallet
Slush Pool - Bitcoin mining pool
Samourai Wallet - Android Bitcoin wallet
breadwallet - most popular iOS Bitcoin wallet
Mycelium - popular Android Bitcoin wallet
Please help list more in the comments.
70+ Bitcoin companies, exchange and wallets that did NOT agree to Segwit2x
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Today marks my 1 year anniversary into Bitcoin :)

Dec 17th I made my first purchase of BTC. I did it at Virwox with paypal, bought SL then exchanged them for BTC. Then I printed out a few paper wallets offline and stored this new treasure of mine. (I'm still using those same paper wallets, the private keys have never seen the internet and I'm convinced is the best and easiest way for cold storage.) My wife laughed. I found better ways to buy (coinbase) and kept buying more every month. A few months later she got angry because everything was bitcoin this, bitcoin that. More recently, she will forward me news articles and say "did you hear Microsoft now accepts bitcoin?".
I truly believe Bitcoin will be revolutionary. I started with the price near the peak and I've ridden it all the way down. Cheers to you all who have done the same and hoping for a strong 2015.
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Bitcoins not appearing?

So i brought bitcoins through virwox with paypal its been processed and they sent it to the correct address however i opened my bitcoin wallet now and the same address i was supposed to receive the bitcoin through is not there and the bitcoins do not appear in my balances. Please give me advice and
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Best way to buy bitcoin

So, I'm trying to obtain some bitcoin for myself.
I have paypal/debit card I can buy with, but I don't know where I can exchange my USD for BTC.
I heard about virwox.com but they ended up closing my account and refunding me my money, so I'm a bit skeptical of other websites now.
Does anyone know of a good website to buy bitcoin from? I have a BTC wallet on blockchain that I am hoping to put the BTC in.
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Virwox rejected my account registration and got cocky about it too!

(1) Install the bitcoin wallet to your phone --write down the passphrase they autogenerate for you --send the bitcoin address to yourself (your PC) via email (2) Install Authy to your phone (3) Use a PC (or your phone) to visit VirWox and create an account: (setup 2FA for the account using Authy to generate the 6-digit MFA code) (4) Get the confirmation email from VirWox and relogin, changing your password in the process (5) In VirWox: --transfer $99 USD from Paypal (or Credit Card or Debit Card) to your VirWox account --exchange $99 USD to SSL --exchange SSL to bitcoin --withdraw bitcoin to your phone's wallet (you'll need to copynpaste the bitcoin address from your email from step (1)) --prepare to wait up to 48 hrs for VirWox to complete the transaction (first time users only, after that it's immediate) (6) After 24 hrs, get email from VirWox: VirWox>> Hello, unfortunately we have received high risk indications for this account. We have therefore refunded your payment and closed the account. me>> Thank you! Without a better explanation, I will take my business elsewhere. VirWoxYes, please do take your "business" elsewhere. That was the idea of closing your account. meHah! You're so funny :)
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btc core problem. bought btc from virwox, cant see them on my wallet

hello, i wanted to invest some money on btc. i bought from virwox via paypal and i sent them to my wallet which i created with bitcoin core. when i checked blockchain.info i saw that transaction has been made yet i dont see anything in my wallet. also program i installed is not going to allow me to spend or send any money until synch is complete. i dont want my moneys to be gone. what should i do ?
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Bridging the Gap to the Masses

My suggestion:
You guys need a "Getting Started" tab beside "Home" on your website. In it, you should explain in very simple language (like, so my grandmother could understand) several ways to go about buying reddcoin. This should go beyond what you have in your FAQ and explain how to buy bitcoin step by step ending reddcoin. (Vault of Satoshi may solve some of these steps soon but until then. . .) You also need to explain what a wallet is and how to use one. What are all of these codes? How do you tip? And so on. . . Imagine the questions your grandmother would ask.
My Rationale:
I'm acceptably tech savvy but I only got into cryptocurrencies recently. Even for me, I wouldn't say it was easy to figure out how to buy in. In the end, I used PayPal and VirWox because I wasn't totally comfortable connecting my bank account to all these different and sometimes dodgy-looking exchange websites. Now that I'm used to the system, I don't think twice about it but you guys have a huge barrier to cross in making cryptos simple and easily accessible to the average social media user. You want to make reddcoin the coin for the masses but right now it does NOT feel simple until you are already quite experienced with cryptos. Somehow you need to start bridging that gap.
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How to buy Bitcoins on Virwox and the real cost of going through Virwox

It seems like a lot of people are buying bitcoins through Virwox only to found out that they paid a hefty premium and that they have loose change in their Virwox account that they cannot redeem.. There are a few simple steps to avoid/minimize that issue.
Step One: the fee to deposit cash onto your account I use Paypal and they charge you €0.35 + 3.4% in fees. In order not have any loose change since converting into SLL can only be done with Units of Cash (no decimal points) you need to work out the net deposit amount For example: if you want €100 then you need to deposit €103.89
Step Two: Buy SLL with Euros Next go to the EUSLL exchange and pick market order (it rarely is better to put a limit order since the fees for a limit order are greater than the extra you might earn from going in the order book with a higher limit, it’s possible but chances are since this a rather illiquid you’ll never be executed). Limit order fees: 3.90% Market Order fees: 50SLL + 2.9% At the current rate 1EUR = 269.7SLL, 100 euros will get you 26140 SLL (and you paid 832 SLL in fees or about 3 euros) If you put a limit order hoping to get a better rate, the best offer rate is 273.9, so going just in front of that at 273.8 will get you 26314 SLL or 174 more SLL but the fees are 1068 and the chances of being executed are very small. To give you some perspective you start getting less SLL with a limit order at a rate of 271.9… because you pay more fees (I always go with the market order).
Step Three: Buy BTC with SLL The exact same fees apply (2.9% +50 SLL) so again you want to go with the market order. At the current BTC/SLL rate of 59100 SLL for 1 BTC, with 26140 I can buy 0.4286BTC of which you paid 808 SLL or about 3 euros in commission.. At the very end to withdraw your BTC into your wallet you’ll pay an additional 0.005 btc leaving you with exactly 0.4236 BTC.
Conclusion: The current market rate for BTC/EUR is 210.48 on kraken, at that rate your 103.39 euros would have gotten you 0.4935 BTC or 0.0649 more than with virwox… all in all the total commission for that trade is about 15.41% or about 16 Euros. On average the total commission is between 13 – 20 % it all depends on how liquid the different currencies are… it’s as if you bought 1 BTC at an exchange rate of 242.37 EUBTC which is a pretty large spread but given the convenience for small amounts and the speed (for 2 timers the btc withdrawal is instant) and the anonymity this is one of the easiest ways to get btc fast and securely. Any comments are welcome or any other website or cheaper alternative are more than welcome. Note though that you do not need to give any kind of identification on virwox.. although your paypal/credit cards details will reveal who you are.
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Bitcoin mit PayPal kaufen  Virwox How to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal (Virwox Option) Cheapest way to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller (4% fee) Acheter Des Bitcoins Avec Carte Bancaire Sans Verification : Virwox VirWox Bitcoin Purchase Process Proof And Received In Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

Sollten Sie bei VirWoX PayPal für Abhebungen vom Konto verwenden, schlägt dies mit einem pauschalen Entgelt in Höhe von 1,00 Euro plus 2 % PayPal-Gebühren zu Buche. Bitcoin-Nutzer, die eine Auszahlung in der nach wie vor wichtigsten Kryptowährung weltweit durchführen, zahlen eine Bearbeitungsgebühr von 0,0005 BTC. Bei allen anderen VirWoX Zahlungsmethoden zahlen Sie jeweils eine Gebühr ... 1. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through eToro. Pros: Relatively low fees, a variety of payment methods accepted Cons: Not available worldwide, withdrawing profits in crypto is complicated The easiest way to buy Bitcoin with PayPal would be through eToro but only for a limited purpose. While the platform will allow you to buy bitcoins with PayPal, withdrawing them to your wallet will take an ... VirWoX was the major PayPal to Bitcoin exchange, but it got shut down in January 2020. eToro is the best way to use PayPal to gain exposure to Bitcoin. It allows you to speculate on the price but access the coins. Popular Exchanges. Independent Reserve (AU/NZ) Low fees with instant AUD deposits; EFT, POLi, Osko & SWIFT; Top cryptos, tax reports, local support & OTC desk; BUY NOW. eToro eToro ... Unlike other bitcoin-only exchanges, VirWox has a much grater expertise into this business as it is operating as an exchange for Second Life dolars for over 7 years. The methods that allows you to handle your cash are much more diversified and you can use standard methods like Paypal, Skrill, Ukash or credit/debit cards. VirWoX war die größte PayPal-zu-Bitcoin-Börse, die jedoch im Januar 2020 geschlossen wurde. eToro ist der beste Weg, PayPal zu nutzen, um mit Bitcoin konfrontiert zu werden. Damit können Sie über den Preis spekulieren, aber gleichzeitig auf die Coins zugreifen. eToro eToro eToro. Unterstützt Bitcoin, Ethereum & 15 weitere Coins; Schnell mit dem Handel beginnen; hohe Limits; Ihr Kapital ...

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Bitcoin mit PayPal kaufen Virwox

This virtual wallet allows deposits and withdraws between PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, and more. As far as I know this is the cheapest direct and commercial way to exchange ... The Virwox Process is a bit long, but as of now, it is the only "automatic" way to buy bitcoins with paypal online that i know of. 1) Register with Virwox 2) Go through the verification process This video shows you an option to buy purchasing bitcoin without verifications, using driver's license, or identification to purchase bitcoin with Virwox. Vi... The bitcoins where received in Coinbase's bitcoin wallet after the manual process that take up to 48 hours to clear. To purchase bitcoin Thru VirWox go directly here: Einsteiger Tutorial/ Bitcoins kaufen und verwalten / So einfach gehts Lass doch ein abo da wenn du schon hir unten bist ^^ *Bitcoins mit Sofortüberweisung / Paypal / PSC und mehr kaufen: https ...