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How do I calculate taxes without complete records?

I bought bitcoin using around 10 different methods (including Coinbase and 3 other exchanges, VirWox, Paypal, Venmo, and BTC ATM's) over the past 4 years. I sold it back using just 5 different methods (Coinbase, Gemini, ItBit, BTC ATM's, and one Virwox (paypal payments)).
Coinbase was nice enough to send email transactions for every buy/sell/send/receive. Gemini and ItBit, too. But I used a few other places, like CoinMX and TruCoin which are out of business and did not send me detailed email receipts...I only have record of the USD I sent to them.
Over the past 4 years, I've spent ~$100,000 on bitcoin, and only cashed out $50,000. I'm not holding any coin. I don't know what the hell to do in order to calculate this.
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How big will the fees be for Virwox?

Sooo basically, i need 55 Euro (64 Dollars) in Bitcoins which would be around 0,009btc right now. I can only pay in PayPal at this point, so im forced to use Virwox (yeah i know it sucks).
Can someone tell me how much Euros id have to pay in with Paypal to end up with the amount i want? Ive used this damn site twice previously and both times i messed up my calculations and had to pay the fees double
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VirWox Bitcoin Wallet Review & Security. The exchange allows stashing of bitcoins for an unlimited amount of time, making this platform an online wallet as well. Although VirWox is reliable by itself, keeping your bitcoins within an online environment comes with its risks. Up to this point, no hacking incidents have ever happened but it does not mean they never will. In case of account bans ... Finally use the "Withdraw" page to send the BTC to a Bitcoin address. You can also use VirWoX as a eWallet and keep your BTC there for later use. Full details of the process can be found on dedicated website VirWoX. How to sell bitcoins . After your have opened an account, go to the "Deposit" page, scroll down to the "Bitcoin" section and click on the "Create my Bitcoin address" button. This ... Virwox is an exchange that enables you to buy Bitcoin together with Linden Dollars as well as other virtual globe currencies coming from sites similar to Second Life and others Buy Bitcoin with PayPal the best way to Buy Bitcoin At Cheap Rates, Reliable and Safe. Low fees. When successfully deposit your amount in Virwox then the first you need to exchange USD to SSL Bitcoin is the currency of ... Bitcoincharts provides real-time SLL price data of the VirWox exchange including charts, orderbook and more. Since Virwox is currently one of the main ways people buy Bitcoin with Paypal it attracts a lot of attention. Many people consider Virwox to be a scam while others say it’s legit. In this post I would like to share my own opinion of the site after buying and selling through them for almost 4 years.

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Gominer Proof of Withdrawal best bitcoin site - YouTube

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