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Momentum Monday - A Look At Howard Lindzon's 8 to 80's Stocks High Growth Stock Trading & Angel Investing w/ Howard Lindzon of StockTwits StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon BITCOIN What's the Target? Howard and Tom Talk Stocks — How's the Crypto Market?

Bitcoin is almost at zero. Congrats to everyone that called the top three months ago and missed $10,000 per Bitcoin of upside (everyone on hindsight Twitter that is). Apple shed about $100 billion in the last few weeks. I guess selling 77 million iPhones at $1,000/per was disappointing. I may be adding a bit more stock next week. *According to Lindzon’s Koyfin account in April, these are the holdings in his 8-80 list excluding, Google, Bitcoin and US Medical Devices iShares ETF. A stock market aficionado’s chronicle Investing isn’t just a career for Howard Lindzon — it’s a lifestyle. His journey so far through the markets has seen him don many hats, from being ... Now everyone can learn Bitcoin/crypto by doing and participate in the awesome freedom of trading them at midnight on a Saturday for free on the internet. Have a great Sunday. Share: StockTwits; Twitter; LinkedIn; Post navigation. Momentum Monday – Stock Pickers Having Fun. Debt Is Coming….The 700 Year Fall of Interest Rates. You are reading the blog of Howard Lindzon, notable investor ... Bitcoin surges back to new highs. 2024 - HALVING 2025 - post HALVING expansion, bitcoin hits $1,000,000 per coin 2026 - Social security and medicare CRISIS (HELICOPTER MONEY FOR ALL). Bitcoin allocations are now standard practice for all demographics, financial institutions, and retirement/pension funds. 2027 - AND THE BEAT GOES ON. BUY BITCOIN. Stocktwits co-founder @ Howard Lindzon and Austin Lieberman discuss Howard’s approach to public market investing. Hard and Austin dive into Howard’s “Fashology” and “8 to 80” portfolios on Koyfin. Howard also shares his current portfolio as well as his top 10 positions. The conversation wraps up with Howard’s thoughts on the recent market volatility and how he’s thinking about ...

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Momentum Monday - A Look At Howard Lindzon's 8 to 80's Stocks

EP 035: Howard Lindzon speaks on high growth stocks, “destroying” the market and angel investing. * More interviews: * Free eBook:... Financial analyst, technical analyst, super angel investor and cycling enthusiast… there isn’t much Matt doesn’t cover with Co-Founder of StockTwits & Social... Howard Lindzon and Rob Koyfman discuss the functionality of Koyfin and how to create dashboards and watchlists of stocks This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Momentum Monday - A Look At Howard Lindzon's 8 to 80's Stocks - Duration: 18:17. Ivanhoff 1,266 views. 18:17. Trump talks Michael Flynn, Obama admin and China with Maria Bartiromo - Duration: 55 ...