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16 Reasons to Buy DGB

This was posted by someone on Trading View.
We live in a unique time like none other. Digital assets are disrupting the financial sector. The invention of blockchain is just as important as the invention of the internet. There are hundreds of digital assets to choose from in today's market. Some are great investments but most will fail. Let's make the case for Digibyte as a solid investment. This list is not in order of importance and isn't exhaustive. Please forgive the redundancy since I've mentioned some of these arguments in previous posts. Consider the following arguments.
  1. We are at a relative bottom on USD and BTC -0.17% charts. Under no circumstances should we purchase an alt coin at its peak. Always buy at the bottom!
  2. Clear signs of a reversal are evident on the USD chart. Our current USD value has more than doubled in the last 30 days.
  3. We will be at $10 by May of 2019 if and only if we respect the right leg of the triangle. The graph featured is a weekly log chart of Digibyte in USD. The first wave took us to the all time high. The second wave completed its retracement when it touched the right leg of the triangle. The third wave should take us to the left leg of the triangle where it will touch for the 4th time. The 4th touch will take us to at least $0.16.
  4. Great divergence exists between the USD and BTC -0.17% charts on This can be clearly seen when you select log scale. Expect massive gains in value when such divergence exists! Consider what happened to the price from Jan - Feb and Sep - Oct of 2015.
  5. We have recently been listed on Yahoo -0.26% Finance ( Notice that Digibyte is paired with 10 different currencies. I personally think that this is huge since it will attract the attention of mainstream investors.
  6. We have recently been added to Ledger Nano S and Blue. This allows users to store their Digibytes on a hardware wallet. This is a significant and meaningful accomplishment which sets us apart from other digital assets (
  7. We didn't spring up overnight. We have been around for over 4 years. Our technology has been tried, tested, and proven.
  8. We forked from the BTC -0.17% protocol. So the base code isn't original to us. However, we have not sat idly by over the last 4 years. Rather, our developers have proactively enhanced the original code by solving some of the most important problems that plague Bitcoin -0.17% and other digital assets.
  9. We anticipated the astronomical cost for a Bitcoin -0.17% micro transaction. Our fee for a single transaction is slightly more than one cent!
  10. We are the fastest digital asset on the market! If you don't believe that then put us to the test and try for yourself. We'll be able to process 280,000 transactions per second by 2035 since our block size doubles every two years. Therefore, you won't be plagued by unconfirmed transactions like with Bitcoin -0.17% . You will have your Digibytes in a few minutes and they will be spendable.
  11. We are the longest blockchain in existence at over 5 million blocks with 15 second block times.
  12. We are the most decentralized mineable blockchain in the market since we are on over a 100,000 nodes. Therefore, we are more distributed than Bitcoin -0.17% or other digital assets.
  13. We pioneered Digishield which is used to protect more than 25 alt coins from a malicious attack.
  14. We were the second digital asset to activate Segwit which will allow for atomic swaps. And, we did so without a contentious hard fork with full support of our 65,000 community members.
  15. Our community is growing rapidly. We have over 65k followers on Twitter.
  16. We use 5 mining algorithms to prevent centralization and protect against a 51% attack. Currently, the community is discussing a hard fork which will swap out an algorithm for another to prevent ASIC -90.00% mining centralization.
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On Sunday I sent 10k php using and 10k php using Western Union from the UK to a friend in the Philippines.
The Western Union transfer was pretty straightforward. I logged on to their website (I've previously given them my bank details) and sent the money. It cost £141.38. I had to tell my friend a secret number and my friend would pick up the cash from a Western Union guarded hut type thing.
On, I had to provide more information about the receiver, but less about myself. I decided to send to 'LBC', which has a similar pickup service to WU. Rebit told me I had to pay them 0.374106 bitcoins within 15 minutes, which I did. I then repurchased the bitcoins, checking bitbargain and localbitcoins for the best price. In the end, I ended up paying £142.94, so Rebit cost slightly more than WU on this occasion. However, there is quite a lot of variability in the price you can get when you buy bitcoins here, so I'd want to do more trials before I concluded that WU was cheaper. I'd also caution that bitcoin is expensive in the UK, and sending to Rebit from a different country is likely to work out significantly cheaper.
I should mention that the Rebit price includes a 100php fee from them and a 300php 'transfer fee', which I think is related to my collection option, and wouldn't appear if I'd sent to a bank account.
However, the Rebit story isn't over. My bitcoin transaction got a couple of confirmations quite quickly, but not quickly enough to beat the 15 minute timer. I'm not sure how many confirmations Rebit require to accept the payment, but the amount required increased to 0.374396, so I had to send an extra 0.00029 btc plus transaction fee, which was irritating. I'd recommend that Rebit work out a scheme for avoiding this problem. Maybe they should accept the transaction after a single confirmation, and hold the timer on seeing an unconfirmed transaction until a non-tiny block has been discovered. I've never heard of a transaction with a single confirmation being reversed.
Despite this hiccough, the transactions eventually were accepted. The receiver got a text message from Rebit, and had to do something I'm not clear about (but which didn't seem too onerous) on the internet to arrange to receive the funds.
Overall, the Rebit route worked smoothly enough except for having to wait for the bitcoin confirmation, and then adjust the amount I paid. Rebit seem to be an honest company, and if I were in a country (such as the US), where bitcoin is significantly cheaper than here, or if I wanted to reduce my bitcoin holdings, I'd certainly use them again.
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Use the BTCP full Node on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Terminal

In this post I want to show some use of the CLI BTCP wallet from linux terminal.
First of all, use this tutorial with small amount of BTCP, for example i used 0,01 BTCP, until you feel confortable with commands. An error can happen easily and as result you can loose your money. Be careful! Do it at your risk!
I consider you have already installed the wallet following this instructions:
I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit, but commands are similar for the windows client.
Open a terminal from your Ubuntu Desktop:
[email protected]:~$ 
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcpd --daemon 
you should see the message:
BTCP server starting 
This means the wallet is running in daemon mode.
to stop the node just typing:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli stop 
BTCP server stopping 
You can also run the wallet in terminal, is nice to see it, let's try:
 [email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcpd 
You will see the BTCP logo in text mode and the following info:
Thank you for running a Bitcoin Private node! You're strengthening the network and contributing to a social good. To ensure you are fully protecting your privacy when running BTCP, see . Block height | 340079 Connections | 8 Network solution rate | 8359387 Sol/s You are currently not mining. To enable mining, add 'gen=1' to your btcprivate.conf and restart. Since starting this node 1 minutes, 33 seconds ago: - You have validated 695 transactions! [Press Ctrl+C to exit] [Set 'showmetrics=0' to hide] 
See, you can also mine using the wallet! Nice! Just add gen=1 in the file btcprivate.conf. Probably you will never mine a coin, but still you to strenght the net, so, you can try if you want, then disable it when done:
Press CTRL and C to stop the server, then restart the server in daemon mode otherwhise you have to open a new terminal.
Let's find btcprivate.conf and other useful files:
[email protected]:~$ cd .btcprivate [email protected]:~/.btcprivate$ ls 
blocks btcprivate.conf chainstate db.log debug.log fee_estimates.dat peers.dat wallet.dat 
You see here: btcprivate.conf and wallet.dat
Edit configuration file:
[email protected]:~/.btcprivate$ pico btcprivate.conf 
add gen=1 if you want to mine, then CTRL X and Y to save.
Restart the wallet....and....
Block height | 340091 Connections | 8 Network solution rate | 8211926 Sol/s Local solution rate | 0.0075 Sol/s Since starting this node 8 minutes, 5 seconds ago: - You have validated 684 transactions! - You have completed 1 Equihash solver runs. You are mining with the default solver on 1 threads. 
Congratulations! You are mining!
Now have a look to the wallet.dat file:
Nb: wallet.dat is your wallet!! If you delete it you will loose all your money!!!
wallet.dat is not encrypted, so, if you want to backup it i do as follows:
[email protected]:~/.btcprivate$ cp wallet.dat home/btcp/Desktop/wallet_btcp_back.dat 
Now you will find the wallet on your desktop. Zip it with an AES256 encryption and a strong password. Test if it works properly: extract it again and copy it in the directory, but before make an other copy of the wallet.dat file. Beware! I almost deleted the file once!
Nb: wallet.dat is your wallet!! If you delete it you will loose all your money!!!
Go back to your home directory, now, we want to play with our wallet:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli help 
if everything is running properly, you will see a list of commands like this:
z_exportwallet "filename" z_getbalance "address" ( minconf ) z_getnewaddress z_getoperationresult (["operationid", ... ]) z_getoperationstatus (["operationid", ... ]) z_gettotalbalance ( minconf ) z_importkey "zkey" ( rescan startHeight ) z_importwallet "filename" z_listaddresses z_listoperationids z_listreceivedbyaddress "address" ( minconf ) z_sendmany "fromaddress" [{"address":... ,"amount":...},...] ( minconf ) ( fee ) z_shieldcoinbase "fromaddress" "tozaddress" ( fee ) zcbenchmark benchmarktype samplecount zcrawjoinsplit rawtx inputs outputs vpub_old vpub_new zcrawkeygen zcrawreceive zcsecretkey encryptednote zcsamplejoinsplit [email protected]:~$ 
Nice! Wallet is running properly. Now try an other command: getinfo
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli getinfo 
{ "version": 1001251, "protocolversion": 180004, "walletversion": 60000, "balance": 0.00000000, "blocks": 340074, "timeoffset": 0, "connections": 8, "proxy": "", "difficulty": 167290.7158221716, "testnet": false, "keypoololdest": 1528833903, "keypoolsize": 101, "paytxfee": 0.00000000, "relayfee": 0.00000100, "errors": "" } [email protected]:~$ 
You see some useful info about your wallet/node:
blocks is the block heights, in this case is synced with the network. If not the number would be lower.
The wallet is connected to other 8 nodes, the balance is 0.00 BTCP
An other info command can be getblockchaininfo:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli getblockchaininfo 
{ "chain": "main", "blocks": 340074, "headers": 340074, "bestblockhash": "0000000145c0011d8e914f4ba68d1443c7ae0dd15bdf0bc300994dd5282710aa", "difficulty": 165971.1181999981, "verificationprogress": 0.9999992572690658, "chainwork": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002e8314e4484da", "pruned": false, "commitments": 663480, 
we see syncing is almost finished:
"verificationprogress": 0.9999992572690658, (99,99999%)
Now test the wallet with command getwalletinfo
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli getwalletinfo 
{ "walletversion": 60000, "balance": 0.00000000, "unconfirmed_balance": 0.00000000, "immature_balance": 0.00000000, "txcount": 0, "keypoololdest": 1528833903, "keypoolsize": 101, "paytxfee": 0.00000000 } [email protected]:~$ 
Now we want to send some btcp to this wallet. First we need an address, get one using getnewaddress:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli getnewaddress 
b1Cabjwvcce7N8ea9Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected]:~$ 
Send at this address some BTCP, i sent 0.01 for testing purpose using your ledger, or your wallet, then check if the transaction is done:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli getwalletinfo 
{ "walletversion": 60000, "balance": 0.00000000, "unconfirmed_balance": 0.01000000, "immature_balance": 0.00000000, "txcount": 1, "keypoololdest": 1528833903, "keypoolsize": 101, "paytxfee": 0.00000000 } 
Done! Unconfirmed balance is 0.01! Just wait some confirmations.
after a while:
"walletversion": 60000, "balance": 0.01000000, "unconfirmed_balance": 0.00000000, "immature_balance": 0.00000000, "txcount": 1, "keypoololdest": 1528833903, "keypoolsize": 101, "paytxfee": 0.00000000 
Now send the coins to a new address. I am using this command:
sendtoaddress "btcpaddress" amount ( "comment" "comment-to" subtractfeefromamount )
subtractfeefromamount parameter can be true or false
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli sendtoaddress "b1Nb42GoK9kmsxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 0.01 "" "" true 
2c5d3d1a3b5eec414b721d3817487f53c5eebxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected]:~$ 
Now check the wallet:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli getwalletinfo 
{ "walletversion": 60000, "balance": 0.00999808, "unconfirmed_balance": 0.00000000, "immature_balance": 0.00000000, "txcount": 2, "keypoololdest": 1528833903, "keypoolsize": 101, "paytxfee": 0.00000000 } 
I sent BTCP to the same wallet, so now i have less BTCP because of the fees.
try more commands:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli listreceivedbyaddress 
[ { "address": "b1Ep2wi2tUnKf433Vaxxxxxxxxxxxx", "account": "", "amount": 0.01000000, "confirmations": 6, "txids": [ "833533440a13c09fda6e90d0c5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ] }, { "address": "b1Nb42GoK9kmsVZ9KPxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "account": "", "amount": 0.00999808, "confirmations": 1, "txids": [ "2c5d3d1a3b5eec414b721d3817487f53c5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ] } 
This is the list of all used addresses.
Now find the money and the address where they are: use listunspent
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli listunspent 
[ { "txid": "2c5d3d1a3b5eec414b721d381748xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "vout": 0, "generated": false, "address": "b1Nb42GoK9kxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "account": "", "scriptPubKey": "76a914c6bdf3bc8aedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "amount": 0.00999808, "confirmations": 6, "spendable": true 
Well done.
Other useful commands can be: dumpprivkey to extract the private key from an address
Be careful! Exposing your private keys will end in loosing your money
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli dumpprivkey b1Ep2wi2tUnxxxxxxxxxxx 
Obtaining the pvt key:
And now, swipe the private key using the command: importprivkey "btcpprivkey" ( "label" rescan )
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli importprivkey "Kz29e62Bmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "" true 
Let's do a shielded transaction!
first, you must have a z_address:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli z_getnewaddress 
Check balaces, with also z_addres:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli z_gettotalbalance 
{ "transparent": "0.00999808", "private": "0.00", "total": "0.00999808" } 
Now send some BTCP to the z_address. First, check where BTCP are:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli listunspent 
[ { "txid": "72f568d1ed51524b69f1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "vout": 0, "generated": false, "address": "b1LDhxBJxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "scriptPubKey": "76axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe088xx", "amount": 0.00889808, "confirmations": 556, "spendable": true } ] 
Now, sent a little transparent amount to the shielded address we got before:
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli z_sendmany "b1LDhxBJxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "[{\"amount\":0.001, \"address\":\"zkEvCiVwgHb3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\"}]" 
Now your PC will work a while, it's CPU
[email protected]:~$ ./BitcoinPrivate/src/btcp-cli z_getoperationresult 
until you receive the answer:
[ { "id": "opid-xxxxxx-xxxxx-4a5d-beb2-xxxxxxxxxx", "status": "success", "creation_time": 1529426885, "result": { "txid": "f87e8d5e96a8a0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" }, "execution_secs": 216.686332567, "method": "z_sendmany", "params": { "fromaddress": "b1LDhxxxxxxxxxxx", "amounts": [ { "amount": 0.001, "address": "zkEvCiVwgHb3NFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxR" } ], "minconf": 1, "fee": 0.0001 } } ] 
Done! On my old PC it took 216.68 seconds!
Next will be a reverse operation, from Shielded address to transparent address. See you soon....
Play with your full node wallet and have fun.
Remember: these commands are almost the same in all the bitcoin based coins, so you also learnt how to use many other wallets!
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[Discussion] Buying and Selling CSGO Items with Bitcoin

Note: flair is not my account, this is my profile
Recently I have gotten a lot of questions about Bitcoin as an option for the CSGO trading community. I decided to piece together some of the points I have made to people into a little guide of sorts. Any questions or suggestions for improvement just ask away, as this is an early draft(v2 dec27).
Don't want to read this guide? Then just Get bitcoin TODAY!
Introduction: What is Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which allows you to transfer money internationally almost instantly with no fees* and without any chargeback risk.
Aside from domestic bank transfers and Western Union, there is no other way to transfer money without any reversal or chargeback risk whatsoever. This makes Bitcoin an incredibly important tool for merchants of digital goods like CSGO items to receive payment without any concern of accounting for scammers/chargebackers.
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system that uses a public ledger called a "blockchain" in order to record all transactions, which are conducted by solving different puzzle-like "blocks".
In the blockchain there are addresses, each one has a corresponding private key which is used to access an address in order to send funds. All addresses can be publicly accessed to view balances and transactions. Thus, all on-blockchain activity is kept on record.
Most users do not maintain a raw unencrypted copy of the private keys to their addresses. Instead we use something called WALLETS, which you use a normal password to access and which contains all the addresses and private keys you have generated, so that you can easily send funds that you have with a normal password. Wallets can either be OFFLINE (stored only on your computer) or can be stored with a THIRD PARTY online service.
The peer to peer nature means that there is no central regulatory authority of bitcoin, so there is no way to recover lost private keys that aren't backed up anywhere, and there's a controlled mechanism... a defined algorithm for how bitcoins are created and introduced (through mining).
Getting Started
Because of how intimidating the technical details of BTC can be, it's best to start with a user-friendly hotwallet (an online service that lets you simply use your email and a normal password to access your different bitcoin addresses). Two popular ones are and coinbase these are Western-based services that are highly respected. Using these types of services allows you to be certain that you won't lose your money just because you have lost your private key to an address you made, because you sign up with your email address and password and they will be able to send you your password if you lose as long as your email is safe, your bitcoin are safe in the online wallet. This will increase your insecurity as well though because youre trusting your private keys with an online provider, but for just getting started you should just ease into it, make a wallet, and try transferring coins around, creating new addresses, etc.
When you create an account at a bitcoin wallet service you will have one address, and it can be helpful to generate QR codes to easily send money physically since the address is a long series of characters. See picture here .
Once you have this address, you're immediately ready to receive bitcoins! Just give someone this series of characters or the QR code corresponding to it to somebody and the can send you bitcoins!
And once you have a positive balance, you can also send bitcoins. Doing so is as easy as just logging into your wallet and entering somebody else's BTC address.
Now, in order to use Bitcoin you need to...acquire Bitcoins! Aside from selling things to get Bitcoin, this can be done using different sources of funds to buy them, here are some suggestions and options:
  1. Credit card -- Circle and TruCoinoffers to US and some non-US based consumers the opportunity to buy bitcoin using credit card. In general though, due to VISA/Mastercard monopoly allowing chargebacks, this is not a common or recommended way to acquire bitcoins.
  2. Paypal Localbitcoins offers to everyone worldwide the opportunity to buy bitcoin using paypal. Read their FAQ about how the escrow system operates. Similar to (1), there's still a chargeback issue that makes this method less than optimal, but you can acquire them this way.
  3. Bank transfer this is probably the easiest, most common, most drama-free way to do it. Sign up with one of the exchanges (BTC-E, Bitstamp, Coinbase, etc.) and deposit money with them by sending a bank transfer. Most developed country banks will have an easy secure online form to initiate wire transfers using the SWIFT payment network. Once the transfer clears (a day or two?), you will be able to buy and sell bitcoin instantly with the exchange, because they will credit your account and store the dollars/euros/whatever for you...and this will come in handy when addressing certain downsides of bitcoin...
Downsides of Bitcoin
Immediately we should get out of the way the well-known issues with BTC:
  1. Volatility of value. Bitcoin's value in dollar, euro, etc. is highly susceptible to violent fluctuations. This can be problematic for merchants who have to pay bills and taxes in fiat currency. SOLUTION: But luckily it's not an issue because you can make an account at BTC-E, Coinbase or Bitstamp or other well-known exchanges which allow you to sell bitcoins into Dollar or Euro IMMEDIATELY. Thus, if you sell CSGO items for Bitcoin you can sell the Bitcoin instantly into Euro, Dollar deposits on exchange sites, where they will be stored in stable government fiat. So basically you will only be holding any bitcoins you get for minutes or even seconds, because as soon as the transfer lands you can sell it safely into cash stored at exchange. This removes all uncertainty from receiving bitcoins for csgo items being sold...for individuals who do not wish to store any bitcoins and be exposed to the price fluctuation risk.
  2. Double Spending/Transaction Confirmation Wait Time. See this quick guide When making a Bitcoin transaction from one address to another, the transaction will appear INSTANTLY in the destination address as "pending". ALL BITCOIN TRANSACTIONS SHOULD BE DONE WITH THE BASIC MINING FEE (0.0001 btc...a miniscule amount that most wallets will cover themselves) which will guarantee confirmation of the pending transaction within minutes. Technically this means Bitcoin transactions are not "fee-free" if you want to get a confirmation of a transaction within minutes, but in practice it is in fact fee because Coinbase and Blockchain for example cover this fee, which is $0.03 at current market prices. After 10 minutes on average, the transaction will receive 1 Confirmation, and the risk of someone doublespending becomes exponentially lower. After 3 confirmations it is technically "fully final". UNCONFIRMED TRANSACTIONS WHICH ARE SIMPLY "PENDING" SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED FINAL! SOLUTION: Wait 10 minutes or so for confirmations of the transaction after you initiate the payment (if you have included this mining fee which like I said most wallets already cover), or do an "offblockchain" transaction which confirms instantly on a site like Coinbase. It is generally considered safe to send sold items after 1 Confirmation, because the amount of technical knowledge and the necessity of a rogue mining unit it takes to double-spend an address' balance is so high that the buyer will not be able to exploit it anyway. This is more of a THEORETICAL concern than a major practical concern. I have sold many items for bitcoin and I always just wait for the 1st confirmation which is sufficient. There are no known cases of someone who has double-spent a balance with 1 Confirmation when paying the mining fee.
  3. No regulation, no accountability. You can either see this as an issue or a benefit. Bitcoin is a tool that can be utilized for good or for bad. That being said, you can lose lots of money by misplacing or losing a private key to an address you have or getting hacked. While this is mitigated by using online wallets that will store the private keys to your addresses and allow you to recover them by using your email, that increases the insecurity of your funds, because sometimes wallets and exchanges get hacked. Thus, in the end, you are the one who is fully personally responsible for your funds. No banksters, no government cronies to back you. SOLUTION: Get comfortable with bitcoin and be smart about diversifying to different addresses and being secure with how you store your keys.
Bitcoin is an excellent tool and the only true solution for sellers to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ANY chargeback risk when selling items for real money. For buyers it offers the opportunity to use a peer to peer system that avoids banks and government intervention to purchase digital goods. Like with any real money transactions, for full security you need a middleman to serve as escrow to verify that items do not get sent until the payment arrives.
[1] Coindesk has good information, such as a list of trusted Exchanges that they compile their Bitcoin Price Index for. Visit them here:
[2] LocalBitcoins is a great place to acquire or sell bitcoins using an escrow system. You can even buy using paypal here. Visit them here:
[3] BitcoinTalk is a forum with lots of people answering common questions, visit them here:
[4] Coinbase is a good place to buy and sell bitcoins.
[5] For traders, Bitfinex is a great source, go here :
[6] And finally, OKCoin is a growing place to trade coins,
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Coinbase changes TOS associated with recent cancellations

Log into coinbase and you'll see their updated TOS which has apparently been updated due to recent controversies around cancelled orders.
It's for the best that they now make clear that: "A bitcoin transaction may be unconfirmed for a period of time (usually less than one hour, but up to one day) and reversed while they are in a pending state." (That is probably due to the price risk issues I raised in previous posts--nice to see they listened).
There is also a clause about canceling high risk orders.
Check it out as there is a lot of new stuff there including:
"In connection with your use of our website, your Account, Coinbase services, or in the course of your interactions with Coinbase, other Users, or third parties, you will not: ... Act in a manner that is defamatory, trade libelous, threatening or harassing"
So no bad mouthing coinbase on reddit you animals!
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Blockchain Unconfirmed Transaction Hack Script 2020 Real How to Refund a Bitcoin Transaction - YouTube Solution to Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions Blockchain Unconfirmed Transactions New Script Cancel BTC Transfer Transaction Blockchain 2019 - YouTube

This is extremely dangerous because even if you delete it from your wallet, the unconfirmed transaction is still floating around on the network and may be confirmed at some point. If you do zapwallettxes and then resend the transaction with a higher fee, then both transactions may confirm. MtGox famously lost a lot of money this way. No, we're unable to cancel or reverse your transaction. Even many advanced cryptocurrency users can recall an incident when they failed to double-check their transaction details and they accidentally sent funds to the wrong recipient, or sent the wrong amount. As unfortunate as it is, cryptocurrency transactions on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash networks are designed to be ... how do i reverse an unconfirmed transaction, iam stuck for almost 2 hours now (self.Bitcoin) submitted 5 years ago * by Madddoge does anyone know how i can reverse an unconfirmed transaction, or how long will i have to wait for it to confirm. I have had an unconfirmed transaction for 1 week. Will this transaction automatically reverse or do I need to do something? wallet reverse-transaction. asked Dec 16 '17 at 16:44. hermancain. 103 2 2 bronze badges-1. votes. 1answer 66 views can I recover the change of a TX? I was reading and I have a question, if you please can help me. I send 0.00335 BTC in this TX ... Canceling Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction Felix Kster February 16, 2018 104 no comments According to the web site , you cannot cancel or reverse your Bitcoin transaction. Even more experienced users can remember when they failed to double check their transaction details and they accidentally sent Bitcoin to the wrong recipient, or sent the wrong amount. As unfortunate as it is ...

[index] [29370] [45325] [13265] [36373] [38195] [17962] [17553] [2765] [19951] [35000]

Blockchain Unconfirmed Transaction Hack Script 2020 Real

4 btc blockchain unconfirmed transaction hack script by hackbot (earn bitcoin 23 feb, 2020) -----... JAVA - How To Design Login And Register Form In Java Netbeans - Duration: 44 ... (Earn bitcoin) 2020 bitcoin hack🚀🚀🚀Blockchain New Unconfirmed transaction - Duration: 2:56. AIRDROP FREE ... Free Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator : get faster confirmations on your unconfirmed transactions - Duration: 3:18. Bitcoin Transaction confirm 1,040 views 3:18 how to reverse unconfirmed bitcoin transaction bitcoin unconfirmed transaction chart bitcoin transaction not confirming blockchain unconfirmed transaction 2 days bitcoin unconfirmed transaction ... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world