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If a bitcoin address changes what will happen if I send it to the old address?

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The Bitcoin address changes?

I read on their website about this but since my English is crappy, I don't really understand.
What if I send BTC to a Bitcoin address I used to have? Because now it seem to have changed when I did a minor transaction.
I have a $2000 transaction coming up, will it still go to my account or will I lost the BTC because I got a new address all of a sudden?
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If a bitcoin address changes what will happen if I send it to the old address? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Blockchain Bitcoin Address Changed while Copying

Blockchain Bitcoin Address Changed while Copying
Hello Guys
I also lost my money 45 USD in bitcoin as copy address was changed in Blockchain.com
Transaction id:https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/0d7b05f02ae1d4f01e5f8ed53d5bfadd1cb2b9c61567da6eecf3ba6ad23e2771
Malicious Address:https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/12v6Nb22VigS1y8qtiD4nDri6v2He1JSRs
Always check twice the address be it small or large
My original address which money was never sent
Kindly always be careful
I have details about that malware as I have saved a image of detection

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My bitcoin address changes

So I'm trying the new platform along with, I type in my bitcoin address. The miner runs all is fine but then a couple of hours later it just changes to an older address and it's as if I didn't mine anything for the past few hours.
Anyone getting this error?
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Why does my "current bitcoin address" change in Jaxx?

I'm a noob so I realise I am asking a particularly stupid question. But why does the bitcoin address change in my wallet? I thought the bitcoin address was a unique public identifier. how can it change and still associate funds in the ledgeblock chain to my wallet? And I guess the word "current" in "current bitcoin address" implies that it changes and is not a fixed thing. What am I not getting?
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Bitcoin address change?

Did they change deposit BTC address? I previously had this "AddrA" but now when i go to fund account I see a new address .
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Can my bitcoin address change?

I am using the Chrome ledger app. I used to have a one bitcoin address. Then today I started it up and somehow I had to choose bitcoin and segwit again.
And now my bitcoin address is different, although my balance is still right.
Can someone explain?
PS. I'm extra bummed because the old address was easy to recognize.
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Bitcoin address changes, still able to recive btc?

So i use GreenAddress as my wallet. but everytime i go to my recive payment i always get a diffrent key. And i wonder how long will i be able to recive money with the adress i had? since i can't find a permenet one and i don't want my money to dissapear or get sent to the wrong person. And no i can't just give out new adress because i will be reciving money from an automated system and i don't know when it sends out.
TL:DR My adress i got from greenwallet will i always be able to recive funds if someone sends to it? even if it's 1 month from now. don't really care about the privacy.
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Nicehash Bitcoin Address change

Hello. Can i change Bitcoing Address with Ethereum Address? Ethereum address is generated from KRAKEN, but it seems nicehash does not recognise it, it has o7 in front , or something like it. Thanks
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[Help] Bitcoin Address Changes and Windows 10 Miner /r/Bitcoin

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Can my bitcoin address change? /r/Bitcoin

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Why does my "current bitcoin address" change in Jaxx? /r/Bitcoin

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Why doesn't my Monero address change after every transaction like the Bitcoin addresses change?

I'm using mymonero.com
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Slightly confused on sending bitcoin address (changing address every time)

Ok. I make very small payments to a site which I typically use blockchain.info wallet. I've been doing it for a long time.
I always thought if I send address from "My wallet", it will always show up on their end as received from the same address. So I've been creating new wallets, transferring funds (and losing a few cents because I guess the fee wrong, etc). And now i have a big archive of wallets I no longer use.
Someone doing the same thing as I do said he uses the coinbase app, and when it sends bitcoin, it uses a new address every time. I am waiting on a few bucks to arrive in my coinbase app so I can look through the options, but I can't really find something.
Is this something that is automatic on bitcoin in general, when you send it is sent from a random string address??
I found this article, just want to confirm that I can use my main wallet on blockchain to keep sending small amounts so that when it displays on their end, it shows a different address.
"Murch is correct. There is no such thing as a sending address, only receiving addresses. The core application you installed created for you a private key, automatically. This private key is like a fingerprint. There is a mathematical 'certainty' that you are the only person in the entire world who holds that private key. With that private key, your bitcoin core application is able to sign and encrypt special messages which tell the network that you 'own' coins sent to specific addressees.
Addresses, to which bitcoins are sent, are generated from the private key using Elyptic Curve Cryptography. These functions are one way, and mathematically impossible to reverse. This means you can generate many addresses from one key, but you cannot generate the key from any of the addresses. The math works only in one direction."
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Bitcoin Address change error

Hi I tried to change my bitcoin address on silkroad and got an error. I refreshed my account page and the old address was still there, so i transferred coins to that. The problem now, is that it looks like i have a new address after logging in again. Will i still get my transfer even though it was to the old address ?
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Bitpanda Bitcoin Address changed! Old Address still valid!?!?

I have a BitPanda account with you and i had a bitcoin wallet address. I noticed you changed my address for bitcoin, but my miners are set to the original address. The miner progress only supports sending to the original address until the next payment loop. I really didnt want my address to change especially without warning. However, if the payment goes to the old address will it be sent to my current address automatically or do you somehow mindlessly destroy the old address without warning. There is no chat or support so im having to post on this forum. I would really appreciate a reply so I know whether I can send to that old address the coins i have to bitpanda and have it show in my account or have to literally cut those as loses because u changed my address. I am new to this so i apologise if its obvious.
Any help from someone who actually knows or preferably someone from bitpanda would be appreciated.
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Slightly confused on sending bitcoin address (changing address every time) /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Cash Address change on ledger nano S

Has anyone ever seen their bitcoin address change on their wallet? I had mine save when sending from a Binance account but noticed has changed. I accidentally sent to the old address and it did arrive but I found it strange how the address is different.Has anyone experienced this?
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Recovering private key of change address from Bitcoin Core

Hello, I am trying to help my mostly Bitcoin-ignorant friend with the following problem:
A long time ago, he mined some BTC using Bitcoin Core client with unecrypted wallet.dat.
Some years later, he added encryption to his client and sent some BTC to someone else ("transaction X"). Then he forgot the password of his wallet.dat.
He had backed up the original (unencrypted) wallet.dat file so I managed to extract private key of his mining address from it and send his funds safely elsewhere.
However, during "transaction X", around 0.7 BTC ended on a new "change address". I cannot access the private key of this "change address" because it was generated after the wallet was encrypted and he forgot the password.
Or is there a way to find this private key, e.g. are the change addresses PKs in Bitcoin Core generated using some non-random derivation algorithm?
I have access to both versions of the wallet.dat file (original unecrypted and later encrypted before "Transaction X")
EDIT: Thanks everyone. The wallet was old (non HD) type so the change address' private key is probably lost forever, unless my friend remembers his password.
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Shakepay - new receiving address? segwit?

So I have had a shakepay acct for at least a couple of years now.
My receiving bitcoin address has always been the same. Until now.
Today when I selected "add funds" and "bitcoin" I was shown a new bitcoin address.
Starts with a "3". My usual address started with a "1". Has anyone else recently had their receiving bitcoin address changed to a segwit address?
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Bitcoin Address Stealer 100% SUCCESS OR REFUND - YouTube How to change your bitcoin address in Winmax Miner How work Bitcoin wallet address changing VIRUS - YouTube How to Get Your Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet Address - YouTube how to hack bitcoin address 2017 - YouTube

The Bitcoin address changes? I read on their website about this but since my English is crappy, I don't really understand. What if I send BTC to a Bitcoin address I used to have? Because now it seem to have changed when I did a minor transaction. I have a $2000 transaction coming up, will it still go to my account or will I lost the BTC because I got a new address all of a sudden? 0 comments ... A Bitcoin Address is an ID of 26-35 alphanumeric numbers, that represents a possible destination for an (incoming) Bitcoin payment for example to a Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin wallet address, which is a hash of the corresponding public key, always starts either with number 1 or with the number 3. A Bitcoin address as a digital “cash envelope.” Like a cash envelope, an address can hold zero or more units of electronic cash. Instead of paper bills, Bitcoin uses the electronic equivalent: “unspent outputs”. To find the balance of any address, we sum the values of each associated unspent output. In a similar way, the amount held in a cash envelope can be found by totaling the ... Why Does A Bitcoin Wallet Address Change Constantly? By Rushali Shome. Sometimes, while using your Bitcoin wallet for sending and receiving digital currency, you may have observed a strange thing: your wallet address has changed! Now, given that your wallet address is usually a rather long string of alphanumeric characters, you probably would not know it by heart but you would definitely be ... This change address is usually a new Bitcoin address which the client (Bitcoin wallet) generates for the sender to receive back the difference amount. So instead of getting the difference back why not pay the exact amount of Bitcoins in first place? To understand the concept of change address or change output let’s first understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin ...

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