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Mining Bitcoin on Windows Server 2003 r2

So, I have this very old server that is currently sitting around doing nothing. I know that it would be highly inefficient to do so, but would it be possible to mine on a computer with Windows Server 2003 r2?
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Mining Bitcoin on Windows Server 2003 r2 /r/Bitcoin

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[UPDATE] - TL;DR - Accounting firm gets Cryptolocker Virus. Tech wipes the server to clean it because he has Carbonite backups. He can't remember password to the privately managed encryption key file and can't download the firms backup. Everything lost.

I've been waiting to get some more info before I updated so here it is, with clarification on exactly what happened:
Here's the original post -
It turns out that what they wiped was ALL of the local backups -- they still have the files that were encrypted by the virus.
I have spoken with the owner god knows how many times and it has been frustrating.
From the get-go, the owner's actions have baffled me. I told her that if she just sent me the encrypted key, I'd see if I could crack it, but she's apparently so tech-un-savvy that she simply doesn't know how to do anything at all with it.
Her tech has been with her for more than a decade and is a family friend, however, he bolted and she can't reach him.
Naturally, she's pissed off as hell at him because, well, he deleted all the Carbonite backups, deleted Carbonite, forgot the password and can't install it back.
From one of the comments in the last post, I learned that the hackers who created the virus are now allowing people to log into an onion site through Tor, send an encrypted file, pay about 2k in bitcoins, then they promise they'll send the unencryption key plus a utility to unlock everything.
The owner is naturally skeptical that she'll get the key after paying 2k, plus the world of the deep web may as well be wizardry, plus since her tech guy is AWOL, she really has no one to help her out.
I told her that I'd log into her server, grab the carbonite-encryption.pem key and see if I could get the password from it, but I guess she got too busy last night to do it.
This morning she sent me a text asking if we could do it today, however, it's my birthday.
I don't work on my birthday. At all. Period. Today is the day I fuck off and do precisely what I want, without thinking about anything other than doing fun things.
To that end, I'm going to eat food that's bad for me, drink concoctions that will inebriate me, spend time with people of ill-repute, and do nothing at all of any value.
Tomorrow, when I get the file, I'm going to throw the 64-bit cuda version of hashcat at it and see what happens.
I've already pulled down a 2GB collection of dictionaries, but let's be real -- the odds are low.
This whole thing has been really bizarre. The owner should have thrown the $300 at the original people and gotten her shit back, the tech should have WRITTEN DOWN THE FUCKING PASSWORD, they never should have wiped the backups, deleted Carbonite, only had one backup, etc., but hey, this is the perfect storm of shitty and it is what it is.
I've learned a ton of interesting stuff so for that reason alone, it has been worth it.
Anyway, I'm off to get the mirror on my car fixed (fuck Mercedes and their $400 bill) that I foolishly cracked when I tapped the gates leaving my community, get a hair cut, and I'll continue to snapchat the fuck out of the day.
Oh, and I've gotten the best snaps from you guys and it's really fun, so if you're bored, add me (Warlizard) and you TOO can see absolutely nothing of interest from the great state of Arizona :)
EDIT: First of all, wasn't trying to be a pretentious fucktard about the mirror, was just angry with myself for being a dumbass and hitting the gate because I was trying to beat it closing.
Next, just had my car washed and the guys there are replacing the mirror, fixing the cracked turn signal on the front of it, fixing the crack in the bumper, repainting the bumper, detailing the car and wet-sanding / waxing the whole car for a bit more than the dealership wanted to just replace the mirror glass. So fuck the dealership.
The owner told the tech that he should cover half of the cost to get this shit fixed and that's when he bolted. If I were in her shoes, I'd pay the 2k and hope I didn't get fucked. It seems to me that the only way this scam works is if the hackers actually do what they say they're going to do. Sure, some people would pay the 300 out of desperation and maybe some would lose, but when people start paying 2k, if someone, anyone doesn't get their information back, then far fewer people would be inclined to pay at all.
Anyway, time to grab something to eat. I've been enjoying the snaps from you guys and the cool birthday wishes. I know that I'm not 5 years old and I shouldn't give a shit about something as trivial as a birthday, but fuck it. I do. It's fun and it's what you make it.
EDIT 2: I know this really isn't the place, but I need to source a good tech for a friend of mine who's looking for a full-time IT guy to manage his offices. PC stuff, Server 2003/8, networking, etc. It's a salaried position, not paying crazy, but about 35k plus health care. If anyone is interested and in the Phoenix area, please let me know. It's a hodge-podge of crap and you will be unappreciated, plus the hours are long, but it's an interesting challenge, mostly because managing a heterogeneous environment held together with duct-tape and the tears of the frustrated can be pretty fun.
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Solution to the Impossible Trinity — Talking From the Trend of IPFS Web Player

Recently, a major event took place in the blockchain world: movie guide and video player based on the IPFS become a new trend.
(China’s first video player based on IPFS network, which makes it possible for users to simply enter the HASH of the video file and play the videos online without ads)
At this moment, it seems that everyone has become a naughty child, thinking that he owns some kind of super powers to achieve anything they want. But they never realize that they are just the clowns pushed to the stage in the opera house, dancing to the audience awkwardly.
We think we are the bystanders, but we are actually the players.
When everyone is enjoying the carnival, have they ever thought that although this happens in the blockchain world, this is actually related to everyone? When Ethereum is broken, IPFS is blocked, how do people engage in I-C-O and the FileCoin mining?
“Ethernet will not be shut down, and the IPFS network cannot be blocked.”
This point is really ridiculous to me, a developer in telecommunications and the Internet softwares. If you want to block Ethereum and IPFS, there will be numerous methods. As for why it is not currently blocked yet, on the one hand, it has not reached the particularly serious situations; on the other hand, the supervisory authorities have not made effective regulations.
When it comes to supervision, we have to talk about some sensitive, political issues.
Some people believe that only China government will supervise the network and that foreign countries are very free about it.
Not really. The actual difference lies in the supervisory sensitivity of different contents.
China is sensitive to political issues, the United States is sensitive to ethnic issues, and Europe is sensitive to Nazi issues. These sensitive issues are as dangerous as high-voltage power lines. Once someone touches them, the consequences will be disastrous.
Some people might say that the blockchain belongs to the whole world. Even if it is blocked in some countries, it does not mean they will also banded in other countries, so it will still run as usual.
Theoretically, it is true.
But when we leave out the consensus and only pursue value, we are rascals.
The value of the blockchain comes from the number of people who have reached a consensus. The larger the number, the higher the value. If a consensus only exists on some unknown little islands, are you still willing to buy?

This Is Not How Blockchain Should Be Treated.

The blockchain has to be intemperable, completely open and safe in system.
It seems to be an impossible dead end.
So is it also an impossible trinity?
As far as I’m concerned, blockchain can only be used as a trust platform, not as a content platform.
Simply speaking, the blockchain can only store the Hash data, not the actual content data. If it only contains Hash, it is safe. For example, if s a DNS has a record which leads to a pornographic website, what you should do is to close the target website, rather than to close the DNS server, shouldn’t you?
There were no rules before, but due to the expenses and cost issues, everybody followd it. Until one day a smarty-pants fool broke them.

This Is Not How IPFS Achieves Freedom

Boundaries are a source of liberation.- Essentialism, Greg McKeown
The boundary of freedom is not to violate others. It is a common rule obeyed by everyone.
So when those who are keen on the movie viewing guide based on IPFS influence the public’s understanding and tell people that the IPFS is such a “free” thing, I am really frustrated.
They just show one of the most trivial features of IPFS, while exposing the biggest weakness of IPFS on the Web: it’s centralized, and without multi-node acceleration. If movie viewing is what you need, I suggest you go to the WebTorrent. It’s so much better the IPFS on movie viewing.
The real power of IPFS is the Interplanetary File System and Dweb, and the possibility of building an everlasting storage ecosystem in the future.

Guide to Correct Use of Blockchain

As it was already mentioned above, blockchain cannot be a content platform, but only a trust platform.
The real data content should never be written to the blockchain, because the unmodifiable and undeletable features will make whatever has been written on it awkward at certain time in the future. Ethereum’s smart contracts and data are indistinguishable, so the only possible solutions are that the community reaches a consensus, or some more convenient tools are invented for everyone to write data to the IPFS and write the unchangeable HASH value to the blockchain at the same time.

Guide to Correct Use of IPFS

If the data stored on the IPFS is also open, sensitive, infringing other people’s rights, and equally undeletable, just as the blockchain system, will it have the same problem as that of the blockchain?
When the person who are responsible for all of this remains unknown, the IPFS ecological disaster will definitely happen. Users are possible to be reported and they perhaps will even go to the jail, let alone the mining.
Don’t do evil.
It is impossible for an ecosystem to succeed without considering these basic problems.
In the Hero Node’s IPFS ecosystem, all the data are signed. On the hardware level, everyone shares a common ecosystem. But on the software level, all the data are actually separated.
Any Dapp developer has the obligation to manage his content and maintain the HASH blacklist function. It’s certain that the data can not be deleted, but at least one way is needed to hide some data.
The result is:
The blockchain is just a trust platform. It has witnessed a lot and it is absolutely safe; IPFS is just a storage-sharing platform that stores only binary data without any actual meaning, which is also safe. Dapp developers should have their own judgment, and it is his own choice to decide to use the data blacklists or not, and which blacklist to use. The supervisors are responsible for accountability. But whether we can find the superviorsor or not is not what we should worry about.
I love those technologies. So please do not mess up with them.

Blog System Based on the Above Ideas — Hero Blog

Hero Blog is the first DApp developed based on Hero Node technology and is ready for commercial use.
Why do we use Hero Blog?
But where are they now?
So today I decide to open my Hero Blog, the eternal blog based on the blockchain, to record my personal development, my ideas, and our eternal promise based on the blockchain.
HERO NODE will become the cradle of DApp. But first, you should get HER.
For DApp development, Hero Node is enough.
For Token, HER is enough.
— — — — — — — — End — — — — — — — — —
Guoping Liu:Blockchain technology and applications expert, one of Bitcoin’s first miners, founding developer of the Hero mobile cross-platform framework, president of the Hero Council. Formerly @ Wind, The9, and Dianrong, where he was heavily involved in the development of Dianrong’s blockchain applications.
Previously spent many years developing the Hero framework and blockchain applications. In 2017, meshed the two together to create Hero Node, aimed at making distributed applications easy to develop for everyone. Staunch believer in a better future with distributed applications.
In an open world, Hero Node welcomes any and all feedback. Especially helpful feedback will be rewarded!
Talk to us:
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Twitter: Hero Node
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【ONE.TOP Rating】NuCypher: the guardian of blockchain data

【ONE.TOP Rating】NuCypher: the guardian of blockchain data

I. Project Introduction

NuCypher is the data privacy protocol layer of public blockchains and DApp. This project uses proxy re-encryption and blockchain technology to provide distributed key management and encrypted access control service, thus offering DApp and its developers the method to store, share and manage the private data on public blockchain in security.

II. Project Evaluation

1. Market analysis ,Total scores 0.7 ,Scoring 0.56

1.1 Market Profile

In recent years, the damage caused by various network threats is worsening, driving the growing needs of information security products and services. The key is the last barrier to protect information safety, so the key management service (KMS) is essential to blockchain industry. Traditional centralized KMS service providers are: Amazon Cloud HSM, Google Cloud KMS, Microsoft Azure Key Vault and True Vault etc. Inappropriate trust level needs to be set up to these centralized service providers while using their services. This may not be appropriate to safety-critical application and is vulnerable to nodes attacks. Unencrypted symmetric key will never be exposed to server as using proxy re-encryption technology. Even it is hacked, hackers can only get re-encrypted key, which also protects file access indeed. The emergence of NuCypher KMS provided a solution without trust required. This feature has huge potential for the internet environment market with frequent occurrence of security issues.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very small market 0-2 (below 1 billion), small market (at 1 billion), medium market 5-6 (10 billion), big market 7-8 (100 billion), very big market 9-10 (above 1 trillion), this scores 8.

1.2 Competition Situation

There are mainly two kinds of competitive projects of NuCypher KMS:
  1. Centralized system with re-encrypted technology adopted already, such as AWS CloudHSM, Azure key vault and Hashicorp vault etc.
  2. In the decentralization project for privacy solution, Keep Network provides users (mainly smart contracts) security path for privacy exchanges, transmission, calculation and storage by means of off-chain private data container.
Both Keep Network and Enigma use secure multi-party computation (MPC) to achieve similar information security, therefore, there is no blockchain project of the same kind using proxy re-encrypted technology to solve the problem of encryption communication.
According to the score logic of model algorithm: very high level of competition 0-2, high level of competition 3-4, medium level of competition 5-6, low level of competition 7-8, very low level of competition 9-10, this scores 9.

1.3 Risk Evaluation

1.3.1 Competitive Risk

The importance and urgency of information security made higher profit margin, thus much of the capital were distributed in this field. Giant companies, includes Google, Microsoft and Amazon etc. have made distribution in the field in advance and they are unlikely to give up their own-earned benefits. Information security field is capital and technology-intensive industry, where major companies have incomparable advantages as intensively cultivating. This is a challenge for NuCypher's early start.

1.3.2 Technical Risk

Since blockchains technology is developing continuously and cryptology is in continuous evolution, R&D team cannot guarantee the absolute safety at any time. The platform is vulnerable to cyber attacks which causes all digital currency to be stolen, lost, disappeared, destructed or devaluation.

1.3.3 ICO's Unknown Risks

Since there are no any details about ICO published so far, NuCypher is exposed to the risk on this point. For example, in the event of excessive amount raised, NuCypher will be discounted in terms of investment value. After all, NUCypher is protocol type project, with reasonable fund raising ranging from U.S.D 20 million to U.S.D 50 million.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very high risk 0-2, high risk 3-4, medium risk 5-6, low risk 7-8, very low risk 9-10, this scores 5.

2. Token Status ,Total scores 0.8 , Scoring 0.16

【Token name】: NKMS
【Total tokens 】: TBA
【Crowdfunding amount】: TBA
【Receiving tokens】: ETH
【Pre-sale time】: TBA
【Public offering time】: start public crowd funding after main network is on-line
【Whitelist】: join telegram, subscribe to mailing.
【KYC/AML】:Investors will be identified in accordance with the time sequences of joining the official telegraph group and mailing list.
【Whether to lock】:TBA
【Distribution of tokens】: Pre-allocation pool with small proportion (cooperative partners' pre-allocation tokens for the commitment of long running one or more nodes), the specific proportion is to be disclosed.
Token distribution mechanism, lock up status by team and fund utilizing have not been released.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very small reasonable degree of token mechanism 0-2, small reasonable degree of token mechanism 3-4, medium reasonable degree of token mechanism 5-6, greater reasonable degree of token mechanism 7-8, greatest reasonable degree of token mechanism 9-10, this scores 2.

3. Technology Analysis,Total scores 1.5 ,Scoring 1.2

3.1 Technology Highlight Total scores 1 Scoring 0.8

3.1.1 Proxy Re-encrypted Technology

The important core technology about NuCypher is proxy re-encrypted technology, which can achieve private information sharing in way of asymmetric encryption by the third party. This brings two direct benefits: 1. The difficulty of encryption is strong enough, the sharing process of this private data can be secure enough as long as the third-party agent is out of trouble; 2. Users can control whether to share their own data by means of authorization, which increases the flexibility of data access.

3.1.2 Mechanism Design in Security

In NuCypher design mechanism, all processes of re-encryption and decryption shall be implemented by miners, so it appears to be of essence on how to select reliable miners and ensure key security. For this purpose, NuCypher designed a series mechanisms to prevent miners from cheating and to protect the safety of encryption mode, it is generally to increase the cost of cheating to miners.

Collateral Mechanism of POS Algorithm:

NuCypher adopted the consensus algorithm of POS. POS has obvious benefit that the enough tokens must be put in nodes as collateral, thus to operate the mining of encryption and decryption as well as to be rewarded correspondingly. With the collateral, miners will pay the price and costs if cheat. This is the most direct and effective restriction mechanism.

Pseudo Anonymous Mechanism:

In the whole process of encryption and decryption, the system deals with anonymous for all re-encrypted keys. This is for concealing what on earth is encrypted and whether it is worth anything during the operation by miners. This prevents some restless nodes from cheating with other nodes due to the combination of benefits. It is very essential to the security of system.

Segmentation of Key Proxy:

If a certain node is not encrypted based on set strategy and need enciphered data again immediately. In that case then, there is a risk of cheating by miner because you do not know what on earth is happening. Therefore, NuCypher came up with the segmentation of key proxy. To put it simply, one task is split to different miners and data readers, and they shall cooperate with each other to complete the task.

3.1.3 Incentive System of Self-censorship

NuCypher designed a sort of mechanism similar to sting operation, called the rule of challenge protocol. If the system send the "false" data to miner for encrypted on purpose, and miner disclose the "false" data, then miner will be proved cheating on one hand, meanwhile, no user will suffer the loss on the other hand, as this is false data. Most of all, anyone in the network may act as this challenger under sting operation. Once you doubt that miner is cheating and you succeed in the challenge, you will get collateral tokens by miner as a reward.

3.1.4 Incentive System of Self-censorship

NuCypher's another interesting property is that its security will be improved with the increasing number of participants in network. It achieved the same result by different methods as Zilliqa is getting faster with the increasing number of miners. As the security risk of whole network comes from the possibility of node cheating, then the more participants on network, the less the risk of conspiracy cheating by nodes. Enough nodes may significantly improve the security and censorship-resistance in the system. Meanwhile, the existence of challenge protocol as the self-censorship mechanism also would increase the number of supervisors as participants grow in number.

3.2 Code Updates
Github is the most visited web with the most active base of "nucypher", which checked in code for 1618 times in total, including 5 branches in 2 versions. 5 participants in development, 26 times diverge, 1 follower, 1 collector, 19452 times taken as reference. As you can see from the code update on Github, the overall update frequency and extent is in medium level, the fundamental framework and core function are still being developed. However, we need to be clear that NuCypher is not the underlying public blockchain but protocol layer. So the lack in the progress of development and frequency is acceptable.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: unpublished code 0-4, code in medium condition 5-6, code in good condition 7-8, code in best condition 9-10, this scores 7.

3.3 Development Difficulty

NuCypher was not developed on new blockchains but based on Ethereum, and it can be used by DApp from other blockchains. In addition, in order to ensure NuCypher to most remain unaffected by the performance bottleneck of Ethereum, NuCypher KMS will not interacted with underlying blockchains unless data owner start new access strategy. It is critical that the project take the semi-credible centralizing surrogate from fully credible re-encrypted technology of blockchains, thus greatly improving the security and reliability of the system.

NuCypher technology uses the project ZeroDB of open source end-to-end encrypted database as reference, with being fully verified on technology, and it is comparatively mature technology. The control service of cloud data access provided to enterprises have applied DEMO (non-blockchains products), while NuCypher has issued threshold proxy re-encrypted version Umbral, which has been verified to re-encrypt through a set of nodes to ensure the security of key segmentation mechanism. In addition, the test network of this project will pop up online in several weeks, so it could be concluded that this project is at high maturity level of technology with less difficulty on development.

In respect of project operation, there is broad market space for KMS on big data, Internet and blockchains, along with much of application context. Furthermore, the major cost is the development costs in early stage, the maintenance costs in later stage is relatively less.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: development with very high difficulty 0-2, development with higher difficulty 3-4, development with medium difficulty 5-6, development with less difficulty 7-8, development with very less difficulty 9-10, this scores 7.

4. Project Status ,Total scores 0.5,Scoring 0.25

NuCypher team seed round (PE): Total U.S.D 750,000 was raised on August 9, 2016, with investors as following: Ycombinator, Mission and Market, Fusion Fund and Base Ventures.

Token in pre-sales phase: total U.S.D 4.4 million was raised on December 12, 2017. Lead investors: Polychain Capital, Semantic Ventures.

Although the project initiator has started development in 2015, NuCypher have not announced specific ICO date, the overall progress is slow. But NuCypher's cooperating party has nearly 11 projects, related fields covering decentralized data base, medical field, Internet of Things and digital assets etc., including popular projects such as Bluzelle, Origin Protocol and other recent popular items. NuCypher has high level of recognition and advantage on technical practicability and ecological construction.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very low degree of achievement 0-2, lower degree of achievement 3-4, medium degree of achievement 5-6, higher degree of achievement 7-8, very high degree of achievement 9-10, this scores 5.

5. Team Member Total ,scores 1.5 ,Scoring 1.05

5.1 Founding Team

MacLane Wilkison Co-Founder and CEO
As the software engineer and the former investment banker of Morgan Stanley, he provided M&A and financing services to science-and-technology, media and telecommunication enterprises in his career of transnational financial service, with having the certificates of CISSP, CFA and FRM.

Michael Egorov Co-founder and CTO
He is the physicist and scientist of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, with having the PhD degree of philosophy and physics. Bronze medalist of International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in 2003. Held the post of senior engineer in LinkedIn, as well as the advisor of Bluzelle and Datum from 2014 to 2015, with 5 years’ experience as a software engineer.
David Núñez, PhD (Cryptograpther)
Dr. Núñez is the expert in proxy re-encryption. Before joining NuCypher in full-time position, he was the postdoctoral researcher in NICS Laboratory. NICS laboratory, which is staffed by 20 researchers, was established by University of Malaga, focusing on studying in security field.

The founder has the certification of CISSP, which is the most authoritative, professional and systematic information assurance certification in the world. He is the CTO with having 5 years of experience as a software engineer. Dr. DavidNúñez is the expert in cryptography and the core team member, who is excellent both in professional and working experience. Although the core team of this project is arranged with clear division and records, most of team members are technical developers. It hasn’t seen any promotion staff working in this team and the telegram is mainly operated by CEO and CTO, which is not good for project running.

5.2 Advisors
Dave is the professor of security computing research group. Giuseppe is the expert in proxy re-encrypted technology, which is the technology adopted in NuCypher. John is serial entrepreneur with having thirty years of experience in managing high-growth software company. Tony is the vice-president of Equinix, the author of data center in next generation and the former director in the Global Data Center of Morgan Stanley. The advisors of this project have the strength to offer sufficient counseling and guidance on encryption and management.

As the project ZeroDB is undertaken by this same team, so this team has got plenty practice on data encrypted and proxy re-encrypted development, laying the solid foundation for project completion.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very weak team strength 0-2, weak team strength 3-4, medium team strength 5-6, strong team strength 7-8, very strong team strength 9-10, this scores 9.

6. Institutional Investors ,Total scores 1.5, Scoring 1.2

6.1 Partners

Bluzelle (decentration database), Origin Protocol (sharing economy protocol), Datum (data market), Fluence (decentration database), Wolk (decentration database), IRYO (medical treatment), (medical treatment), Medixain (medical treatment), Spherity (Internet of Things), Coval Emblem Vault (digital assets), ZeroDB

Of which, Bluzelle is planning to take NuCypher as its access control, and NuCypher's CTO is one of technical advisors of Bluzelle. While ZeroDB ( is the project of open source end-to-end encrypted database. NuCypher was established after the further development of the key technologies in the project. Both came from the same company and share the same development team and website.

There are many partners. NuCypher, with independent ecological system, has partners from many encrypted technology fields including decentralized database, data market, sharing economy protocol, medical treatment, Internet of Things and digital assets etc., and has developed its own ecological system.

6.2 Investors

It is thus clear that many institutional investors of blockchains are in favor of this project, especially Kenetic Capital and HASHED, who have gotten recognition and influence in token field. Kenetic Capital had invested ETH and bitcoin etc. well-known projects, HASHED had invested EOS and keyber network etc. The fact that these well-known institutions joined the investment is the largest confirmation to project initiator.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very weak strength of institution 0-2, weak strength of institution 3-4, medium strength of institution 5-6, strong strength of institution 7-8, very strong strength of institution 9-10, this scores 9.

7. Drawing Attention,Total scores 1.0, Scoring 0.3

We collected some data from social platform and the results are as follows:

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very low level of activity 0-2, low level of activity 3-4, medium level of activity 5-6, high level of activity 7-8, very high level of activity 9-10, this scores 3.

8. Rating Info ,Total scores 1.0, Scoring 0.8

We collected the scores to Nucypher from the following four rating agencies. The average score is 8.425 after converted to a decimal system.

According to the score logic of model algorithm: very low score 0-2, low score 3-4, medium score 5-6, high score 7-8, very high score 9-10, this scores 8.

9. Social Response,Total scores 2.0,Scoring 1.4

Scoring 1.8 As a protocol layer to data protection, NuCypher KMS has good prospects and advantages on both directivity and technology implementation, it is very nice.
Scoring 2.6 The project team is technical-weighted as a whole. It hasn’t seen any promotion staff working in this team and the telegram is mainly operated by CEO and CTO, which is not good for project running.

Scoring 3.7 There are many partners. NuCypher, with independent ecological system, has partners from many encrypted technology fields including decentralized database, data market, sharing economy protocol, medical treatment, Internet of Things and digital assets etc.

Scoring 4.5 The technology of blockchains is still immature. The critical point of project completion is to get consensus. This project is low at the level of community activity.
Scoring 5.7 The development idea of technology was clear. Open-source technology was implemented in mid-late period and adopted innovative mixing techniques to realize chain cross.

Scoring 6.5 Based on EOS.IO structure, pop up from the main net of EOS, and verified a certain risk existed before getting excellent performance.

Scoring 7.6 Although the market space is big, BAT and Google etc. magnates enter market in case, the market space will be squeezed.

Scoring 8.5 The project is still in initiating stage and token have not been launched.

Scoring 9.9 It has advantage of backwardness, move innovative technology as compared to other competitive products.

Scoring 10.8 The R&D of blockchains is strong, deep in technology accumulation. Technical staff are good in experience background.

III. Review Summary

As a protocol layer to data protection, NuCypher KMS has good prospects and advantages on both directivity and technology implementation. Team, application context, the progress of development and mechanism design all made this project mature. In terms of investment value and commercial value, it is worthy of investing. However, its ICO scheme was slow to announce and it shall be aware of unknown risks, such as unreasonable ICO scheme due to immoderate financing.

This project has fewer competitors in the circumstance. It has strong technological strength and was invested by well-known institutions, worth looking forward to the prospect.

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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 165 - Weekly Wrapup #17

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
This Last Week's oWaW Posts
Top Pics/Memes of the Week
Dogecoin Fun
Dogecoin Goods
Dogecoin Services
Dogecoin Projects
Dogecoin In the News
And that's your week!
Did I miss anything? Of course I did! Let me know in the comments and I'll add it!
It's 9:01AM and we're at 83.75% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is spiking from ~53 to ~65 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is also spiking from ~622 to ~1025.
As always I appreciate your support!
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 303 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • George Webb Delivers Imran's Bitcoin To Rahm - YouTube
    • George has a long live session for Q and A
    • Clowns around with with the idea of hangliding into the FBI building and stealing hard drives full of bitcoin to give to Rahm Emanuel
    • Truly, George is the new most interesting man in the world\
    • McCabe's dog is name Coup Coup Ka Chew. Or maybe it's not. (it's jeremiah. only stupid mccabe would name his dog jeremiah)
  • Day 167.1. 20 Saipov "Visa Lottery Winners", 20 Blackberries - Managing Deep Uranium Ratline? - YouTube
    • It's day 167 this is part 1
    • And I'm getting a tooth out back here molars coming out
    • So I appreciate that, for the wonderful contribution by the viewers to give me that for free--I appreciate it
    • Last night we tried to arrange a meeting between Task Force and Robyn Gritz
    • And it was in the area of Pleasant Prairie near the border of Wisconsin
    • We don't give away the exact location
    • Now, everybody's gonna say Pleasant Prairie Pleasant Prairie: oh is that where Paul Ryan did the FoxConn deal
    • The foxconn is is the manufacturer in China China China China that makes the iPhone
    • And that's a two hundred fifty billion dollar investment that Trump did
    • So that's that's nice when that goes into your district
    • I think I'm pretty sure Pleasant Prairie is in Paul Ryan's district--is that ways quitting, because that's enough money to live on forever?
    • I don't know who knows?
    • But I don't know if I'm be able to upload this that's why I had to do the live stream yesterday
    • So sorry that was a little haphazard
    • But I really want to get the blues sisters together
    • I think this is really important--Robyn Gritz has that nuclear--she did all these nuclear negotiations in Iran...I don't want her to give away anything obviously classified
    • But we have an expert--a top world expert
    • And then we have somebody who at the state and local level has been involved in all these domestic activities
    • So it'd just be great to put the blues sisters together at the International with the with the National to really lend more expertise
    • So I know Robyn doesn't necessarily want to become a blues sister
    • And remake the Blues Brothers
    • But--you could see I wish I could have done the whole Saipov--loop in one go--by the cop car with a cop shocks and the cop tires, and the cop engine
    • And a half a pack of cigarettes full tank of gas--go down to Raja Foods--get the hawala send it back on a plane to Pakistan, pull off the halal, cash it for chips, convert it to Bitcoin, take the Bitcoin down to Rahm
    • I wish I could have done that all one go--as a blues brother--kind of Saipov
    • Now, everyone says, "well George, 19 Saipovs, 20 Blackberries: did each Saipov get a blackberry?"
    • And that was why Saipov had all these trucking companies?
    • You found five trucking companies, but were there 20?
    • Was each Saipov really a Saipov, were they all from Tashkent?
    • Were they all recruited by Craig Murray in Tashkent?
    • And I was surprised to learn Saipov was from Tashkent
    • The other thing that came out of yesterday was the 16 tons of what-do-you-get
    • You get you get a hell of a lot of valuable over Uranium that never made it--that from that megatons to megawatts--never made it to the United States
    • The 16 tons was in the Ukraine
    • Now, it moved somewhere
    • Was Deep Uranium right again?
    • It was all moved to Astana
    • Astana was this deep underground
    • I mean the story as actually going toward Deep Uranium
    • I mean that's where it is if you add up the value of that by going by hot Bob highly enriched Mueller's--quarter pounder, eight million a quarter pounder
    • That comes out to 4.48 trillion dollars
    • So as they were taking little bits off the top--selling off the Uranium to different nuclear powers
    • They put the drugs in there Rahm--wants
    • Now, I'm not saying these aren't legal drugs legal quarter weight drugs to sell to our veterans
    • But that is what Deep Uranium said a year ago
    • So I just keep finding a Deep Uranium's credibility is just getting confirmed by all these experts along the way
    • We'll keep following this story, but I have this feeling that Robyn Gritz is expertise in Iran is gonna lend to the same kind of it's gonna be just yet another part of the Uranium ratline for their developing nuclear program
  • Day 167.3. KGB Agent In Next Room - Rahm’s Abbott Labs VeroPharm Agents? - YouTube
    • Day 167 the anesthetic is in
    • You can see over there is not on the x-ray
    • But you can see clearly there's no no identifiable information there
    • Before I numb up, this this nuclear cities program--there's a KGB--this gal she's in the next room
    • Her father is in the KGB now
    • I don't know if Rahm Emanuel sent over the KGB, but she told the dentist: if anything happens to me you're in trouble
    • True story she works for Abbott labs I believe the drug is called Respiral {? / respirol? -- that's for breathing George...bronchodialator }
    • I said immediately to him tell me tell me tell me if it's Verro Pharma
  • Day 167.4. Q’s Triple AAA Clue - Astana to Awans to Alexandria? - YouTube
    • Day 164 this is part excuse-me 167 this is part 4
    • Tooth is out: extraction is a little bit like extracting HEU from Ukraine and taking it to Astana
    • So Q's out with a clue with Triple A about the Awans--the Triple A and the kill box
    • And I again, I talked to Deep Uranium on the kill box
    • When a opponent goes around a corner that's the perfect time to ambush them, and then you bottle them up as they go around the corner
    • And then that's the kill box
    • You get them from both sides in a kind of a box Deep Uranium is the one that said that Astana was the starting point of the ratline
    • I think that's where the 16 tons of HEU goes
    • I published a piece about 128 tons was the total nuclear inventory of plutonium from the Russians in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed
    • It's about 700 tons of HEU
    • So could 16 tons of that huge amount of Uranium
    • And plutonium have been diverted to Astana? you bet
    • So I do think all clues lead to Uranium
    • And the clue this morning on on Triple A it could have been the start of the ratline a being the Astana
    • And then the Awans to a place like Alexandria or it could be the people involved Hina Alvi, Imran Awan, and also Adila, his sister
    • So there's a lot of aides that go from Astana to the Awans to Alexandria
    • But we don't know what they were
    • But Q definitely was dropping big hints today on the triple A's
    • I think Astana most Americans don't know where it is
    • Again, if you don't remember trip Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan is one of the key--I think I believe it's capital of Kazakhstan at the top of our ratline
    • Deep Uranium over a year ago saying that's the beginning the ratline for the Uranium coming to the United States
    • And the drugs went with it, underneath
    • The yellowcake was on top or whatever the HEU
    • And the bottom was the white cake
    • Weapons in the other direction
    • Also weapons going out of Pakistan to Isis through the Pakistan Ordnance Factory
  • Day 167.5. More Q Clue - Triple A - Astana - Awans - ARMZ? - YouTube
    • Day 167
    • And this is part 5
    • And you don't have to comment about Q to wait for feedback
    • Everyone's saying, "George you dum-dum dodo head {{ no one is saying that }} don't you realize the third A is ARMZ, John Podesta's ARMZ company for arms"
    • And that is supported by this Muller announcing this new memo
    • Muller was enabled as a special prosecutor in May of last year 2017 by Rod Rosenstein
    • But now, there's a secret memo that's come to light that came out two months later, in August, enabling him to look at the Ukrainian situation Ukrainian trade with Paul Manafort and who? Oleg Deripaska
    • None of the people we introduced you to ever are not a key part later on down the road it seems
    • So what do we know about Oleg Deripaska?
    • Well could it be that the Awans the it's Astana to Awans and ARMZ? Maybe...
    • And were the Awans just doing the Uranium layer with the one two three with with Manafort
    • And was Deripaska doing the arms and drugs below that with Rahm, with the 20 Saipov trucking agencies, with the 20 Blackberries? Could be
    • So that's a wrinkle I'm sorry I missed ARMZ
    • Please accept my apologies
    • AAA = Astana Awans ARMZ
  • Day 167.6. Sweet Home Chicago - Blues Sisters - YouTube
    • It's day 167 this is part one it's cold here in the Windy City
    • So we decided to stay a few more days in Chicago
    • And the reason being is (sorry about the wind) is the Task Force it's really not just Task Force our local and state police representative who you know as Task Force
    • But really we want to add to the Task Force we want to add professionals from the FBI, especially like a Roby Gritz or a Mike McMahan on this subject of vetting
    • Vetting is very much in the news (I'll pan around here a little bit) vetting very much in the news
    • Now, hopefully that helps with the wind' vetting very much in the news with 44 different Democrats not vetting the Awans--any of them
    • Three of them being on the Intelligence Committee
    • So we're going to talk about different techniques of vetting that professionals use
    • We're not going to disclose anything classified like simultaneous interviews, or corroborating interviews, or recursive questioning, or none of those things will be discussed
    • We won't give away any classified information
    • But what we will do is talk about vetting, and how we might go about vetting the Awans, because it's never too late to do an assessment a damage assessment of what actually was exfiltrated out of the United States
    • What was in those hundreds of suspicious activity reports (SARs) going to Pakistan?
    • What was in those terabytes going to Pakistan?
    • Now, still we don't know the question
    • Now, there's rumors that Jesse Liu of the attorney general's office in the DC district has gone back to the grand jury, and may be considering an up charge for the Awans
    • So we don't know if that's true or not
    • But that certainly would be something that would be with no vetting we have no idea now
    • Luke Rosiak I heard him on today on a on a radio show before Hannity's, talking about the fact that hardly any of them even had a college degree
    • So we know something went horribly wrong with them all having $160,000 a year jobs in Congress
    • So this certainly has to be looked into
    • We hear that Chuck Grassley is also asked for a list of all people with classified clearances
    • So we'll see if the Awans come up in that or any of the Awan gang if you will
    • So that's what we have here in Chicago
    • We're going to try to have the Task Force--the hopefully the first two members of the Task Force will be the Blues sisters the Blues sisters
    • We'll have one state and local police officer
    • We'll hopefully have one International law enforcement officer
    • And Robyn Gritz to get our Task Force started off with the Blues sisters
    • And we might even have a live broadcast from a famous Blues Brothers location a little bit later this evening
  • Day 167.7. Loop Capital - 111 Jackson. - YouTube
    • Why Boeing? Well there are a Washington-based corporation that moved because of Rahm Emanuel here in a beautiful Chicago
    • Well there's another company from Washington about ready to do the same thing: it's called Amazon
    • Why are we subsidizing Amazon?
    • We don't know Trump's on the case now, though, and that's changing the whole dynamic
    • A lot of these things were true, but just never got any attention
    • Trump tweets it out, even though Preet Bharara want Bezos to buy Twitter just so Trump can't tweet
    • Probably not gonna happen
    • So got a you beautiful Chicago taxi down here we haven't made contact with Robyn Gritz yet
    • But we want our expertise on all these vetting questions
    • So we're gonna talk to her about damage assessments that she's done do we need another Amazon
    • So we needed another Chicago headquarters of a company stolen from another state well we'll find out
    • But if there are no tax breaks,
    • And then we are on the Washington Street bridge, so it is a little shaky--I hope it's not Chinese Steel
    • So then there you go
    • And we're not far well you can't really see it we're not far from the Willis Tower
    • And 111 Jackson.
    • What's 111 Jackson?
    • I know everybody's gonna say the same thing that's got to be something AWAN because it's a-1
    • That's the one it's the one: Loop capital, Loop capital 111 Jackson
    • We'll get there tomorrow
  • Day 168.1 Q Drops Star Electric Clue - Our STAR Reactor? - YouTube
    • It's day 168 here in Chicago
    • And the shooters father Q had mentioned look into the shooters father at YouTube
    • And his name is Ismail
    • This is we talked about Ismail Aghdam, so think of an agricultural dam
    • And anyway his company is Star Electric
    • And you look at his clients they really range all over the country
    • They range a lot in California where the company is based in Orange County
    • So it's Star Electric OC like Orange County
    • Of course you would expect Disney to be a customer, united bank, Facebook, etc
    • That's probably the old LA part of LA companies at Facebook acquired
    • Edison energy
    • Kaiser Permanente is big down in Orange County in LA
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Toshiba
    • Toyota etc
    • But interestingly enough they're also potentially involved in the New York transit system
    • These are all massive consumers of electrical energy
    • And if you open your mind a little to Lawrence Livermore Lab being in the same state
    • And if again, if you think if you put any credence in Q, you can look at this paper that was certainly quite a while ago--15 years ago, called some secure transportable autonomous reactor or the star reactor, which was developed at Lawrence Livermore laboratories
    • And it's for exactly this kind of use, where it's portable, it's for mining applications oil field never need to change the fuel in the core
    • So that reduces a lot of the--a lot of the safety concerns, because opening the core up, closing the core up, transporting fuel to the core, taking out old fuel pellets etc
    • So the idea here is almost like--you use a can of shaving cream when you're done with it you throw it away, you never refill the can if you will
    • And central generation on small electrical grids here is good
    • If we had Jeffries Epstein's Island we could use a small core reactor there, and just have we could have lights on in the tunnels forever, right?
    • Oil fields military installations
    • And if you look at the Hillary emails
    • And I believe they were real-time exfiltrated--at least State Department emails--through the Awan server at the Navy Yard, or at the very close to the Navy Yard there on M Street: if you look at those emails they're gonna be relating to this kind of thing it's not just gonna be small energy reactors, but developing people's 1-2-3 plans for their nuclear development both for peaceful use in military use
    • I think this is going to hit me over and over
    • It's usually right around oil fields because you can use a lot of the waste products from Uranium mining...of sulfuric get the yellowcake to do leaching in oil fields
    • So this is I believe all the five hundred thousand emails are gonna be related to this type of thing
    • And you that this gentleman here was this is his house here in San Diego
    • So it's not a big outfit by any means
    • And he said he made $100,000 as a sole proprietorship
    • But there's this arrest that he's had
    • He was the CEO of a company for about six years from 2002 to 2008
    • And he's CEO again, for another four year period
    • So it's on and off, so it's odd
    • And if you remember earlier in our series we talked about the AP1000 this is a pressurized water reactor which Westinghouse makes
    • The light water the boiling water reactors are the ones that GE makes
    • So we don't know exactly, but we've talked about this many times before
    • And it can be brought in on a core just like this, and be installed in a modular method
    • So it makes it a perfect use for somebody like a Google or a Facebook
    • Somebody has a huge server farm
    • Disney would be another great one because they've got all these electrical rides, and all lighting--the costs are so staggering there
    • Nuclear fuel just makes a lot of sense of course if you are a Edison elec Drake or something like that it's it can help back up your power grid for those times where you have peak load capacity situations as well
    • As well as small developing nations,
    • As well as nuclear facilities for military installations around the world
    • So I'm gonna shift here briefly now, to talk about Andre Taggart
    • Andre Taggarts gonna be on the show, just before Hannity today on I believe
    • <>
    • I'm going to switch gears here a little bit to talk about Total Information Awareness
    • This was a proposal in about the year 2003 as you can see here
    • And was called Total Information Agency, then it got changed a couple of times, and then defunded
    • But the idea basically was a fusion center for the United States
    • And a lot of what was in Total Information Awareness--even though got defunded by Congress--still ended up being implemented at the NSA
    • So this is why I think the Doug Gabriel discussion is so interesting, because it kind of follows right along
    • Here Admiral Poindexter called Total Information Awareness the Manhattan Project for counterterrorism
    • Basically was a collected all approach as well as using the geolocation that I talked so much about
    • And then the other idea that it was gonna have was data mining software, so that it could do predictive policing
    • Sort of the thing you see in Minority Report with Tom Cruise
    • And they just basically changed the name of TIA, and they codenamed it basketball
    • And there was this New York Times article in 2012 that said, "it was quietly thriving at the NSA"
    • But the idea here is of the different agencies that support it and go into this TIA program
    • And you're gonna find here's I'll show these DARPA slides a little bit later
    • But if you I don't have people remember INSCOM
    • Now, we've talked a lot about NSA, DIA, CIA I would talk about Stratcom--Special Operations Command
    • And JWAC are just basically joint commands we'll get to those laters
    • But there was this group that was hacked, this is the Army Intelligence and Security Command at Fort Belvoir
    • This operation is based in Fort Belvoir
    • Now, I believe Andre Taggart is working in this operation
    • This is Fort Belvoir INSCOM
    • And this is the key infiltration strategy for MAVNI right here
    • And Taggart is going to be on this radio show later
    • And we have Taggard at the Hawkshead address at 2008
    • So if the Taggart was actually at the Hawkshead address by a couple of different sources now at 2008, it was definitely an INSCOM operation, and a TIA for Total Information Awareness
    • Again, why would Andre Taggart have lied on the video?
    • It must be not that he's lying because he's a bad person, but he's covering for an operation
    • He's still employed, and he's still covering this operation at Fort Belvoir
    • I think that's what you're gonna find later on this afternoon or maybe a little bit later
    • But this is coming the INSCOM is definitely coming for Fort Belvoir
    • And this Total Information Awareness
    • I just want to expose folks to the program this morning we can get more into it later
    • And then of course we're going to Chicago
    • And we're going to go to Loop Capitol to follow up on some other new stuff as well
  • Day 168.2. Is Doug Gabriel Aware of Total Information Awareness? - YouTube
    • It's day 167 this is part 2
    • And Total Information Awareness--I was not aware of Total Information Awareness
    • TIA Total Information Awareness
    • So I've apologize
    • But it apparently it's it's the big story it
    • So it ties everything together--the PROMIS software--the software for Palantir
    • It feeds Palantir
    • Palantir feeds TIA
    • This big effort was started in 2002, and basically just has been they just changed the name
    • So I guess there's a couple of really good documentaries and books about it
    • But what's interesting is this INSCOM, which really started this idea
    • This INSCOM started out at Fort Belvoir, and Fort Belvoir is also the place that probably that Doug Gabriel
    • Doug Gabriel of AIM is was at because he was Army Intel before he was NSA
    • So INSCOM was split between a Virginia location and Fort Meade
    • And was that Doug, before Doug became NSA as a cryptographer, cryptologist for NSA
    • Interesting how everything keeps coming back
    • That's where that we found the Nazi art
    • We found 30 foot by 20 foot panels of Hitler--Nazi art in Fort Belvoir in December of last year!
    • So something is definitely going on
    • I call it the naughty NSA
    • Is INSCOM the naughty NSA? I don't know
    • But the NSA the NNSA is certainly the one responsible for all this nuclear material moving around
    • Now, this woman who ends up getting shot or shooting herself yesterday at Google, excuse me Google's company YOUTUBE, was not Turkish as first claimed
    • She lived on the Turkish border, but she was actually Iranian
    • And she there are reports that she may have Iranian military connections
    • So not only is her father working for Star Electric--five-star electric does the transportation system in Manhattan
    • But and then Star Electric out west doing these major Silicon Valley is that like MedStar?
    • Is that like AStar our transportation company in Virginia? I don't know
    • But this woman this AGHDAM woman spoke Farsi
    • What other young ladies spoke Farsi?
    • Mark Lambert's two daughters?
    • Was this woman Iranian Intel, as a translator? Iranian military as a translator? We don't know. We don't know
  • Day 168.3. Still Trying To Get Rahm His Imran Bitcoin - YouTube
    • Day 167 this is part three
    • Rahm wasn't at the other building with the other Picasso, so we found another Picasso
    • This is the county building here--the Cook County Building
    • Rahm: I have your Bitcoin
    • I don't really feel comfortable carrying your Bitcoin
    • Can you wave?
    • Can you just wave your Imran flag?
    • Can you can you wave your flag that says I love Pakistani farmers land?
    • Can you wave the flag that says I love USAID?
    • Alright we'll let you know if we get Rahm his Bitcoin
  • Day 168.4. The Teal Trump Rahm Imran Battle Is A Few Hundred Meyers. - YouTube
    • It's day 168
    • Over one year ago Task Force gave me the lead of the Chicago Tribune talking about Melissa Bean. Melissa Bean
    • She was a Congresswoman from Illinois from 2005 to 2011
    • That's how Rahm Emanuel inserted Imran Awan into the Congress of the United States
    • Of course a beautiful Wrigley building behind us
    • And this building here was the building that Peter Smith worked in, right here
    • Of course the beautiful Chicago River and the water taxis
    • And of course Trump Tower
    • This whole drama comes down to really a few few hundred meters between the Wrigley Building right there, where Peter Smith was
    • The Oppo research, the MIS Department and the Trump Tower
    • It's all coming to a head and you're all here to witness it
  • Day 169.1 Q Query - Did Rahm's Loop Capital Prey On the VA? - YouTube
    • It's day 169 this is part 1
    • And if you didn't see yesterday I was unsuccessful yet again, trying to get rahm emanuel his Bitcoin from Imran
    • Here's a excerpt from it--I'm yelling can you wave a flag of some type to let me know you're there can you wave a USAID flag, potentially
    • Can you wave a flag of Pakistani farmers can you wave a map of the Pakistani farmers land you might have stole I'm imploring him to wave some type of flag here, and he is not waving the flag
    • So it's it was unsuccessful
    • So moving right along
    • If you're not aware of the other article I referenced, which was a Chicago Tribune article of 2005, it's talking about this Melissa Bean and her Blackberry
    • And it's talking about hey her calendars sent directly to us here at the blackberry regardless of where she is I also get her documents we also send her PDF documents to brief her
    • So this is these are gonna be coming from all those SES folks
    • And of course, it's also gonna be going to Pakistan
    • And at that time, way back then, 2005 Imran was doing IT technology for 8 members of Congress
    • So you just have people send whatever document you want, and have any of course you forward terabytes on to Pakistan
    • This is going on since 2005 then you can see where they say how indispensable BlackBerry is
    • So this is not a new thing a lot of people talked about Total Information Awareness--this series on BBC--which was the Last Enemy if you want to check it out
    • This is the Benedict Cumberbatch played this part I referenced the Minority Report, where Total Information Awareness allows these precognitive kind of autists cops to predict crime
    • And I'm not sure that we didn't exactly end up with with this
    • Peter Thiel just won an 876 million dollar contract with the Army
    • You wonder if it's not out of Fort Belvoir under another name
    • I looked up a lot of the Peter Smith's because I walked by where Peter Smith worked at the Wrigley building, through our Plum book
    • And here's just a random sample of Smith's
    • And I just noticed this guy here at Social Security
    • And then he was still working in the administration this "Peter B Smith", not the Peter Smith that was dead died in the Mayo Clinic with the helium
    • But this Peter Smith is the Social Security Administration analyst...
    • I just thought I would show you
    • But he moves from Housing and Urban Development over to Social Security Administration
    • I don't know if that's a path that's taken very often
    • But again, it just seems like they all start out in Homeland Security as lawyers
    • And then they infiltrate across the board--I guess that's the point I'm making here
    • Pick a lane as I guess is what I'm saying
    • And become a deep expert in your lane rather than just be kind of coming this journey man lawyer that can be infiltrated into wherever a political party might want to infiltrate you
    • Here's another one here's Laura Smith
    • And she is providing expertise in NOAA we know NOAA
    • And even though she's SES she leaves the Government after you can see here after the election is lost
    • And you can see kind of how these titles go
    • Deputy chief to the senior staff of the Under Secretary
    • If you don't have one of those types of titles in Washington you're really not much of anything
    • And of course the ubiquitous George Washington in the University Law School
    • This I'm seeing over and over again, with the Masters of some kind of business training and then the Georgetown Law, and then you become kind of the CIA lawyer that can move and be infiltrated, at a whim
    • Here's a last one I'll do which is when dindi Smith
    • And again, you're gonna find he was one of these weapons of mass destruction people
    • And he actually moves up even though Trump, with the Trump election--sorry about that--he moves up the ladder he was the deputy assistant 2005 to 2017, and Trump actually ends up promoting him
    • But the real Smith that to talk to about as this guy here here he is in the plum book this is Michael Mayo Smith
    • And of course Peter Smith made me think of the Mayo Clinic
    • And made me think of these veterans integrated service networks
    • And there was a reporter by the name of Kimball--I believe it was Sarah Kimball that said it Oh everything everything is going wrong not just a worgen harvesting
    • But--appointments for friends they're bringing in people from other countries the veterans are waiting forever I'd be just about everything
    • And of course she died immediately after that
    • But this gentleman here was one of three regional VISN directors--this Mayo Smith--to lose his job
    • Shulkin right before he left was able to fire three of them
    • One was New England, the other was Arizona, of course Arizona is very famous Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California, and then West Virginia Maryland, and DC was also the other person to go
    • We have that horrific report about the DC Washington DC VA
    • So Virginia and Maryland--Virginia still stays in place
    • I'll get that name for you as we move forward
    • But you can see Shulkin was kind of trying to throw everyone else under the bus to try to save his job
    • But in actual fact we finally shucked Shulkin
    • So progress is made along the way in this series I just I every once in a while I need to stop and take an accounting of it
    • And just say we are being effective by getting facts out to the public
    • And getting whistleblowers names like Campbell's names out in the public
    • It is having the effect on the Trump administration
    • And we are getting out these these SES folks that are really clogging up the mill
  • Day 169.3. Corporate Welfare To Entice Amazon at United Center - YouTube
    • It's day 169
    • And this is part three
    • And we're following Rahm Emmanuel's investments all over California
    • And we're following his corporate welfare
    • We're still we still have the Bitcoin from Imran--we're trying to get Imran his Bitcoin
    • Rahm is not checked off yet
    • So we decided to start going to some of the different places where Rahm has arranged corporate welfare
    • Uber being one of them
    • Even Peter Thiel even ambrosia Mr. Peter Thiel I've never saw any blood too young for me--even he says Uber is the most ethically challenged company in this in Silicon Valley, if you could imagine that
    • So of course you're gonna have Eric Schmidt involved
    • We're gonna have some other key guys involved maybe Tim Geithner I don't know
    • But there is just something I found out about a couple of minutes ago--other parts of corporate welfare welfare called a tax investment fund tax investment fund
    • You're saying that's TIF that's not TI a you're not saying Total Information Awareness--you're saying tax investment fund you change things you said TIA yesterday
    • And then had a letter another letter George
    • Now, you've got tax investment fund what the tax investment fund is that scrape some money off the top of your property taxes here
    • And then build places like uber or builds a hotel for Marriott Hotel or down by Homen Square just to make sure that your guests are comfortable getting corporate welfare
    • They redo the super boxes down there at United Center
    • And oh by the way we're gonna have that neighborhood patrolled by University of Chicago Police, University of Chicago, University of Chicago Police
    • And they're going to patrol an area outside of the campus because we want our fake cops at United Center sitting in the luxury boxes with our executives from Uber, we want them to be comfortable, and we want to make sure that there's Constitution
    • Only color-of-law is good enough for our corporate donors here at Uber corporation
  • Day 169.4. Q Clue Cues Me To Go To Loop Capital. - YouTube
    • Day 169 this is part 4
    • And here we are at Luke Capitol
    • Now, a lot of people say Luke Capitol isn't that that Q thing? That's that Q thing right?
    • Well it's guess we're 111 Jackson
    • Now, you may remember a few of these scenes that we're gonna show you rights out out of Luke Luke Capitol 1 111 West Jackson
    • Of course we're not too far from Willis Tower here used to be Sears Tower for many people who know that and
    • Now, you're gonna go down what sometimes is known as Chicago's Wall Street, by the Chicago Board of Trade
    • Now, you may remember the famous scene from Trading Places
    • Of course you've always have to have your obligatory statues to goodness light
    • And Sophia the GODdess of wisdom right
    • So we're gonna illegally cross the street
    • And show you kind of Chicago's little Wall Street
    • Now, did Rahm Emanuel in fact corporate welfare for everyone wearing wing tips?
    • Hard to say
    • Was it Luke Capital his financial vehicle to bring in Boeing
    • Was Luke Capital the financial vehicle that he plans to bring in Amazon
    • Is it going to be corporate welfare for the foreseeable future?
    • We don't really know
    • But all we can do is bring you the truth
    • It's really odd it seems like corporate welfare is had an all-time high
    • But real welfare to real people that are freezing below the bridges in Chicago is a lady I'm with
    • It's called Bernie Bridges--hashtag capital B Bernie capital B bridges she's above the bridge during the day with a message that the Washington Post can't print
    • She's above Washington Bridge saying, "hey no Amazon in in Chicago", right
    • And then at night they go below bridges burning below bridges
    • And she gives out we just gave some stuff to some homeless people
    • And she always carry six meals with her
    • Before major holidays: 12 meals
    • So here it is the answer is Rahm: how much longer with the corporate welfare?
    • When will some of the money go actually for the streets, rather than for the super boxes at the United Center?
    • And will the University of Chicago be the police force for Homen Square, for another foreseeable future, for 65,000 residents where they're not constitutionally-empowered to do any policing?
    • {{ 911: Robocop: OCP!}}
    • Is it going to be corporate welfare forever, Rahm
    • Is it going to always fall to the citizens to do what really is right for the people who live here in Chicago?
    • ...Who are in need?
    • That's the question
    • << rhetorical question: HONK! car confirms. >>
  • Day 169.5. Trebuchet For Rahm’s Bitcoin From Imran - Joking! - YouTube
    • It's day 169 part 5
    • There is the challenge this is the Rahm Emanuel challenge--the office way up there by that American flag
    • Rahm has not come down to get his bitcoin Imran's bitcoin
    • I'm getting a little tired of carrying it to be honest with you I realize it's billions of dollars
    • So what we've done here is we've jury-rigged this this Picasso to be sort of a trebuchet
    • Now, you remember in medieval times the trebuchet was one of the most feared weapons immediate history, because it used spring action, spring action
    • So we're gonna actually take the picasso, we're gonna mount the we're gonna mount the disc drives with all be with all the bitcoin from Pakistan, we're gonna mount it, and we're gonna pivot it directly toward Rahm's office
    • And we are going to fire it at a very high speed
    • Now, this is a very innocuous bag of just billions of dollars in Bitcoin
    • So it will only break a few windows
    • But there is just literally no other way to get Rahm his Bitcoin
    • Now, you may say, "oh you should get a historical reenactor, from the battles of medieval times, back in England"
    • And you may say, "Oh Tewkesbury. Go get a Tewksbury battle reenactor. Go get a battle reenactor for the Earl of Gloucester. Go get someone who can play Richard the third better than you who knows the first line of the movie or the play better than you."
    • Well we're just going to have to improvise
    • The next video you see roms roms Bitcoin will be flying through the window up there on that trebuchet
    • And this this functionless art will now, take on great significance getting Rahm his due from Pakistan
  • Day 169.6. Trump Tweets About Amazon Destroying Towns, Rahm Works On Tax Shelter - YouTube
    • It's day 169 this is part 7
    • And Trump is sent a clear signal to Rahm Emanuel
    • And amazon to stop the corporate welfare
    • And you can see this battle going on right over here between Trump Tower in the old Wrigley building--the Chicago Tribune
    • Chicago Tribune being very much like the Washington Post
    • And Jeff Bezos' Washington Post
    • The key lobbyists, the head lobbyist for Rahm Emanuel, and Jeff Bezos that's where the battles taking place--200 metres apart
    • And I think the message is clear << Ding ding ding Bridge Stop signal >> stop corporate welfare
  • Day 169.8. Robyn Gritz - We Are Not Insiders, But We Can Learn - YouTube
    • It's day 169 this is probably part eight
    • Right in there is Robyn Grits meeting with Task Force
    • And another supporter, viewer of the channel: I really appreciate it
    • And so three hours we had a long conversation
    • And see Task Force trade kind of experiences with Robyn Grits was really him
    • And I think an important thing
    • There's so much with both of them--with just the whole Robert Levinson
    • And the whole antiterrorism the whole Andy McCabe thing
    • And then Task Force with all of the parolee attacks
    • And the Becerra attack etc
    • It becomes there's a lot
    • And both people need to get to know both of those sides of the story
    • But I think for us on the outside
    • (And this is my attempt at a an extended analogy here)
    • They're on the inside talking about their insider experiences
    • We're on the outside
    • What we're trying to do out here is to extend the expertise, extend the experiences, extend the things that may have gone wrong
    • And create a bigger learning for all women who may be in this position in law enforcement, where they were kind of crushed by males who made pretty bad decisions
    • And one of the things I love--probing
    • And asking deeper and deeper questions
    • >>>CONT
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Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Servers to Mine Monero - Makes $63,000 In 3 Months

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 41%. (I'm a bot)
According to a report published by ESET today, cybercriminals only made modifications to legitimate open source Monero mining software and exploited a known vulnerability in Microsoft IIS 6.0 to secretly install the miner on unpatched Windows servers.
Although ESET's investigation does not identify the attackers, it reports that the attackers have been infecting unpatched Windows web servers with the cryptocurrency miner since at least May 2017 to mine 'Monero,' a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency.
The vulnerability exploited by the attackers was discovered in March 2017 by Zhiniang Peng and Chen Wu and resides in the WebDAV service of Microsoft IIS version 6.0-the web server in Windows Server 2003 R2. Therefore, hackers are only targeting unpatched machines running Windows Server 2003 to make them part of a botnet, which has already helped them made over $63,000 worth of Monero.
The newly discovered malware mines Monero that has a total market valuation of about $1.4 billion, which is far behind Bitcoin in market capitalisation, but cybercriminals' love for Monero is due to its focus on privacy.
Another reason of hackers favouring Monero is that it uses a proof-of-work algorithm called CryptoNight, which suits computer or server CPUs and GPUs, while Bitcoin mining requires specific mining hardware.
In mid-May, Proofpoint researcher Kafeine discovered cryptocurrency mining malware, called 'Adylkuzz,' which was using EternalBlue exploit-created by the NSA and dumped last month by the Shadow Brokers in April-to infect unpatched Windows systems to mine Monero.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: mine#1 Monero#2 server#3 Windows#4 computer#5
Post found in /technology, /ChicoSecurityClass, /btc, /BitcoinAll, /Monero and /u_boxdrivereddit.
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Is this gear good enough to bitmine?

I have seven machines.
2ghz clock 4gb ram, older video card (it runs vista natively)
Core 2 duo 8800 (or something to that effect) slim line machine (no "good" video card, just cpu) with 6gb ram
3ghz (OC option available) gaming machine with 2 GTX 470 on a Phenom X6 1100T proc
Older AM2 6000 running 3ghz with an older onboard video card
Asus Gaming latop G74
Older Dell laptop (Vista native)
Server 2003 with P4 processor (it's a file server).
Bitcoin confuses the hell out of me, because the "exchange rates" show things like 1 bc / $100 but everything I have read suggests that that is a bunch of bologna.
If I am using between 500W and 1200W for powering these machines, could I net a profit?
I have no idea what GH/s or the hash stuff means. Very new to it. Was just reading ...
...and I was very confused. I wanted to make my own thread because I didn't want lost in the comment tide.
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any point in using the servers at work to mine?

throwaway because... work...
IAMA sole Sys Admin.
ive just started looking into mining bitcoin and was wondering if you guys think theres any point in using the old server farm that is still running at work to CPU mine bit coins.
The servers are IBM HS20 Blades. Xeon 3.2GHz with 4GB RAM. 32 Bit Win 2003 Server R2.
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[Table] IAmA: We are iFixit co-founder Kyle Wiens and cell phone unlocking crusader Sina Khanifar, two guys fighting for your right to unlock everything you own

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-03-22
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Is it possible for an 83 year old to have a well-reasoned attitude towards the internet, or are all people that old hopelessly analog and therefore irrelevant I would hope so! But I imagine it would take some time—there's a lot of context he's missing that we have, and vice versa. I'm sure that there's a lot that I could learn from Mr. Billington. Maybe I should drop by his library sometime and see if he'll show me around!
Why should I tailor my design to the .1% of the market who cares about repairing their design, instead of the 50% of the market who would rather have an extra 1mm shaved off the case, or who would rather save $.50 due to a more efficient factory assembly methodology? Just because the first owner doesn't fix it, doesn't mean no one will. Eventually, 100% of the products you design will fail. The battery will wear out or someone will drop it. The need for repair is just about as inevitable as taxes. Products that have long lives have much higher resale value. Toyota trucks sell for a significant premium over Ford trucks of the same year with the same mileage. And people care about how much they're going to be able to get for their used product a year down the line, even if they're not interested in ever fixing it themselves. Large purchasers are increasingly paying attention to design lifespan. I know purchasers at very large organizations that are horrified by the prospect of a glued in battery with a 2-3 year life. They have to get a better return on their investment than that.
Hey! I wrote a repair guide for a Fender guitar amp for you guys for my technical writing class at Cal Poly SLO! My question is what sort of compromise could you foresee that would both allow use consumers to do what we wish with our products, while still protecting the intellectual property of the numerous companies we purchase our products from? For those who are interested, here's their Fender repair manual. Great job!
The question is what intellectual property needs to be protected? There are already lots of laws that protect Fender from you starting a competitor and using their patented designs or trademarked logo and case styling.
In the case of electronics, all the design engineers I know tell me that by the time a product has shipped, they assume that it's obsolete. They know their competitors will be taking it apart and analyzing it.
Sharing information needed for repairs doesn't really make it any easier to clone a product. A number of manufacturers—Dell and HP, for example—provide service manuals on their website already. And iFixit's Apple service manuals didn't prevent (or factor in at all with) their lawsuit against Samsung.
My opinion is that the laws we have are substantially the result of a) unintended consequences of the fight against media piracy; b) Cell carriers using the law to enforce a monopoly; and c) a strategy of planned obsolescence.
Now that's it's illegal; what are the chances of getting caught? Is it easy for phone providers to track down an unlocked cell phone? Will they actively go after people? Or do you think it's going to be more like illegal torrenting where they'll go after the big fish (ie people marketing unlocking/jailbreaking services) and maybe cherry pick a few unlockers here and there to make an example out of them? The odds of them coming after you or me are very low. I'm not sure that they could detect remotely whether a phone has been unlocked—it would probably come down to how accurate their database is and whether there is data sharing between the carriers.
It's the folks making the unlocking software—like geohot and the iPhone dev team—as well as refurbishers and resellers. Companies like Recellular unlock millions of cell phones per year. If they can't do that, the used phone market will be significantly disrupted. It will become extremely expensive to buy unlocked phones, and your old locked phone won't be worth nearly as much.
It's crazy that intellectual property law is interfering with the free market of physical products like this. It's farcical. Imagine if Ford cut a deal with a toll road company and didn't allow you to drive your car on another company's roads!
We need to find ways of educating policy makers about the impact of applying policies designed to prevent piracy to physical hardware.
How do you think the rise of 3D printing is going to affect your iFixit business? Do you believe scanning the 3D models of little plastic pieces be subject to DMCA takedowns? And if so, would you consider addressing that on your site? I'm really excited about 3D printing. We haven't seen a ton of practical 3D printable repair parts, but that day is coming.
The legal issues around printing 3D parts are pretty different from the copyright concerns around unlocking (circumventing encryption) and access to service manuals and diagnostics. With printing objects, you run into problems with 3D patents and trademarks. If it's legal for a third party to make a replacement handle for your refrigerator, it should be legal for you to 3D print one. But that's by no means certain, and I think it's going to be a significant fight in the coming years.
There have already been some DMCA takedowns of 3D files, but IANAL and I couldn't say exactly what the implications are.
A major challenge for small companies like ours is uncertainty. Let's say I create a 3D file of my door handle, post it to iFixit, get sued by a major manufacturer, and my lawyers tell me I have a strong legal case for fair use. Going to trial could cost millions of dollars—money the manufacturer may be willing to spend, but that we wouldn't be able to afford.
This is a big reason why you don't see very many people standing up to the OEMs. It's also why it's critical that we financially support fantastic organizations like the EFF, Public Knowledge, Free Press, and others who are willing to fight long fights on behalf of us consumers. Free markets need clarity.
That said, iFixit is totally happy to host any 3D models of spare parts people want to throw up on our servers, as long as the files were independently created.
As a Cal Poly SLO Electrical Engineering student who built a 3d printer this summer, I support IFixit hosting models. Let's get started uploading some models, then!
Everything that you guys take apart and breakdown.. do you pay for those out-of-pocket, or are they given to you by the manufacturers? How do they feel about you doing that? Great question. We buy everything at retail, just like Consumer Reports. Since we're rating the repairability, it's important that we get the same hardware that you would buy at the store.
That gets a little expensive, particularly with out-of-contract cell phones (we'll be taking apart the Blackberry Z10 soon), but it's worth it. You can't tell how hard it'll be to repair something without taking it apart, and we've taken it on as our sworn duty to educate people before they find out the hard way.
We posted a tablet repairability matrix the other day.
Well, I feel like that is likely ALREADY the case with many cars. They all have lots and lots of chips in them. How many of those chips are we allowed to access, inspect, etc., without violating something like DMCA? It totally depends on whether they're encrypted.
Legally, can you modify the code on the chips?
Practically, will anyone do it?
Right now, we're focused on the first issue—guaranteeing your right to tinker. That's why we need to repeal Section 1201 of the DMCA.
But for repairs, the time to reverse engineer those chips is so significant that you would never be able to do so in the process of fixing a car. For many repairs, access to service documentation and diagnostics are critical. That's why Massachusetts just passed Right to Repair legislation requiring service information be made available. Independent auto mechanics were worried they wouldn't be able to stay in business.
I think we need Right to Repair legislation for electronics as well as autos.
You guys are great! A Maker Manifesto for all! I'm tired of the consumption based, throwaway society we have today. We need to get corporations to relinquish this tight-fisted control over everything they manufacture for "sale" (quotes to indicate that they say "sold", even though the consumer often own much of what was purchased) that encourages, no - demands, that merchandise gets thrown away and replaced new to maximize profits. What do you see as the best avenue, personally and as citizens, to encourage people, the government, and companies to pursue the ability to repair our merchandise? Help us build a free repair manual for everything! Join the thousands of people all around the world contributing to make iFixit the largest repair manual in the world. We're building a coalition to fight for access to unlocking tools, service manuals, diagnostics, and everything else we need to repair products. If the people of Massachusetts can stand up for their local auto repair shop, we of the internet can certainly stand up for the right to open our electronics.
Sign up at and let people know you want DMCA 1201 repealed.
I own a small business that's an authorized dealer of a major carrier's products and contracts. When I order, e.g., a 16 GB iPhone 5, I pay the full retail price, $650. One of my stores then sells it for $200, as per the carrier's requirement. When someone then proceeds to unlock that phone and activate it on, say, Cricket, I lose $450. The carrier only pays me a portion of the contract if it's kept for at least six months. Were you aware of this? Do you agree that anyone who acts in a similar manner is effectively stealing $450 from me? How can one own an item that he hasn't fully paid for yet (assuming that a device isn't entirely bought until the discount received on it has been compensated via contract)? The customer has to pay an early termination fee, I assume. Who gets that money?
Do you ever break a item while disassembling it? e.g. If you cracked a Ipad digitizer as you removed it while doing a break down. Edit:spelling. Yes. Specifically with the iPad, it was glued together. It took us breaking about five iPads before we developed a technique for opening iPads without harming the glass. Even then, we kept fiddling and improving our methodology.
How do you guys feel about "anti-fixer" hardware like security screws or Torx? I don't really think Torx is anti-fixer—it's a pretty standard tool, there are good technical reasons for it (screws don't strip as easily), and the patent on it has expired (way back in '91). Security bits and tools like Apple's Pentalobe driver are just consumer-hostile.
I had to open up my coffee maker to unclog it and they had flathead screws with a little bar in the middle - you'd need a flathead screwdriver that kinda looked like a two-pronged fork. I have a friend who just spilled liquid on her MacBook Air this afternoon and needs to open up the case to dry it out. But she doesn't have the right sized pentalobe bit already, and it's going to take a few days to mail her one.
Random idea: Mail Pentalobe drivers to libraries in major metro areas, so people can locally access them without the hassle? There's a growing group of tool libraries where they do just that. I think it's a fantastic idea—we recently wrote a story about the West Seattle Tool Library, which is very successful.
You guys are awesome! You helped me start my business in fixing and unlocking devices. I have already emailed my representatives (all of them), signed the petition, and spread the word about how bad the DMCA is. Thank you for your efforts. As for questions, how many DMCA threats do you receive? If so, from what kind of companies? Do they concern you at all? You'll be surprised to hear this: iFixit has never received a DMCA complaint. But there's a good reason for that—all the content on the site is originally created, either by us or by our community members.
We haven't gotten permission from any OEMs to rehost their service information (yet), but it's something that we're working on.
With the recent screenshots of xbox durango, do you think that we are moving toward a time where the used game market will cease to exist? You bought it, you should own it. That applies to music you buy from iTunes, or from Steam, or from the secret XBox market of the future.
But the trend right now is away from ownership, and towards licensing. Apple is very careful to never say that you own the music you download from iTunes.
There's a fantastic group of people working to guarantee your rights to resell the things you buy called the Owner's Rights Initiative. They won a huge victory in the Supreme Court this week in the Kirtsaeng v. Wiley case, verifying that it is legal to resell products in the US that were made overseas. Seems commonsense, but those are the sort of basic battles we have to fight.
If that verdict had gone the other way, we might be talking about whether it's legal to resell your old cell phone—now that would have been a step backwards.
Are you giving away free 6inch rulers? because they are $2.99 and redditlove322 gives $5 off. Yes.
Why isn't the problem the breaking of a contract? The customer is not actually breaking the contract, they're exercising an option in the contract to end the monthly service in exchange for paying an early termination fee.
Your problem is that the carrier wrote the contract, and likely also wrote the business contract with you. Your contract sounds one-sided—the fair thing would be for you to receive a portion of the termination fee to repay you for your subsidy. You're getting squeezed on both ends.
Why isn't there a way to sort the amount of devices on your website by their repairability score? Because we haven't gotten to it yet! But that's a great idea. Our tablet repairability page is our first stab at something like that.
I have used your website to repair a Macbook Pro. I redirect people to your site for a lot of their Apple (and console) problems. I love the idea of a centralized repository of all this knowledge. Is it possible to expand this to cover all devices? If unlocking under contract cell phones is legal. What incentive do mobile carriers have to incentivize high end cell phones? Yes, we're working hard to do it. The problem is that we can't take the manufacturer service manuals and post them on iFixit because of copyright law. If it was legal, we'd have service manuals for everything! So we have to write everything from scratch. You can help—take some photos the next time you fix something and post the seed of a new repair manual. Locking phones isn't required to keep you on a carrier. You already have a contract! The early termination fee should cover any costs to them from your subsidized handset.
What's in it for you? We want to fix the world. I'd like to live in a place where people cared about their things, and products were designed to stand the test of time.
I agree that this should never be an issue and shouldn't be something that we should have to fight for. Everything should be unlocked by default. But you guys are doing amazing things in this fight, so mad props to you. The problem is that software (intellectual property) is infecting hardware, and so the laws that have allowed us to modify and tinker our hardware for hundreds of years are woefully out of date. It won't be long before you can't buy any durable good that doesn't have some software involved.
, is an awesome idea and site and I recently used it to upgrade my aging macbook, saving hundreds of dollars by not buying a new one. Great idea! What do you. think. of. these. guides?
Have you ever considered expanding ifixit beyond apple products and game consoles? Or expansion beyond electronics.. say into DIY car repairs? IFixit is a wiki, and you can add repair manuals for anything you like! So get cracking.
Hi there as a small cellphone and computer shop in my town I like to thank you guys for your work and I support as much as I can when I can ( buying parts and tools. Even if can find it little cheaper somewhere Els. I to support your amazing website ). It helped me many times when I have a rare or unusual item in my shop. How did it all started ? Here's a short summary of how we started iFixit back in 2003: Link to
Are there any ways that manufacturers are making it easier to repair devices? I think Dell deserves more press than they've gotten for the XPS 10. It's clear that serviceability was a design priority throughout, and it's a great device. I have the trackpad + battery dock, and it's a great product.
They color coded the screws, used easy tabs to get into the case, and made the battery very easy to remove.
Did you guys sell your tool kit to Best Buy, I saw a similar kit in geek squad to what I have at home? Not yet, although we'd love to sell tools through them. You can buy them from Amazon online as well as direct from us. Radio Shack is selling our tools at a few stores—if you don't see them in your local store, ask them to stock them!
Hi guys, love your site 'cus I'm a fixer. _^ I've rebuilt many an engine for myself and friends. The best way for a friend to get me to fix their stuff is to say : "It's OK, don't worry. I'll just get a new one." LOL That pushes my buttons and I'll have it fixed pronto! I'm wondering about the (maybe few) positive outcomes of regulation. I'd love to hear your take on modifications to devices that then negatively effect other people. I know many guys who modify the emission control system on their cars in order to get better mileage or have better pick-up. This gives all of us a worse environment. Sometimes people misalign their headlights and/or put in super-bright halogens. These blind me when approaching at night. Also, what if someone modified their electronics in such a way that throws off a ton of RF noise, thus disrupting the electronics of others (phone, Bluetooth, WiFi). Mufflers on motorcycles that are just TOO loud are another example. These issues are more troublesome in cities where we live close to each other. This would probably require many more "spot checks" by authorities to be sure that your device/caboat/etc was in compliance. They do this now for people who mod their street-legal cars, but they will typically just target the low-riders or the Asian imports that are altered. I'd hate if this practice was extended to the whole population. We would creep closer toward a police state. So what is your stance on regulation (and its enforcement) for beneficial things? Where do we draw the line and how do we be sure people comply? This is a great question, and I'd like to have a conversation about this separately. Please ask our repair tech community over on and see what they think. They might have a more nuanced perspective on this than I would.
What has been the most difficult project for you? Not standing up to the DMCA, or any kind of campaigning stuff - I'm asking about phones/consoles/etc. The hardest part for us is figuring out how to make servicing glued devices economical. The solution involves new tools, techniques, and instructions. We've thrown away entire repair manuals and started from scratch because we thought the procedure was too difficult for people to use. Our iOpener is a really cool new tool for opening glued tablets, and took about a year of tinkering to perfect.
Would you please give us a bitcoin address where we can PAY OUR SUPPORT ?? We should set something up for We could be the first bitcoin-funded PAC! I'm sure that would ruffle some feathers.
Is the Surface Pro really that bad? Yes. But don't take my word for it—CNET / Techrepublic also took it apart, and came to the same conclusions that we did.
From their report: "[Microsoft] took one of worst tablet design elements (a glued on front panel) and married it with one of the worst laptop elements (an over abundance of screws) to create a device that’s more difficult to crack open than even the Apple iPad."
Just wanted to say Thanks for making such great tools. They guides are pretty awesome too, but the tools are sweet. Just got my Magnetic Project Mat and I love it. Any way you want to sponsor an IT guy and give me a bunch of tools? Keep up the great work! Shameless plug: I love my Pro Tech Toolkit, and the Magnetic Project Mat has changed how I fix things.
Unrelated, but would love the question answered. GF would love to move back to SLO. Any chance I could get a job? We do have a couple positions open in SLO.
Not really a question directed to you, but just on the topic in general. In the US, are you not allowed to unlock your phone? Here in Ireland we simply go to our network's shop, give them our phone and a day later, it's unlocked and ready to use on any network, free of charge. It's newly illegal as of January of this year. Thanks, Mr. Librarian of Congress!
In some countries—including Brazil—it's illegal to sell locked cell phones. I guess we're a little less secure in our capitalism than they are.
I can't thank your site enough! I use it to fix all of my electronics and customers computers. Before i even open a device, I take a look at your site and check to see what cables I have to be aware of, so I don't break any when taking apart the thing. Have you thought about opening a physical location and selling your merchandise and maybe offer computer servicing? We have thousands of technicians who contribute to iFixit and run local repair businesses. I'd never want to compete with them—they're a lot better at fixing things than I am!
Do you have the stats from that old satisfaction survey on peoples favorite star wars film? Yes, I've got that around somewhere. I'll have rummage around the dusty regions of my drive platters for them. I'm pretty sure Jar Jar lost.
You guys stole a friend of mine's photo of an Xserve without attribution (it was CC just requiring credit). He emailed you about it several times with no response. What fuck? I don't know anything about that! Have him send it again to support at ifixit and we'll get right on it. iFixit is community driven, so it could have been a contributor. But we're eager to fix it!
Hey Kyle, I know it's not the reason you're here, but are you going to do a teardown of the new 27" iMac? We've got a repair manual well underway. Stay tuned.
Love the website and love the prices, but when will you have more of these in stock? Probably not soon. Best to find a water damaged one somewhere and salvage the part.
An IMEI blacklist has now been released by checkesnfree, but no database to check purchase date of phones to confirm the 1/26/13 cutoff. As a repair shop how am I supposed to know when a customer bought a phone, or whether they are lying to illegally unlock a phone? Is it really fair for us to have them sign a waiver to pass the blame off to the customer in case of a lawsuit? Good question, and I have absolutely no idea.
> Is it really fair?
Nope. But then, who said the law was supposed to be fair?
What are your opinions on E-waste? We've written extensively about e-waste (see the Wired articles I linked to above, as well as It's a huge problem, and the best solution is to make our products last as long as possible.
Locking phones limits their ability to be reused, and the practice is responsible for hundreds of millions of phones going out of use prematurely. Locking hurts resale prices, it hurts consumers, and it hurts the environment.
Well If I can buy a car and make mods to it or buy a computer and mod it. I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to mod a phone or anything else. Good Luck guys! Thanks. The issue is software infecting the hardware world. If they put an encrypted interface to your car, it would be illegal to unencrypt it and modify it, thanks to section 1201 of the DMCA. That's gotta change.
The post-'96, pre-late-2000s cars hit the sweet spot: they had OBD II ports, but were devoid of crazy electronic nannies and gremlins. My DD is a '98 Accord, and that's almost as good as it gets. +1.
My 68-year-old mother replaced the battery in her MacBook Air by herself a couple of days ago thanks to you guys. You rock! Awesome! Got any photos?
We collect repair stories over here.
MJ is the best host you have had on iFixit. Hands down. Thanks! Here's MJ's take on the cell phone unlocking situation.
Just last Friday I used your website to fix my Galaxy Nexus (grandfathered in to unlimited data) with nothing more than eye glasses screwdrivers and some guitar picks. Thank you for saving me from a 5fb download limit or having to pay $600 for an unlocked phone. You guys rock! Link to
If youre asking, you already know the answer. Shhh.
Just wanted to say thanks for the wealth of information you provide. When I taught my ACMT course in Las Vegas I recommended your site over Apples GSX for out of warranty repairs. Used it myself frequently and will continue to even though I'm no longer a technician. Thanks! And please, help us get better. There's an edit button on every step and we need all the people with technical expertise we can get.
Hey, I did work for you guys through my college class (ENGL 149 at Cal Poly SLO) and because of my work I actually got a job! I just wanted to say thank you very much <3. Here's the page I worked on: Link to I'm the hand model <3. Awesome! What job did you get?
Hey guys! its Caleb from hackaday. I just wanted to say you've come a LONG way over the years and I'm happy to use you as a resource when people ask me about gadget repairs. Keep going! Thanks, Caleb. The community deserves the credit—they're the ones who have expanded our manuals so dramatically. I'm constantly amazed at the cool repair how-tos I find on the site.
I just want to tell you that I love your website and that you have saved me hundreds of dollars in repair costs for my Apple products via Thanks! I paid patalbwil to say that.
Just wanted to say 'thanks' for everything you guys have done and are continuing to do. I started a Mac repair business over three years ago and I couldn't have done it without all of the amazing guides on Keep up the good work! Awesome, that's great to hear. We love helping people start businesses.
Pass it along—teach someone how to fix something over on iFixit.
Probably too late, just wanted to say thanks for ifixit. I've bought a few tools there, fixed my xbox controller, and I'm in the process of fixing my ps3 laser. You're very welcome! I'm not responsible for most of that—it's our global community that wrote those guides. It's incredible how much knowledgable people are willing to share.
I met iFixIt at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2011 and 2012 and want to thank you for who you are and for all you do to make a DIY-er's life easier. Let me know if you need a spare pair of booth hands for 2013. I don't think we'll be exhibiting this year so we can focus on our online work, but we're happy to support anyone who wants to represent repair at the faire. It's a great show.
As a fellow Calpoly CPE, how well would you say that Calpoly prepared you for the 'real world'? (Also, will you ever go beer tasting with Collin?) Our work is pretty broad—we're taking apart hardware one day, hacking code the next, and writing op-eds for Wired the next. So it was very useful, but we've had to teach ourselves a fair amount along the way.
So they can turn a profit, yo. All the products for those tear-downs don't come cheap. Plus you get a high quality screen + get great customer support. There's a pretty broad spectrum in quality between parts out there. We test every single screen we sell and stand behind our parts with long warranties.
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How Green is Bitcoin?

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