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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

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CoinBrawl is a free, unique Bitcoin faucet/RPG game. This sub will be used as a place of discussion for new feature ideas, contests, and more.

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Selling Vampire Game for BitCoins

If anyone interested in Vampire text-based MMORPG gaming, please message me.
Account is over level 760, have lots items and skill points stacked for you to build your own vampire.
Message me for more details.
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Fun, free to play mobile game for Bitcoin Hodlers ...

Hey guys, been working on a simple free to play mobile game to spread the word about Bitcoin and the Cryptospace in general. It's meant to playfully engage with nocoiners and get them interested in the topic. Check it out if you like and let me know what you think. Happy to improve where I can.
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Made an "Arkanoid" style mini game for Bitcoin. What should I call this?

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Do you know of any logic based games for bitcoin ?

I am not interested in casinos and similar
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06-29 17:33 - 'Minecraft UHC (battle royale) game for bitcoin | NEED WILL HOSTING PAY IN BTC' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/SwayStar123 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 120-130min

As i see it now, minecraft has a lack of any competitive sports, and i think that I have the perfect idea along with a betting system with bitcoin for it.
The idea is quite simple, any one who has played minecraft might have heard of UHC or Ultra Hardcore. Its the OG battle royale game that came out before fortnite. I want to create 2 different games on my server which would integrate btc. One would be one with an entry fee of suppose 0.001 btc and the winner gets 0.05 btc + 0.002 btc per kill. The other one would be where you could buy simple upgrades with bitcoin like, your swords have sharpness 1 as the default for suppose 0.005 btc. This would go to a pot which would fund the awards of the free version of the pay to enter battle royale, the awards for these games would obviously be alot less, but the awards could also be won by someone who did not put any money into the game, which he could now use to buy buffs in the game, i envision this would create an entire economy in the server itself.
I have a few programmers on board (would love more) and have enough capital to run it for a few months to see if its a success (if it is, i would run it off the profits)
Im looking for a minecraft hosting company which would accept bitcoin as well as an investor. If i dont get an investor i would still be able to run this project but if it doesnt turn a profit within the first few months i would have to kill it, which i would hate to do.
Minecraft UHC (battle royale) game for bitcoin | NEED WILL HOSTING PAY IN BTC
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Author: SwayStar123
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Facebook Could Change The Game For Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, And Litecoin

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Satoshi is playing trick or treat games for Bitcoin

Satoshi is playing trick or treat games for Bitcoin

Playing trick or treat like a little child, that's exactly what it's happening right now. BCH originates from btc, looks like there won't be peace without great sacrifices!

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What would be the most hilarious end game for bitcoin?

Eventually bitcoin will slip into obscurity as bagholders and speculators abandon the ship for the next pump and dump crypto, but a slow demise is not that popcorn-worthy. Instead, what would be the most spectacular bitcoin exit that you can feasibly imagine. Here are three scenarios that I think would be awesome:
  1. It's revealed that an analyst working for a 3 letter agency (CIA, NSA, MI6, etc) invented bitcoin in the first place and is now using it to spy on illegal commerce online.
  2. Satoshi returns, calls everyone a stupid fuck, and promptly sells all his coins to crash the market.
  3. Trezor actually contains a trojan and steals everyone's cold-stored bitcoins.
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Wondering about the end game for bitcoin and all cryptos.

Hi, i am fairly new to bitcoin and crytpo currencies, so apologies if any of this sounds dumb, however i cannot find any concrete information online. Basically i am wondering what is the end game for cryptos like bitcoin. At the moment we see that bitcoin is worth $x dollars or euros or whatever other currency it is being judged against. hypothetically if dollars did not exist anymore what would determine the price or the value of a bitcoin. How many bitcoin would you use to buy say for example a cheeseburger or a coffee. Will the value of it always be determined by the amount of people that will use it? or is there something else that im missing. Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb post.
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Where can I trade a steam game for Bitcoin cash?

I'm selling Wolfestein II Season Pass un-used code for $25.
Anyone interested here? Where I can post this type of stuff?
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Wall Street Could Change The Game For Bitcoin Again

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Wall Street Could Change The Game For Bitcoin Again

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Wall Street Could Change The Game For Bitcoin Again - Forbes

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Wall Street Could Change The Game For Bitcoin Again

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Wall Street Could Change The Game For Bitcoin Again

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Dropbox is partnered with Microsoft. Here's what their killer app should be: I want to be able to sell my files (documents, movies, games) for bitcoin, and automatically assign licenses to any customers. I wish I could already do this.

I'd like to be able to do this already, and as I was checking out Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Business that's what I thought I'd find.
When I release my novel (just signed the famous Chris Cold from the Shadowgate remake to illustrate it! Super excited about that), I want to release it for sale for bitcoin for an exclusive period of time.
I will be the first popular fiction novel for sale for bitcoin. I wish I could use Dropbox for this, but unfortunately will have to find another service unless they have something like this by the Spring (planned release).
So Dropbox, Microsoft... here's your killer app that will take Dropbox to the next level. And I'm giving it to you for free. Just make it work.
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I would like to sell Steam games for Bitcoin, where should I advertise?

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My indie games for bitcoins. Support the development.

Transactions have to be done individually, since the host site doesn’t allow bitcoins. I also offer in-game birthday messages on small android or computer games for bitcoins. Contact me. game page
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my indie games for bitcoins, pay what you want -

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Gambling • Thousand game for bitcoins.

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Beginners & Help • Thousand game for bitcoins.

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Steam Games for Bitcoin

Hi ho hello,
Grab a Steam game(s) cheaper using BTC:
And here's the thread:
Cheers, SteamGames
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Is It GAME OVER For BITCOIN? Here's Some Things To Consider... 10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game - YouTube Best 3 Games for Bitcoin Earn - YouTube NEW SITE PLAY GAME AND EARN BITCOIN WITHOUT INVESTMENT AND ... Game of Bitcoins - YouTube

Classic fun for serious players. Play Video Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Roultte, Craps, Keno and Dice! Die Regensburger Softwareschmiede Cipsoft hat das erste Blockchain Game für Litecoin entwickelt. Litebringer – so der Name des Idle Games – findet nicht auf Servern, sondern ausschließlich auf der Litecoin Blockchain statt. Das bedeutet wiederum, dass jede Interaktion mit dem Spiel defacto eine Litecoin-Transaktion ist. Anzeige. Bitcoin handeln auf Plus500. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple ... Rocketpot’s bitcoin crash game is one of these new such options and it enjoys many advantages that have helped it quickly become one of the most popular online BTC casino games. Players on this site benefit from provably fair algorithms, extremely fast deposits and withdrawals, and the comfort of playing in a venue that's licensed and regulated registered under an official Curacao gaming ... Bitcoin dice game at OneHash Provably fair. OneHash Dice game is a classic Bitcoin dice. The game works like this: Choose a number between 2 and 98; Decide if you want to bet the roll to be over or under that number; The harder your bet is, the bigger your payout will be if you hit; There is also an autobet feature and hotkeys if you want to play with a keyboard. Bitcoin dice game at OneHash ... This game rewards BitCoin to players who answer the questions correctly. New questions are added every minute, so there are many opportunities to get a reward. If you are lucky to be one of the first three respondents to answer correctly, your winnings increase. The player is awarded 10 lives per hour and every incorrect answer leads to a decrease in life count. The game can be accessed from ...

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Is It GAME OVER For BITCOIN? Here's Some Things To Consider...

Is it game over for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Here is my opinion on the current situation… Here is my opinion on the current situation… 🧟‍♂️ Join The Community ... Game of Bitcoins is a unique perspective, which I am trying to bring to the crazy crypto world. I have embarked on a journey to WIN this game :) On my channe... 👕Merch: 🐦Follow me on Twitter/Instagram for Latest: 📸 Best 3 Games for Bitcoin Earn About this video... Games khel kar paisa kaise kamate hai Bitcoin earn game khelke 3 best game ke liye btaya hai #BitcoinBlast.... Publish By 15 November 2019. Aj ki video bohot he intersting hai so frndz video ko Last tak daikhna. App Name:- Blockchain. How to earn money. Make money online. Internet say paisay kasay kamay ...