Trustworthy Bitcoin Betting Websites in 2020

Where Sports Betting is Done Right!

Lunarbets is a sports betting website that uses bitcoin where players around the world bet on their favorite sports team using a crypto-currency that is decentralize and anonymous.

Primedice & Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling & discussion. Find out why Bitcoin is the future of online gaming, betting & casinos!

Sports Betting Exchange on the Blockchain

Bookie is the world's first decentralized betting exchange. A decentralized application - or DApp - for the desktop, Bookie is built on the Peerplays blockchain, and all betting is done with Bitcoin.

Micro Earnings • Cool Bitcoin betting website!

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Do offshore bitcoin betting websites act like bitcoin tumblers?

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Best Bitcoin Betting Website

I'm currently using to make bets, just wondering what your thoughts and/or recommendations are for online BTC betting. Thanks!
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[HIRING] Publicist to promote new bitcoin betting website

I'm launching a new website that lets players create Office Pool style betting pools about pretty much anything, from sports to TV to politics to anything else you can think of that can be objectively proven.
The website is here:
I'm a developer, not a promoter -- I have no passion for self-promotion and even less talent for it. That's where you come in.
Your job would be to promote the website any way you can. I basically just finished the last round of testing and am ready to launch the site, but I have no budget for paid advertising so initially the promotion will be entirely grass-roots (making posts on forums, chatrooms, etc, or any other method you can think of to drive people to the site and get them to start placing bets and ideally creating new pools as well).
Once the site starts generating some income we can launch some paid-ad campaigns (facebook ads, google adwords, etc) and then expand from there.
Instead of an hourly wage I'm offering direct profit-shares, so your earning potential is limited only by your ability to deliver revenue-generating traffic -- if your PR campaigns cause the site to get crazy busy, then you make crazy money.
PM me to discuss the details regarding percentage etc - I don't have any set figure in mind but I want to establish a rate that is mutually fair to both of us.
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Do offshore bitcoin betting websites act like bitcoin tumblers? /r/BitcoinBeginners

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The new Bitcoin betting website Predictious now offering to bet on who will replace Ben Bernanke at the FED

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On this Bitcoin betting website you can bet Trump resignation #PresidentsDay

On this Bitcoin betting website you can bet Trump resignation #PresidentsDay submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments] is a dota2 bitcoin betting website launched in November. Lots of features have been added since then. Link to blog is a dota2 bitcoin betting website launched in November. Lots of features have been added since then. Link to blog submitted by ChalkyBrush to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

is there a bitcoin betting website that allows lucky 15 or 31 or 63 betting? I can only find straight and parlay betting so far...

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On this Bitcoin betting website you can now watch e-sport streams!

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[Hiring] Bitcoin developer to make a bitcoin betting website focused on esports!

Title pretty much says it all. I've been working on trying to launch this product for over a year now. After letting the project lay dormant for a while, I've decided to give to give it another shot.
I essentially need a site similar to Initially the wagers can be settled by active admits. The code can be open source or ripped or anything. I just need a functioning system.
Please shoot me a link to your portfolio and give me any relevant work experience. This may transition into a long term gig if we work well together. PM me for more info!
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Gambling • Bitcoin Betting Website - On Chain Gambling - No Registration

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Cool Bitcoin Betting Website Beat the Casino through Probability /r/beermoney

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Looking for feedback about Bitcoin Betting Website, a 0% house edge blockchain based gambling game.

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[Hiring] Bitcoin developer to make a bitcoin betting website focused on esports!

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So many of you will be familiar with betsofbitcoin, it was a once thriving bitcoin betting website well trusted with thousands of bitcoins having been bet on the website.
For the last 6 months nobody has seen or heard anything from CoinJedi who ran the website. Until recently I knew nothing much about him, but I decided to do some googling and found this interview which from the outset makes it clear that this guy likes to remain anonymous (probably not a good sign). He created several profiles on various other websites to promote the website such as twitter and reddit betsofbitcoin, I also checked Skype and found a user named betsofbitcoin which presumably was used for the interview mentioned above.
Back when the website was more active he replied to an email of mine with (I highly doubt this is his main e-mail) but did not respond to any emails I sent in more recent months voicing my concerns over slow load-times. I checked the domain registration info and found nothing that could lead me to a real person.
To me the best potential lead for finding this guy might be through speaking to anyone who worked with him, his betsofbitcoin account posted several times with job openings, unfortunately nobody replied in the thread however.
It seems likely that the Bitcoins are gone and the victims of this website (myself included) won't see our coins again, personally I've already accepted defeat and learned my lesson that reputation alone is not enough to warrant trusting a website with your coins. My loss was bigger than most others I've seen on that website at just over 7 BTC, I did manage to withdraw 3.1 BTC a few weeks back after I decided that his lack of response was too troubling, unfortunately the rest were stuck in bets. Considering I only put 8 BTC into the website I guess things could have been worse.
It's a shame to see what was once a well trusted website with good functionality go down in such a way, but hopefully this will serve as a reminder to people that your coins are safest from theft when you are the only person in control of it's private key.
Basically just posting this here for information, I know I wasn't the only redditor to have money on there, so please upvote a little so this gets visibility.
tldr; Website is down, coinjedi never revealed his location, name or contact info, hasn't been seen in months, probably stole everyones coins.
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A lot of people seem convinced the Vive won't be available this year. Care to bet on it?

There are bitcoin betting websites that we can use to facilitate this. Basically, everybody who wants to bet can bet any amount they want. Once we eventually find out, the winning team would get all of the losing team's money, with each winning individual getting a portion based on his/her initial bet. BitBet is one website that provides this service.
I'm creating this thread to gauge interest. If enough people are interested, we can discuss the details (like what the specific bet will be, etc.)
EDIT- One problem I just considered is people entering the bet after an official HTC announcement. To prevent this, would have to end the betting at a pre-determined time (end of November for example.) We can set it so that ff there is an announcement in the interim, the bet is nullified.
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Starting into bitcoin mining.

So I got alittle lucky last week, I had 30 remaining $ in my bitcoin wallet, I've had them for months. I found a bitcoin betting website, I deposited $10, Turned it into $300. Cashed out, I ordered 2 Antminer S3+'s with a 1000W HP server power supply kit with wiring/adapter for the miners. Electricity costs me .08$/kWh, $10 invested, How accurate are bitcoin miner calculators? Like coinwarz for example, you can insert difficulty, electricity costs, watts, and GH/s, Based off that calculator, I'm looking at $27 a month profit, Which is next to nothing. But it costs me $10 to start so who cares right? Does anyone have any tips for someone new to it (I've followed bitcoins and mining a bit but never done it) Also any pool advice for when I get my miners?
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How long it might take to confirm this transaction?

Following transaction is related to a game It is unconfirmed for some time, in spite of being properly paid IMO. I would like to know how much were supposed to be paid for this transaction?
Size: 21576 byte
Tx fee: 0.0044 BTC
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Ex got involved a business that's up to no good, how does he exit?

Hey guys.
First of all I apologize as English is not my first language but I will try to be as clear as possibly can be. I also want to say that I really don't want judgement for looking after someone I loved even though he is an ex. He used to be my world, I dont want to see him in jail.
This is in the United States.
My ex is a graphic designer and marketing person. He did freelancing before and was eventually messaged by a bitcoin betting website to help them expand to other European countries. (The website is not accessible in Australia or the United States.)
They promised him 10% of the website's profits and a huge up front payment that was extremely attractive as we were both broke students at the time.
For research, he found some articles saying that bitcoin betting was not illegal because it was not real "money". Stupid, I know, but I am sure he probably turned a blind eye because of the money and because the website wasnt even open in the country we live in (US).
So the website succeeded and he has been making a lot of money for two years now, paying taxes on it, and living a relatively normal life. However he became a lot more anxious because of being a part of the website which is why we broke up, now he's too anxious and wants to quit the business altogether.
The website is not an official business as far as he knows, just a website, and he just gets payments passively while occasionally helping them with designs or advertisement.
He told his business partners / other website owners that they should stop the site and that its not worth the risk but i dont think they will listen.
He wants to get out, but he has no clue how to do that so he will be as protected as possible. He would like to ask a lawyer but has no idea what kind of lawyer to visit...
What kind of lawyer should he see? Is there a contract or something that will separate him as much as possible in terms of liability?
I want him back to normal so bad. Thank you guys, sorry if I made diction mistakes and it would mean the world to me ten times over if someone can provide a help or advice.
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Can an independent contractor do work for a website / service that's operating illegally?

I do graphic design and marketing work as an independent contractor.
I was recently offered work from a Bitcoin betting website that operates around the world (Including the US). I immediately declined due to the nature of the site seeing that I usually only work with Free-to-use Apps and E-commerce sites.
I'm almost positive these sites don't have licenses, much less any regulation, so that was another reason I declined.
Recently however I've been struggling a bit financially and am considering my options, so I'm looking for some advice, here's what I'm looking for help with:
  1. The attorney that wrote up the contract I've used before for all work is not an option anymore, I've moved since then. What kind of attorney should I be looking for to help me with an issue like this one? a Business attorney?
  2. In the meantime while I wait to see an attorney, does anyone have an insight as to whether or not I could provide services to them at all, even with an impeccable contract?
(I obviously won't accept any work like this until I see an attorney, just wanting to hear some opinions)
Thank you in advance.
EDIT: I am in the US.
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Bitcoin betting vs decentralised prediction market

What is the difference between a bitcoin betting website like Betmoose and a decentralised prediction market like Augur?
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THE BEST NEW BITCOIN CRASH WEBSITE  ROCKETPOT - YouTube GAMBLING ON BUSTABIT BITCOIN GAMBLING SITE Online - YouTube Cloudbet Review - The Best Bitcoin Betting Site bet365 alternative betting Sportsbet io trusted bitcoin ... GAMBLING ON BUSTABIT BITCOIN GAMBLING SITE - YouTube

Bitcoin betting sites have unusually big deposit bonuses that cannot be seen in regular online betting sites. For example CloudBet offers a huge 100% first deposit bonus up to 5 BTC! The bonus is released by 0.01 BTC increments for every 800 loyalty points you earn and you have a full year (365 days) to clear the bonus. This bonus is available for both casino games like slots and also for ... The type of eSports bets varies depending on the betting website. Some Bitcoin betting platforms offer typical bets such as a match winner, while others offer a variety of bets which can be placed on any game. For example, in some casinos, players can make handicap bets, over/under bets and money line bets. The handicap bets are the same as in any other sport – like football, basketball, etc ... In short, a provably fair bitcoin betting site will let you see the mathematical outcome in the game you played. You can check that the game was fair. This helps you trust the site because you can check the results yourself and see where the odds for each game stand. More Signs of a trustworthy bitcoin betting website . Once you’ve determined that you’d like to try betting with Bitcoin ... Instead, most Bitcoin betting sites will let you place bets in ‘milli-bitcoin’ or ‘mBTC’, which is 0.001 BTC. Naturally, you can also place bets lower than this on most sites. Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites. So, you’ve decided you want to gamble with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and you’ve got your crypto ready to go. But how do you choose the best gambling site? Use the table below to ... Start gambling and betting and all the new bitcoin you win will be sent back to you. Nitrogen Sports bitcoin-only sportsbook & casino: no sign-up required, monthly parlay promotions and 80BTC maximum bet. In addition to sports, you can play table games like blackjack and poker. The bitcoin website also offers a dice game.

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THE BEST NEW BITCOIN CRASH WEBSITE ROCKETPOT - YouTube Hey today I am playing on a new Crash website called Rocketpot. Rocketpot is a BTC based online casino... are you looking bet365 alternative betting site? Sportsbet io trusted bitcoin support like bet365. world largest bitcoin ltc usdt eth ... Our site is frequently updated with new reviews, videos, and user ratings for all of the top Bitcoin casinos. Plus, we're industry recognized as the official watchdog for all Bitcoin Gambling sites. Bot Download: Bot Download: ----- The recommended min balance=0.1 (bet=0.00000001) The rec... Congress And Trump Admin. Scramble For Coronavirus Aid Deal As Pandemic Causes Panic Nightly News - Duration: 10:58. NBC News Recommended for you. New