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New to Cryptocurrency? Please read this, my advice from following the crypto community.

Hey folks --
Incredibly unexpectedly to me, DogeCoin seems to have struck a chord with the world, and now I'm seeing all sorts of new people into cryptocurrency. Welcome! To me, the cryptocurrency scene is utterly fascinating. However, as it is so new and money is involved, it can be quite dangerous. So, I'd like to share some advice that I've attained through being involved in the community for awhile:
This is the main point I want to make, and the rest are just supporting details. There are good people and there are scammers. There are opportunities to grow and learn and contribute cool things, and there are sharks that will take advantage of people and fraud them out of money. There are genuine market dynamics as well alongside massive manipulation, and it's hard to tell which is which without studying it for awhile. There aren't any rules, there can be rampant greed a times, there are always bubbles on bubbles on bubbles (see -- this basically shows that humans naturally make financial bubbles and how the entire market is ruled by psychology). I have no doubt that cryptocurrency will be studied for years, academically, as "what happens in a free market." Fascinating stuff. Just know what you're getting yourself into!
First of all, buying cryptocurrency is not really investing, it's much closer to gambling. I have never recommended purchase of any crypto with dollars to anyone, but I always recommend mining, because it's quite inexpensive and makes it easier to treat these coins as magic funny money. Pretty much all cryptocurrency "value" is just the amount of bitcoin people are trading it for, and bitcoin is an extremely volatile asset that can and has dropped in value 50%+ overnight, and that isn't any different with DogeCoin.
This is why I want to keep the DogeCoin community lighthearted. It's never fun to lose money, but everyone needs to understand that, unless they are just mining, any money they put into it can be lost. Not trying to scare everyone away! Just be careful.
Even though I wouldn't recommend purchasing over mining, if you insist, I would always recommend going through, purchasing bitcoin, and trading it for dogecoin at market value on one of the major exchanges (bter, vircurex, coinedup, imo. Cryptsy, as you have seen, is a bit of a toilet) as opposed to purchasing anything on ebay/paypal, even though it is faster. First of all, people mark up the price on ebay, because they are targetting newbies. Second of all, paypal will not honor any cryptocurrency agreement, so if the buyer files a dispute, the seller won't get the money - another reason for markup. This goes for selling as well, for the same reasons.
The vast majority of people are honest, but not everyone, so be careful and diligent. Don't use the same password twice, set up 2-factor authentication wherever you can. Forums often get hacked and steal passwords, and sometimes site operators aren't safe and have your passwords hidden in plaintext.
Your wallet.dat file holds are your coins. If you lose that, you are toast. If someone copies that file from you, they can steal all your coins. You want to encrypt it and use a very strong password, and back it up - on a thumb drive, etc. Or export the private key and write it down somewhere (google paper wallet for how to accomplish this)
Note that there is a bug right now for some windows platforms when encrypting the wallet. I'll fix it soon..ish... >_<
When you're using an exchange, pool, or online wallet, keep in mind that at any point they can go down or be hacked. It's best to keep the payout threshold low in pools and only keep money in online exchanges you find trustworthy with 2-factor authentication. Considering its newness, DogeCoin does not yet have long running trusted services, so of course not saying dogewallet (or any other wallet service that will come about for dogecoin) is untrustworthy, but that it is a risk to keep too much coin in any type of online wallet.
(Note - dogewallet turned out to be a unsafe/compromised/maybe a scam)
If you're mining Dogecoin with a graphics card, you can also mine with your CPU at the same time (though generally you'll need to use MAX_CPU_THREADS - 1 to avoid issues). There are some coins that are essentially CPU only -- the most interesting of these, I find, are Primecoin and Protoshares. The easiest way to do this is to go through and follow the instructions from that site. Both these coins are well established and have interesting algorithms. Mining two coins at once -- much profit!
This is my last piece of advice to all. This is the tone I hope to always keep for DogeCoin. The cryptocommunity is full of elitism and greed, and it makes sense in from a psychological standpoint. People get very invested and want to thwart away anything that entrenches on their territory. I hope that the DogeCoin community will never get that way. I want us to understand how that happens and resist it. Even though 5 new coins just came out that essentially cut and paste DogeCoin, we don't need to trash their coins and feign being superior to everyone - there will be many more popular coins that come out in the future. And really, I mean, c'mon. I slapped a dog on a coin :) Let's remember that and continue to do what I am seeing right now, which is incredibly welcoming, generous, and fun.
Thanks folks. Enjoy your holidays :)
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[Microsoft] Cryptojacking – Leeches of the Internet

Happy first (real) post of August. Today's topic covers Cryptojacking/ransomware and how Windows and other built-in software can help protect you.
Article Link:

Cryptojacking – Leeches of the Internet

Hello, this is Paul Bergson again with another topic on security. The threat of malware continues to impact business with no relief in sight. The latest topic brought back childhood memories of how the “Leeches” of the internet prey upon unsuspecting victims.
It has been a beautiful summer in the Minneapolis, MN area this year with plenty of opportunities to cool off in one of our thousands of lakes. I remember as a kid one day we went, the water was warm but not very clear and there was plenty of vegetation in the water where we were. One day in particular 2 brothers and 2 cousins of mine, were splashing and playing in the water without a care in the world. There weren’t any exposed threats that other parts of the country/world have to watch out for such as jelly fish, sharks or water snakes, etc…
We hung out and swam for an extended period of time before we decided to swim back to shore. I was the first one out and was drying myself off when I hear this scream from my cousin as he was stepping onto dry land. As I looked over at him, he had what initially looked like a bunch of small black mud spots stuck to his skin but under closer inspection were water leeches. The leeches had “Hijacked” his circulatory system for food (energy). Initially he yanked a couple off but that hurt him, so someone ran and got some salt. The salt got the leeches to release themselves but we decided to stay out of the lake the remainder of the day as well as stay away from the that part of the lake in the future.
Hopefully I haven’t lost any readers thinking they are on the wrong technical website. My point in the story above is how Cryptojacking malware authors can be equated to leeches of the animal kingdom. When someone swims by there malware on the web, and victims are susceptible to attack malware miners will latch onto you and start to leech away your computer resources.

What is “Cryptojacking” and malware miners you ask? Read on…

In 2017 there was an onslaught of Ransomware with several high-profile attacks, but recently Ransomware has taken a back seat to the assault of Cryptojacking where attackers are in the pursuit of cryptocurrency. This isn’t to state that Ransomware has gone away, it hasn’t but the level of Cryptojacking attacks is now being reported to be more prevalent than Ransomware attacks.
Cryptocurrencies are based upon solving complex mathematical problems with miners (Machines running to solve these mathematical problems) being rewarded with crypto coins for solving the problem on a blockchain. Bitcoin cryptocurrency for example has a finite number of coins that get more and more difficult to obtain as the pool of coins begins to exhaust. Since it becomes more difficult to solve the mathematical problems, more CPU/GPU’s cycles are needed to a mine a coin. This leads to a rise in energy costs to mine a coin. With the rise in demand for CPU/GPU cycles to solve the ever-growing mathematic complexity, most ordinary users can’t afford the equipment or the associated energy costs to mine on their own. On average Bitcoin miners, currently mine ~1,800/day and at the current rate of ~$6,000/coin (7/12/2018) this means there is $10 million in new Bitcoins mined every day. As the compute complexity increases so does the electrical energy required to complete the task, there are projections that put the price to mine a single Bitcoin by 2022, somewhere between $300,000 – $1.5 million. *1 Since attackers can’t afford the compute power nor the associated energy costs for cryptocurrency mining, they look for ways to gain access without having to pay for it (Steal it). The cryptocurrency creation market is a multi-billion-dollar market and there are over 1,000 different virtual coins. Some of these coins are more established and used for exchange of property and/or services.
Bitcoin has the largest Cryptocurrency exchange rate from virtual to physical, but the Monero crypto coin is the choice for malware mining, since it is easily mined with CPU’s. Monero transactions provide a greater veil of secrecy than Bitcoin and as such are becoming more established in the Dark market. Tracking the usage of Bitcoin transaction can be accomplished whereas Monero provides a more anonymous transaction. Anonymity is crucial to illegal activities such as Cryptojacking and Ransomware assaults, because of this the dark markets have seen a rise in the use of Monero. With increased use, comes increased demand which then drives up the value (Exchange rate) of the Monero crypto coin.
So why all this talk about crypto currencies and how they are mined? “The surge in Bitcoin prices has driven widescale interest in cryptocurrencies”. *2 Attackers need CPU/GPU cycles to mine and Crypto”Hi”jacking can provide this service. Cryptojacking occurs when a malware attacker hijacks a victims computer to mine for Cryptocurrency without their permission. In many instances it occurs within the browser of the victim (drivebys). Symptoms can include the computer heating up, the fan running at a high rate when there isn’t any real activity occurring on your device and/or response times are sluggish.
The attacker isn’t selective on the device, they just want CPU cycles to help them compute the algorithm, devices could be desktops, laptops, servers or even mobile devices. There have been reports of Android devices being damaged from the battery overheating, causing it to expand which results in physical damage to the device. *3
Consumers aren’t as apt to report a Cryptojacking attack. They haven’t physically lost anything, and the increased use of electrical energy (Energy costs) would be hard to itemize and like other forms of malware it is very difficult to trace the source back to the malware author. Cryptojacking is growing rapidly, according to a study released by McAfee in June 2018, “coin miner malware grew a stunning 629% to more than 2.9 million known samples in Q1 from almost 400,000 samples in Q4”. *4 Cryptojacking malware kits are now for sale on the Dark market, so many unscrupulous individuals with lesser technical skills can wage an attack.

How it works:

There are two forms in which Cryptojacking can be delivered:
  • When an Advertisement pops up on a legitimate website, many times the owner of the website doesn’t have control over the script that runs in the pop-up. This pop-up can contain a Cryptojack script that can run until all threads of the browser have been terminated.
There is also a semi-legitimate form of remote mining that is being offered as a service. For example, Coinhive – Provides subscribers a JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain as a way to offer an alternative to have ads on their website. Most AdBlockers now block the use of Coinhive even if the user approves of it at the host site requiring approval of the coin miner running on your local machine while visiting their website.
Cryptojacking attacks aren’t just the problem for consumers, with cloud usage exploding, businesses need to protect ALL devices they manage. Cryptojacking malware was recently discovered running on an AWS hosted website. Imagine a farm of servers compromised with Cryptojacking malware, where costs for cloud resources is measured by the usage of compute resources. *5 Left unchecked this malware infection could have a measurable impact on the budget of the victim’s server farm.
Cryptojacking is no different than any other malware. Systems can be protected from it and the steps required are mostly the same as other forms of malware.


See more at the Article Link.
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