Bitcoin Users Scramble as Major Exchange MtGox Goes ...

The real problem with Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Keep in mind whilst reading this, I am one myself. But I feel like these things irk me a bit and make bitcoin folk look fanatical as opposed to forward thinking.
-Too many unrealistically cite that Bitcoin will take down big banking. This is not only laughable and unrealistic, but would take half a century to even begin to happen. It also makes one look like a loon to anyone willing to hear a pitch.
-Too often bitcoiners attach politics to why they like bitcoin. I do understand that it will probably take a few bold politicians to make bitcoin succeed as a currency, but this board often reads like a chain of ridiculous libertarian conspiracy threads.
-The great victories aren't celebrated as much as fear and panic. Square is a great victory, celebrate it. Understand that Bitcoin, the technology and startups and the acceptance of it as a currently in a toddler stage. Lay off the negatives, sit back, watch the infrastructure mount and enjoy it. We will either be a pack of "Itoldyousoers" or look like a colossal bushel of boners. Regardless, we're all along for the ride.
-Posting every article mentioning Bitcoin doesn't help perception of those that are new to the reddit. Post thoughtful, well researched ones. Coindesk is fantastic(and reputable) for insiders, but anyone beginning to embrace Bitcoin will not take it seriously. Also, posting articles that incite panic written by people that merely read the wikipedia about Bitcoin is foolish. Self edit, reddit.
-Be the forward thinkers that you are. A lot of people have money tied into Mt Gox. Hopefully, they will retrieve set money and all will be fine in the not too distant future. But understand that something that begins unregulated will attract bad people attempting to game a new system. As more responsive and reputable(hopefully US based) companies rise from the large amount of capital tied in, the insolvent or poorly run companies will fizz out quickly.
-Warren Buffet is entitled to his opinion. He's one of the greatest investors that's ever lived, but doesn't care for tech stocks or Bitcoin. It's not that it frightens him, he just doesn't understand it in terms of guaranteed profit. Many feel this way at the moment, which is why the market cap has dropped a bit as of recently. Even the bulls are looking like bears. Lay off the guy, he has a different opinion than you or I do.
-Have a better understanding off mass adoption. A few ATMs are a good start, but until someone who has never owned a bitcoin can go on his/her phone/computeor atm and acquire one in less than a minute, it won't happen. The atms will hopefully get better and easier to use with time, but the tech surrounding bitcoin needs to improve a great deal before everyone you know embraces it. Try telling someone they have to sign up to a site, confirm their bank, identity and wait for 5 days while they have their debit card in their hand and see which form of payment they choose. We'll get there and I believe in(a few of) the startups popping up, but we're not there yet. When every store has a btc qr code scanner as an option, we've made it.
-After trying to explain how it works, explain how useful it could be for migrant workers. Explain how Western Union and their robberies could be quieted by Bitcoin. It may not sell people on purchasing one or getting into it, but it expresses the nature of bitcoin and the freedom it brings. It's a great way of making folks understand.
-Be patient.
I wrote this with positive intentions.
Update: Really enjoying reading all the posts and debates on here. All healthy and none hateful.
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#315 Mt Gox Bitcoin Preis Crash

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