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Major Lawfirms doing trainings and making room for ETH and crypto - (that means there's money in it - Adoption - Use cases in progress!)

Wanted to pass on these 3 links I've been getting. Lawyers need to do training to keep their license current, called Continuing Legal Education - CLE for short. These are emails for three different CLE trainings being offered in the next little bit on Crypto, Ethererum and Blockchain. Taught by law firms that work in finance, and even by the Bank's attorney themselves - Great sign for use picking up - (and if you're a lawyer who is interested free to PM and I can forward any details google won't give up)


Mastering Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Digital Currency Law CLE
Wednesday, Oct. 25, Noon - 1:30 PM
90-Minute, Live Telephonic Seminar
Registration includes access to complete course & reference material
The huge expansion in Bitcoin & digital currencies in states across the nation and globally has >led to a significant need for attorneys proficient in the cutting-edge use of related legal and >regulatory issues. The laws vary greatly and have been in flux with the proliferation of Fortune >500 companies, governments, and start-ups seeking to take advantage of this growing use of >currency. The faculty for this seminar features several leading authorities on the subject. This >comprehensive program on virtual currency law will introduce you to the most relevant issues >and practical solutions, including Blockchain, distributed ledger, the growth of >cryptocurrencies, role of digital currencies in financial transactions, "Smart Contracts," >compliance & avoidance strategies, and virtual currency transmissions. The faculty will also >cover the changes and progress on the latest legal developments and future regulations. >Registration includes online access to course and reference materials that serve as a helpful >guide to the numerous topics and techniques discussed in the program.
Key Agenda Points View Complete Agenda
Mastering Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Digital Currency Law: *An Overview of Bitcoin & Virtual Currencies *Most Critical Challenges involving Digital Currencies *Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Legal Issues *Profiting from the Growth of Cryptocurrencies *Issues faced by Fortune 500 Companies, Governments, and Start-ups *"Smart Contracts" *Case Law Update *Compliance & Avoidance Strategies *Virtual Currency Transmissions *Role of Digital Currencies in Financial Transactions *Interactive Question & Answer Session with the Experts
Faculty Detailed Faculty Information
*Elijah Alper, Asst. General Counsel at Capital One
Capital one is sending a corporate attorney to teach on this - good news
*James A. Cox, Partner at Jones Day
And Jones Day is a huge top-tier law firm that does a lot of financial/banking/securities work
*Bryan C. Skarlatos, Partner at Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP"


"Bitcoin & Beyond: An Introduction >>
This course explains what virtual currency is, how it works and the legal and regulatory issues >surrounding its use. The course also discusses the possible uses of the Blockchain/distributed >ledger beyond recording virtual currency transactions and the possible legal and regulatory >issues. Finally, the course introduces the concept of the “smart contract” and how it could be >used to change the world of financial transactions.
Key topics to be discussed:
What is Virtual Currency What legal and regulatory issues affect use of virtual currency What is the Blockchain and uses beyond virtual currency Smart Contracts – the future of self-executing contracts
Presented by Susan Ross, Esq. and Kathleen A. Scott, Esq. "
(From Norton Rose Fulbright - A HUGE top-tier firm that does lots of financial/banking/securities work


"Virtual Currencies: Blockchains in Finance Bitcoin, Ethereum and 900 Other Cybercurrencies
We examine the quickly evolving laws and regulations governing the virtual currency space and >the evolving culture among its many participants: miners, traders, exchanges, virtual currency >marketers, analysts and advisors, virtual currency funds, programmers, lawyers and >accountants. And governments as well.
Since the late 2008 publication of Satoshi Nakamoto’s “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash >System”, the Bitcoin has become a world-wide phenomenon as a highly volatile version of >electronic cash. It has inspired around 900 other bitcoin-like blockchains among the best >known of which are Ethereum and Litecoin. Since early 2009, the law has been confronted with >a whole new industry. We deal with regulation at the front end and also at the business end. The front end is structuring businesses, particularly start-ups, and raising investment money >through sales of stock in the company, IPO’s, Crowdfunding and ICOs. Then we deal with the >product: issuing coins, and operating the business. In each area numerous laws must be dealt >with: federal securities regulations such as SEC Reg CF (Reg. Crowdfunding), SEC Reg. A+, >state securities regulation, and regulation of international distributions. Then there are >questions of FinCEN Money Service Business registration, commodity futures regulation, and >state regulation.
Key topics to be discussed:
Money Establishing the business Operating the Business and Coin Offerings Income Tax Aspects – What does the IRS ruling that Bitcoin is “property” mean? Compliance with the laws of other countries Legislation in the works – federal, state, and international
Presented by Kenneth Greenberg, Esq. and Martin Mushkin, Esq."
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Bitcoin and ALL Digital Currencies MASSIVE CRASH After GAME CHANGING Event! Bitcoin and Crypto Currency - Powerful Entry Point Monthly preview: Central Bank Digital Currencies What is Bitcoin and How It Works! Bitcoin vs. Gold: Digital Currencies as an Asset Class with Michael Sonnenshein (EP.83)

http://dlebooks.net/read/GXp9YLDu5ncC/bitcoin-and-digital-currencies.html Bitcoin and Digital Currencies Paperback – July 1, 2013 by James Cox (Author) 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Paperback "Please retry" $864.56 . $864.56: $768.57: Paperback, July 1, 2013: $919.00 — $919.00: Paperback $919.00 1 Used from $919.00 You have some misgivings about our current financial system and ... James Cox is the Founder and CEO of Taipan Trading and Investments Pte Ltd since 2012, based in Singapore. James’s journey into the markets started during the great financial crisis with a deep dive into the history and machinations of the monetary system. An early crypto currency adopter, in 2012 he wrote one of the first published books on the topic: Bitcoin and Digital Currencies. About. James built his company, "Taipan Trading and Investments" in 2012. James is a keen student of both trading and Blockchain Technology. He wrote one of the first books on the topic “Bitcoin and Digital Currencies : The New World of Money and Freedom” in 2013, Published by Laissez Faire Books. James Cox has 56 books on Goodreads with 274 ratings. James Cox’s most popular book is Bitcoin and Digital Currencies:The New World Of Money And Freedom.

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Bitcoin and ALL Digital Currencies MASSIVE CRASH After GAME CHANGING Event!

Join personal finance authors James L Paris And Robert G. Yetman, Jr. for a discussion on the coming hyperinflation and how digital currency may provide a sa... In this interview, I talk to Richard James, the creator of Hard Money, a film looking at how money has been corrupted and co-opted. We discuss Austrian economics, the similarities between gold and ... What is Bitcoin and How It Works! Bitcoin is one of many digital currencies also known as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was started in 2009 and is currently started to be accepted in many more ... Have you investigated the Bitcoin and/or Cryptro Currency movement yet? PM me if you would like more details (after you watch this "thought sharing" video) regarding how you can make a financial ... 34:42 - Why Michael is worried by impatience in regards to digital currencies. 36:49 - How bitcoin can impact under-resourced populations through it non-reliance on infrastructure.